Exclusive – Bentcousin with LL & the D’s / You Make Me Feel So Young

Here’s a first for Brighton Music Blog – our first Soundcloud Exclusive. Bentcousin have sent over their brand new track You Make Me Feel So Young – a collaboration with LL & The D’s from America who met the band through the social side of Soundcloud. It’s classic Bentcousin – vocals which on first listen might seem a bit innocent but are actually a bit cheeky. Bentcousin’s next Brighton gig is on the 11th April at The Hope.

Momotaro / Second Side – full album stream


A few weeks ago we chatted to Momotaro about their debut album Second Side, and since then it hasn’t left our stereo. This weekend they’ve put the whole thing up to hear on Soundcloud, which you can hear below. If you like it (and we think you will), then you can support the band buy buying it via their website.

Brighton Bands Christmas Music Roundup

We’ve got a seasonal round up for you this week, with festive tunes put out by local artists, some modern takes on traditional tunes, some new compositions. Hopefully this will get you all in the festive spirit:

Catherine Ireton – Christmas My Baby Is Blue

Jacko Hooper – Silent Night

Crayola Lectern – SFXmas

Nick Hudson – I Forgot About Christmas

Laish – Silentish Night

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – The Christmas Song

Becky Becky – Bells Ringing (Xmas again)

Chris T-T – A Child Is Born (Chris T-T’s previous Christmas tunes are also up on Bandcamp)

Thomas White – White Christmas

Curxes – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Us Baby Bear Bones – Santa Claus is Coming To Town

IYES – ‘Til Infinity

Since the end of last year, anyone whose asked us about the Brighton music scene has probably had their ear bent by me telling them that the best new band around were IYES. And now, about a year after we were knocked off our feet by the stunning Lighthouse, their debut single ‘Til Infinity has landed.

Sparse and simple for the first minute with just tribal drums, handclaps and Melis’ vocals, the track then explodes into life with a pop chorus that’s simultaneously both breathy and vulnerable, and powerful with its swirling chiming guitars, and clashing cymbals. Midway through the track IYES’ other half Josh gets a vocal turn adding a bit more colour to proceedings, and later there’s a bridge that drops everything to almost nothing, before one last triumphant chorus, and then at just three minutes everything’s over and done with – as all great pop songs should be.


Best of all, they’ve used an apostrophe and one ‘l’, which this pedant secretly very happy.

IYES is on sale now via iTunes on Duly Noted records.

Black Black Hills – Red Cabin

Black Black Hills are back, this time with a fantastic slice of reverb drenched rock’n’roll, and a crazy, crazy backwards video:

If this doesn’t get your hips swaying then maybe it’s time to visit the doctor to see if you’re ok. If it does however, click on the soundcloud link below for a free download:

IYES – Glow

When we first wrote about IYES back in January, we tucked their track Lighthouse in amongst a whole bunch of other tunes by local bands that we wanted to share with you all. After we posted it, we couldn’t stop listening to it – it was that good. And then we went to go and see them live, and that was great too.

Fast forward to this weekend, and a brand new track has appeared on their soundcloud, and this time we’re going to give it the fanfare that it deserves. Glow starts off simply with an arpeggiated rhythm and Melis’ vocal, and then around thirty seconds in it explodes into technicolour with effervescent synths and the strength of Josh’s voice. Glow is a bit more uptempo than Lighthouse, but doesn’t lose anything for it. I always have a little bit of fear when I hear one track by a new band that the rest of their material won’t match it, but IYES have proved that this doesn’t have to be the case.


Crayola Lectern – The Rise and Fall of… taster

Crayola Lectern’s debut album will be hitting the shelves in April this year, and to whet our appetite, he’s put a couple of tracks from it up on his Soundcloud. My other half reckons Slow Down sounds like Mary J Blige’s No More Drama, something which I imagine would amuse Crayola Lectern no end.