Brighton Rocks

This isn’t a blog post about Graham Greene’s novel, or either of the films made about it. Nor is it a post about the bar in Kemptown. Brighton Rocks in this case refers to a series of gigs put on by Lout Promotions, featuring exclusively local bands.

In the early days of Lout, they put on all-dayers at the Concorde featuring the likes of British Sea Power, Electric Soft Parade, and Eighties Matchbox B-Line disaster, and now they’re reviving the concept. They’re all going to be on friday or saturday nights – so no moaning about work the following day, and instead of the Concorde, they’ll be at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar.

One great thing for bands is that Lout are open to the idea of curated nights, so a band could put together their own bill, for a single launch or label showcase.

The first night is next friday (3rd August – Facebook event here), headlined by Run Young Lovers, and there are another half a dozen lined up already. If you want to get involved, drop a mail to


Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Run Young Lovers, Alice, The Watermelons & The Querelles

Saturday, August 11th, 2012
MOK, Ubertone, 0:00 & Coco Alice

Friday, August 17th, 2012
Dollface, The Denim, As It Is & Sweet Jonny

Friday, August 24th, 2012
The Beautiful Word, Our Colour Company, Elk & Tarq Bowen

Friday, September 7th, 2012
Emersis, Samurai, The Dead Celebs & In Dynamics

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Ham Legion, The Creaking Chair, Seadog & Dog Legs

Friday, September 14th, 2012
Tin Palace, Wild Cat Strike, This Modern Life & Black Fire Rising


Bat for Lashes – Laura

Bat for Lashes is back with a new single, called Laura:

Laura is the first track to be released from the new album The Haunted Man, which hits the shops on 15th October, and if you pre-order the album on iTunes now you can get it as a free download (or you can buy the track individually for a mere 79p).

According to the link from youtube, the album comes in a multitude of pre-order options. Pre-ordering from iTunes gets you Laura for free, the first 500 pre-ordere from Play get signed, and HMV and Recordstore pre-orders also come with additional material.

The artwork for the album is a photo by American nude photographer Ryan McGinley. I’ll let you click through rather than post up NSFW pics onto the blog.


Thomas White – I Dream of Black played in full at the Green Door Store

The phenomenon of playing a whole album live from start to finish isn’t a new one. Things really kicked off when All Tomorrow’s Parties introduced their Don’t Look Back series in the noughties, and the world and his wife have joined in, including Electric Soft Parade who got back together last year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut Holes in the Wall. Thomas White obviously enjoyed the experience because over the next few months he’s revisiting his back catalogue, starting last night with his 2008 solo debut I Dream of Black.

Support came from Red River Dialect, who launched their Americana / Country tinged debut album at the Prince Albert this Monday, and from local folk legend Mary Hampton, who would have been worth the ticket price on her own.

Thomas White and his band came out in their now trademark African gowns and played the album in full as billed, in the dark save for a b-movie* projection onto the wall behind them. There were some familiar faces in the band : his brother Alex on keyboards as well as assorted other people he’s played with in many of his other collaborations. Thomas explained towards the end that he writes his albums to be listened to as a whole, despite seeming a little embarrassed by some of the proggy instrumental interludes, which he attributes to the album being made when he was very stoned. It works as a whole too, thanks to the fact the record takes in a wide variety of styles and has stood the test of time. The band had learned the album and nothing more, so for an encore we just got the one song – a replay of one of the more upbeat tracks.

Thomas White

Thomas White is back on 9th August playing his second album The Maximalist, and again on 22nd September playing his most recent release Yalla.



*knowing my luck, it’ll turn out that it’s a really famous film that I should have spotted

Rizzle Kicks at the Olympic Torch Relay

In another world, I’d be writing about Grasscuts tonight – their album came out today, and they played a free instore at Resident to celebrate it’s release. However even though the sensible thing would have been to go to a gig in the dry, I was standing in a damp muddy field in Hove for another Brighton band.

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Catherine Ireton – Treasure Tracks #2

When I picked up the ticket for Catherine Ireton’s second Treasure Tracks gig, and read  that the venue would The Signalman, I was a little surprised – the Treasure Tracks gigs were meant to be all about special venues, and surely a gig in a pub isn’t all that, especially in Brighton. But what if the former Railway Hotel was just a stepping stone to a later destination…

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Sweet Sweet Lies at Source New Music

It feels like months since we covered one of the Source New Music nights at the Pavilion Theatre. That’s probably because it is – the last one we wrote about was back in March, and that was on the same night as a Juice New Music Night, so I only got to write about half of each. This month had Sweet Sweet Lies headlining though, who I hadn’t seen live since they released their album, so we couldn’t miss that. Continue reading

Byte Me

Byte Me is a new audio visual night which has started at the Blind Tiger Club. The posters for the opening night boasted Boss Kite, Bitbin, Smart Phone Orchestra, The 55th Flotilla, Fiona Geilinger, Marina Tsartsara, Dreamscape 1994 and Paul Prudence – an ambitious and impressive line up, which we couldn’t ignore.

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Bleeding Hearts 10th Birthday Gallery

It feels kind of appropriate shooting the Bleeding Hearts Night on film, because aside from Hattie Cooke’s iPad adding a bit more reverb to her guitar, everything else onstage could have been from any point in the last fifty years, so why not record it in a similar way too?

Anyway, happy birthday Bleeding Hearts – ten years is an amazing achievement. Here’s to the next ten!

(click on the pics to view large)

There’s some more pics over at out friends Brighton Noise