Guts / Tyrannosaurus Dead, The Hundredth Anniversary and GUM

If a release has six tracks, three bands and clocks in at less than twenty minutes, does that make it an EP, or a mini-album? Who knows. Guts is a new digital / cassette release on new-ish label Reeks of Effort and is released today.

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Amongst The Pigeons and Bitbin at the Pav Tav

When I spoke to Amongst The Pigeons about their album a few months ago, the conversation turned live gigs, and about how there wasn’t many opportunities to for electronica acts to play live around Brighton. Realising that nothing in this world is handed to you on a plate, he went and organised his own night, and very magnanimously didn’t put himself at the top of the bill. Continue reading

Bits and Pieces

I haven’t got enough time to write loads about everything I get told about, but I do try and give as much stuff as I can a mention. So in this spirit, here’s a quick blog post about a few things that have dropped into the BMB inbox recently.

First up, tomorrow night is the next Vice Launch Party. No Problems are playing and ex-Pipette Monster Bobby is DJing. The facebook event with more info is here.

Then we’ve got Eliza Jaye’s new video for her single Big Tin Heart, which has a bit of a spoof of The Old Grey Whistle test at the start:

Sticking on a rock theme, Kid Capola have also put out a single for their new single Wolf & Cub:

And Peggy Sue have a video for Fools Rush In, from their new long player Peggy Sue play the Songs of Scorpio Rising which is coming out next month:

Finally, the video to Amongst The Pigeons’ latest single Jaffa Clown Dog, which got released yesterday. I’m off to see them, as well as BitBin, who’s just signed to Skint offshoot Under Fives tonight, so expect another blog post on them soon!

Catherine Ireton Treasure Tracks gig #1 at the Booth Museum

Sometimes a little bit of effort is all it takes to transform an otherwise normal gig or release into something special. You could just sell tickets on the door, or put your track up onto bandcamp, or with a little thought and imagination you could make things much more memorable. So with that in mind, we have to applaud Catherine Ireton who launched “Treasure Tracks” this afternoon. Continue reading

Kovak – Killer Boots

I casually slipped the video for the new Kovak single into a post about them heading off to NXNE a week or so ago, but now that it’s out, it deserves a post of it’s own, because it’s doing so well – It’s been playlisted on Radio 2. Not bad for a band who are unsigned – a situation which I’m sure won’t last long.

As well as the band themselves being from Brighton, the video is shot partially in the Green Door Store, the suits are from Gresham Blake and the shoes are from Irregular Choice. Good to see them keeping things local!

The single is out digitally now – buy from iTunes here.

Fear of Men Supporting Best Coast

For a Brighton band* Fear of Men don’t play that much in Brighton. So far this year, they’ve played as part of the Sea Monsters mini-festival, and also played a set during The Great Escape, so their support set for Best Coast is the first opportunity of 2012 to see them on a decent sized stage. The band have been supporting Best Coast for most of their UK tour, which is a bit of a coup for a band with only a clutch of singles to their name so far, and the homecoming gig is also the final date of the tour.

Fear of Men

It was an early gig anyway, because of a club night later on at Coalition, and Fear of Men’s set started at a ridiculously early 7.15pm, but by then the venue was already getting busy. For about half an hour, they filled a few seafront arches with their melodic guitar pop – catchy, tuneful melodies with fuzzy guitar around the edges, owing as much of a debt to Sarah Records releases of the late eighties as it does to the wave of female fronted indie bands of the nineties – songs that might not fill stadiums, but that you’ll form much more of an emotional attachment to. It’s a similar trick to that played by Pains of Being Pure at Heart – the familiarity of alternative music from the past but pulled off with a modern style that they make their own. In no time at all, the band are closing their set with new single Green Sea. I reckon it’s about time they came back and played a headline set.

Jess Weiss of Fear of Men

Later on, Spectrals from Leeds plays for a bit (sad songs, because they were one man down, apparently), and then Best Coast headlined. They started nervously with the lead track from their new album The Only Place, but quickly hit their stride rattling through their back catalogue, finishing up with Spectrals joining them onstage for their last track – a tradition which apparently started last time both bands played in Brighton. A great night!

Best Coast

*well, partly Brighton – some of them are Londoners, but they’re that good that we’ll keep them for ourselves.

Jennifer Left single launch at the Blind Tiger

Jennifer Left’s debut single Black Dog came out a few weeks ago, and last night she held the launch party for it at the Blind Tiger Club. Support came from Cate Ferris and the Peppermint Beat Band.

Cate Ferris had a tricky job as opener of the night – Set times were already pushed back because of the football and when she took to the stage things were still quite quiet, but by the end of the set the venue was full and she had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. Playing predominantly new material, some of which has been recorded by Tim Bidwell (who also produced Jennifer Left’s single) to be released as an EP sometime in the next couple of months, Cate played guitar, drums, flute, and keyboards, and used samplers to loop her sounds and harmonise with herself. Expect to read a lot more about Cate on the blog in the next few weeks as we get more details of her single and her flashmob on 1st July…

Next up were The Peppermint Beat Band, a tight five piece retro rock’n’roll group, originally from Northampton but who’ve been based in Brighton for the past few years. Their trousers were as tight as their harmonies, and their facial hair was quite something too.

The Peppermint Beat Band

Finally this month’s Source cover star hit the stage. The band’s songs bring together a wide range of influences, from folk to jazz to pop and back again, all underpinned by Jennifer Left’s distinctive smoky voice. Band members swapped instruments, picking up a variety of guitars and basses, a mandolin, some keyboard based instruments, including an accordian and a xylophone (which almost fell apart on it’s way to the stage), as well as trumpet. Despite not yet being released yet, the songs sounded accomplished and familiar – old yet new at the same time. Time flew by and before we knew it the set was being closed with the song that the whole evening was celebrating, new single Black Dog.

Jennifer Left

Gigs on Thursday 21st June

Living in Brighton is fantastic, because there’s always something happening. Sometimes though, it can feel that there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to, and thursday is one of those nights. There’s three gigs on, at the Pavillion Theatre, at the Green Door Store and at Coalition that I’d like to be at. The one I’ll be going to will be the one I bought a ticket to before finding out about the others!

First of the three is the Source New Music Night at Pavilion Theatre. Sparrow are headlining,  and they’re supported by Rain Eater, Arthur and the Irrational and Tyrannosaurus Dead. I normally do my best to get along to the Source Nights, because they’re great for new bands and an absolute bargain at only four pounds. Next month’s – headlined by Sweet Sweet Lies – is already in the calendar.

Then we’ve got The New Union at Green Door Store, who really impressed us supporting Clock Opera a few weeks ago. And that’s even more of a bargain, because it’s free! We’re big fans of the Peter Saville style posters – there are four different varieties each relating to a different band member.

The gig I’ll be at though, will be Best Coast and Fear of Men at Coalition. Here’s the video for their new single Green Sea. Expect a few words and maybe some pictures on the gig later this week.

Hopefully you’ll make it along to one of these, or one of the many other gigs going on all round town. You’re spoiled for choice!


new single : Shrag / Show Us Your Canines

Slightly late to the party on this, the new Shrag single Show Us Your Canines came out last week. The single is the lead track from their forthcoming album Canines and shows the band in fine form, typical lo fi indie with boy/girl vocals. We can’t wait for the LP to come out, but  in the meantime, the 7″ is in the shops now, and the video is on youtube:

New Videos : Jennifer Left, Fear of Men, Nimmo & The Gauntletts

Here’s a few new videos for you to watch, including two bands who are both playing in town next week. We’ve written about the first two before, but when we did, the videos weren’t ready yet, so here they are now.

First up is Jennifer Left with her new single Black Dog (which we wrote about here). Jennifer is having a single launch at the Blind Tiger on Tuesday, supported by Cate Ferris and The Peppermint Beat Band


We wrote about the new Fear of Men single Green Sea ages ago, and it’s finally released on Monday. Fear of Men are supporting Best Coast on tour at the moment, and they play Coalition on thursday.


Finally we have Nimmo and the Gauntletts, with the lead track from their debut EP Young Light. The EP came out in January, but the video’s only just been made: