new single : Jennifer Left / Black Dog

Last week, I mentioned that the new Jennifer Left single was due soon. The physical copies drop next monday, but for those of you living in the twenty first century who don’t want to be burdened with cds cluttering up your house, the digital version is out today.

Jennifer Left – Black Dog

Black Dog has been all over BBC 6Music and Radio 2, and rightly so. The song is fresh off-beat pop which is a great showcase for Jennifer’s almost jazzy vocals. Best of all, it has whistling. There’s not nearly enough of that these days. It’s backed with the title track of her forthcoming album Hushabye (which has more whistling, mandolins and some rather lush strings) as well as remixes from The Wild Knights (wobbly, glitchy house), Murder He Wrote (all stripped back and minimal) and Restlesslist (with added bleeps, surf guitar and reverb turned up to eleven on the vocals).

The video isn’t online yet, but here’s a version of Jennifer and her band playing the track for Balcony TV last year:

You can download the single on iTunes, or from her bandcamp site which also has an option to pre-order the physical release where you get the download right now.

If you’re wondering about the amazing brown paper dress in the promo shots, read more about it on the Create Studios blog.

Update : I’ve seen that someone has googled the blog looking for Jennifer Left’s label. The single is being released on Singing Hinny Music, with catalogue number SH001CD

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