Brighton Bands at the Great Escape (on film)

The Great Escape feels like a distant memory now. Everywhere else posted up their roundups days ago, but ours has taken a bit longer because of our bright idea to shoot on 35mm film , which means that we needed to wait for processing before we could even see the photos ourselves. Anyway they’re here now, so click through for our pics of ARXX at the Hope & Ruin, Lime Garden downstairs at the Hope & Ruin, Laundromat at BYX, Hanya at Presuming Eds, Hutch at East Street Tap, Plantoid at East Street Tap, Hanya (again) at Pryzm, Heights at the Komedia, and Johanna Bramli at Hotel Pelirocco.


The Great Escape Festival 2022 Brighton Bands roundup

In just over a week, hundreds of bands from across the world will descend on Brighton and play gigs as part of what is arguably Brighton’s best weekend for music. In previous years the number of local bands on the bill hasn’t been quite as high as it could have been, but this year seems to have quite impressive representation.

On top of all this there’s also all the unofficial gigs going on around town, which I’ll cover in a separate post, which is where you find a lot more local bands playing who might not be on the main bill. Watch this space for that post coming up later this week.

Anyway, here’s all the Brighton bands that I’ve spotted in the line up, along with their stages and set times. See you down the front

15:30 / ARXX / The Hope And Ruin
18:15 / Keg / Jubilee Square
20:00 / Porchlight / Waterbear
20:30 / Youth Sector / Paganini Ballroom (The Old Ship)
22:30 / Isabelle Brown / Coalition

14:15 / LibraLibra / The MVT Stage
15:00 / Lets Swim Get Swimming / Waterbear
15:15 / Opus Kink / The MVT Stage
19:30 / Ciel / Paganini Ballroom (The Old Ship)
19:30 / Projector / The Tempest Inn
20:00 / The Famous People / Waterbear
20:15 / Heights / Komedia Studio
21:00 / Beach Riot / Waterbear
21:15 / Keg / TGE Beach Stage
22:00 / Laundromat / Prince Albert
22:15 / Lime Garden / TGE Beach Stage
22:30 / Opus Kink / Paganini Ballroom (The Old Ship)
23:15 / Lucy Gooch / Fabrica

12:00 / Chloe Leigh / Waterbear
13:00 / Izzy Adams / Waterbear
14:15 / Orchards / Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
15:00 / Lily Knott / Waterbear
15:15 / Ditz / Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
19:00 / Belmondo / Waterbear
19:00 / Coco And The Lost / The Hope And Ruin
20:00 / Dirtsharks / Waterbear
20:30 / Laundromat / TGE Beach Stage
21:00 / Signature Gold / Waterbear
21:30 / Arrdee / Concorde 2
22:00 / Gurf / Waterbear
22:15 / Frankie Stew And Harvey Gunn / Amazon New Music Stage
22:30 / Penelope Isles / TGE Beach Stage
22:30 / Yakul / Jubilee Square


Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #12 Fatboy Slim

So, there’s a reason that the blog hasn’t been so active over the last few years, and I don’t really need to say what it is. Times have been hard on artists, on venues and on promoters. Outside of the music world though, it’s been harder than anyone else on NHS workers. In the early days of the pandemic we all stood outside and clapped, but that was just a gesture – as far back as April 2020, which feels like a lifetime ago now, Fatboy Slim put his money where his mouth is and announced a free Brighton party for NHS workers. Fast forward 18 months and Norman Cook was finally playing gigs again, and the party for the NHS took place on 11th November at the Brighton Centre. There was another gig the previous night which anyone could have bought tickets to, which was easily my gig of the year. Thanks Fatboy, and thanks NHS.

Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #11 Hanya

Hanya were one of the first casualties of lockdown – they were meant to be playing a gig at the 26th March 2020 at the Rosehill, but the whole country went into lockdown only days before. After rescheduling several times the band finally hit the road in October this year. In the interim they buckled down and came up with a few singles which got beefed up into a full scale maxi-EP called 100 Metre Sprint which they released on the eve of their tour


Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #10 Genn

Most of ĠENN have been playing together for years in their native Malta, but a move to Brighton prompted a reboot – a new name, a new drummer and a more developed sound. In March they put out their EP / Mini LP Liminal and have spend most of the second half of 2021 playing as many gigs as they can

Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #9 Rachel Love

In the distant past Rachel Bor was a third of punk trio Dolly Mixture, noted for working with Captain Sensible on some of his hits. Rachel has been involved in many projects in the intervening years and back at the start of 2021, now residing in Brighton and recording under the name Rachel Love she released Primrose Hill, the first single from her album Picture in Mind. The album came out at the end of October and is filled with beautiful pastoral pop

Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #8 Tigercub / Nancy

After a couple of years break, in which frontman Jamie Hall used wisely with solo project Nancy, making this post a double header, Tigercub returned with their third album As Blue as Indigo. Not content with writing, recording and producing the record themselves they also started their own label – Blame Recordings – to put it out too


Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #6 AA Sessions

AA sessions aren’t really a band. Or maybe they are, because AA Sessions put out AA Sessions Volume 2 a few weeks ago, and they’ve been putting a song out every month this year. Perhaps it’s better to say that there’s no definitive line up to AA Sessions. Across the release there’s input from members of Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub, AK/DK, Nancy, CLT DRP, Laundromat, Our Girl, Marcus Hamblett, Ben Hillier, and anyone who’s anyone in the Brighton scene

Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #5 Penelope Trappes

Penelope Trappes is a relatively new Brightonian. An Australian by birth, she’s lived all over the world, and settled here over lockdown. In that time she’s got herself a regular ambient show on radio station 1BTN, played gigs at the Attenborough Centre, The Rosehill and the Old Market, oh and released two albums and a film. Penelope Three is the third part of her album triptych (following on from parts one and two in 2017 and 2018). Mother’s Blood is a beatless vocal free reworking of Penelope Three, paring down the tracks down so that the listener focuses solely on the music. It’s also the name of the film shot by Agnes Haus that accompanies the album, premiering this weekend