Jennifer Left single launch at the Blind Tiger

Jennifer Left’s debut single Black Dog came out a few weeks ago, and last night she held the launch party for it at the Blind Tiger Club. Support came from Cate Ferris and the Peppermint Beat Band.

Cate Ferris had a tricky job as opener of the night – Set times were already pushed back because of the football and when she took to the stage things were still quite quiet, but by the end of the set the venue was full and she had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. Playing predominantly new material, some of which has been recorded by Tim Bidwell (who also produced Jennifer Left’s single) to be released as an EP sometime in the next couple of months, Cate played guitar, drums, flute, and keyboards, and used samplers to loop her sounds and harmonise with herself. Expect to read a lot more about Cate on the blog in the next few weeks as we get more details of her single and her flashmob on 1st July…

Next up were The Peppermint Beat Band, a tight five piece retro rock’n’roll group, originally from Northampton but who’ve been based in Brighton for the past few years. Their trousers were as tight as their harmonies, and their facial hair was quite something too.

The Peppermint Beat Band

Finally this month’s Source cover star hit the stage. The band’s songs bring together a wide range of influences, from folk to jazz to pop and back again, all underpinned by Jennifer Left’s distinctive smoky voice. Band members swapped instruments, picking up a variety of guitars and basses, a mandolin, some keyboard based instruments, including an accordian and a xylophone (which almost fell apart on it’s way to the stage), as well as trumpet. Despite not yet being released yet, the songs sounded accomplished and familiar – old yet new at the same time. Time flew by and before we knew it the set was being closed with the song that the whole evening was celebrating, new single Black Dog.

Jennifer Left

New Videos : Jennifer Left, Fear of Men, Nimmo & The Gauntletts

Here’s a few new videos for you to watch, including two bands who are both playing in town next week. We’ve written about the first two before, but when we did, the videos weren’t ready yet, so here they are now.

First up is Jennifer Left with her new single Black Dog (which we wrote about here). Jennifer is having a single launch at the Blind Tiger on Tuesday, supported by Cate Ferris and The Peppermint Beat Band


We wrote about the new Fear of Men single Green Sea ages ago, and it’s finally released on Monday. Fear of Men are supporting Best Coast on tour at the moment, and they play Coalition on thursday.


Finally we have Nimmo and the Gauntletts, with the lead track from their debut EP Young Light. The EP came out in January, but the video’s only just been made:

new single : Jennifer Left / Black Dog

Last week, I mentioned that the new Jennifer Left single was due soon. The physical copies drop next monday, but for those of you living in the twenty first century who don’t want to be burdened with cds cluttering up your house, the digital version is out today.

Jennifer Left – Black Dog

Black Dog has been all over BBC 6Music and Radio 2, and rightly so. The song is fresh off-beat pop which is a great showcase for Jennifer’s almost jazzy vocals. Best of all, it has whistling. There’s not nearly enough of that these days. It’s backed with the title track of her forthcoming album Hushabye (which has more whistling, mandolins and some rather lush strings) as well as remixes from The Wild Knights (wobbly, glitchy house), Murder He Wrote (all stripped back and minimal) and Restlesslist (with added bleeps, surf guitar and reverb turned up to eleven on the vocals).

The video isn’t online yet, but here’s a version of Jennifer and her band playing the track for Balcony TV last year:

You can download the single on iTunes, or from her bandcamp site which also has an option to pre-order the physical release where you get the download right now.

If you’re wondering about the amazing brown paper dress in the promo shots, read more about it on the Create Studios blog.

Update : I’ve seen that someone has googled the blog looking for Jennifer Left’s label. The single is being released on Singing Hinny Music, with catalogue number SH001CD