March Top Ten

Yes, yes. We’re almost a week into April. But we’ve had Easter in the way, and we were overwhelmed with new music last month. Here’s our top picks:

1. The Go! TeamWhat D’You Say?

Highlight of the month for us was the brand new Go! Team album The Scene Between. If you haven’t gone out and bought it yet what are you waiting for?

2. IYESGlow

Glow was originally meant to be out at the tail end of last year, but being pushed back a few months in record company schedules makes it no less majestic.

3. RockerswitchShow Me

Rockerswitch’s debut starts off quite lazy and gradually gets more and more spaced out. Great stuff.

4. Mount BankEverything is Glass

We love everything on Mount Bank’s Island Life EP but opener Everything is Glass is our favourite with it’s bright synth strings and piano motif.

5. TigercubHold On

Showing a more mature side than seen on their previous releases, Tigercub’s latest demo was so good it got picked up by NME and streamed on their website.

6. Foreign SkinEnemy

A favourite from their live sets, Foreign Skin has finally shared the beguiling Enemy on their Soundcloud stream

7. AmbassadeursCan’t See You

Can’t See You is the first taster from Ambassadeurs next EP. On the strength of what we’ve heard from Ambassaders in the past it’s almost inevitable that we’ll be featuring other tracks from the EP in coming months.

8. Sea BedHaunted

Sea Bed have shared a couple of tracks from their upcoming Rosso EP which drops next week. Our pick of the two is the almost garagey Haunted.

9. GAPS – All Me All You

GAPS debut album comes out in May. As well as featuring a couple of their older singles it also includes All Me All You, the first new track taken from “In, Around The Moments”

10. Fools EmpireThe Professionals

Last up is The Professionals, the first of three singles coming out in a sequence from Fools Empire. Can’t wait for the other two.

IYES – Glow

First time we heard Glow was a while back, in demo form on Soundcloud, the second demo IYES had put up after getting the whole of the internet’s attention with Lighthouse. Both tracks have long disappeared from Soundcloud and IYES have been pretty quiet in 2014, save for a few remixes, but then a couple of months ago Glow came back into our lives, soundtracking an ad for the new Sony Smartphone.

News came in earlier today letting us know that the single – sounding even better than ever in it’s newly re-recorded state – comes out on 22nd December on Love by Mistake, a new imprint of Sony records run by the band. The debut album is due in Spring next year and if you want to catch the band live they’re playing at the Hoxton Square bar and kitchen on 3rd December.

IYES – Glow

When we first wrote about IYES back in January, we tucked their track Lighthouse in amongst a whole bunch of other tunes by local bands that we wanted to share with you all. After we posted it, we couldn’t stop listening to it – it was that good. And then we went to go and see them live, and that was great too.

Fast forward to this weekend, and a brand new track has appeared on their soundcloud, and this time we’re going to give it the fanfare that it deserves. Glow starts off simply with an arpeggiated rhythm and Melis’ vocal, and then around thirty seconds in it explodes into technicolour with effervescent synths and the strength of Josh’s voice. Glow is a bit more uptempo than Lighthouse, but doesn’t lose anything for it. I always have a little bit of fear when I hear one track by a new band that the rest of their material won’t match it, but IYES have proved that this doesn’t have to be the case.