New Brighton Music

Every post seems to be New Music posts this year – I need to get out more and start sharing some of Brighton’s live scene as well as our beautiful city’s recorded efforts. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow night at the Hope & Ruin, when AK/DK and Frost are playing. It’s sold out apparently, so there’s no need for me to give it a plug. Oh. Anyway, onto the music you will be able to hear. First up is a new band made up from a lot of familiar faces. You might have seen Etienne Rodes playing bass with Clowwns, or possibly with Imitation Electric Piano. He’s made an album with his brother Adrien under the name Brother Twain and roped in some of Brighton’s finest talent to join him. Fellow Clowwns bandmates Miles Heathfield and Damo Waters are on the record, alongside the likes of Mary Hampton, Alastair Strachan and many more. The record is up on bandcamp now and you can hear the opener Simple Pleasures below. The band play their debut gig at the Brunswick on 25th March.

British Sea Power are back! Titillating us with the fact that the german word for six sounds a lot like sex, the title of the track is actually Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde). Apparently Sechs Freunde is the German equivalent of six degrees of separation. The track is the first taste of their new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, which comes out on 31st March.

Next up we have Goodnight by Della Lupa which is taken from their new EP Lost for the Longterm, which comes out on 2nd March. The launch party takes place the same day at Bleach where support comes from fellow locals Common Tongues.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Bentcousin, so we pricked our ears up when they told us about their new EP which comes out tomorrow. It’s called bentcousin & alcatraz electro present bent disco vol. 1, and as you can see it’s a joint EP with Alcatraz electro who they’ve worked with before. Their collaborations often pull them far away from their early indie releases, and this is no exception. Hopefully volume one is just the start of a whole series of bent discos.

To finish up this week’s round up we’ve got two hip hop tracks as different as you could possibly get. The first is by Abi D and is entitled Wrapped around your finger:

The other is Professor Elemental, with his new missive Salute. There’s no live dates for Professor Elemental in the next couple of months, but looking at his website you should have the opportunity to see him round town during Brighton Festival in May.


New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s new music roundup, and we’ve got LOADS to write about. First up is the new one from Sea Bed, who show that they can pen pop songs as well as dance tracks with Pretender. The band head out on tour with Clock Opera next week, playing at The Hope & Ruin on 3rd March.

It’s been years since we wrote about Tall Ships – as far as we recall, the band relocated to Falmouth, but their bio (and new promo pics) suggest that they’re Brightonians once more. Their new single is called Petrichor, and is taken from forthcoming album Impressions out 31st March. You can catch Tall Ships locally on 6th May at The Haunt:
Fujiya & Miyagi have shared the first track from EP3, which completes their set of three EPs which will make up a self titled album. The track is called Solitaire, and the final EP and album come out on 7th April. To catch the band live you’ll have to head to one of their dates in France listed on their facebook page.
Last week The Magic Gang announced their new EP due in April and shared How Can I Compete. The band head off on tour that month with fellow locals Abattoir Blues, but the only Brighton date will be when they play at The Great Escape.
Cessna Deathwish launch their new single at The Hope & Ruin on 4th March. It’s called The Bends and comes out on 24th February.

Sell is the new single from Codename Aquarius and is out now. Search the band’s facebook page an you should be able to find a link to download it for free. Codename Aquarius support Fufanu on Feb 23rd at Green Door Store.

Broadbay  launch their new Long Term Plan on 23rd Feb at Hope & Ruin. The EP comes out the follow day, but you can listen to the title track here:
Choppersaurus is a due made up of Nick Evans and My Life Story’s Jake Shillingford They’re releasing tracks from their album on a month over the course of 2017, and the first track is Motel 66.

The Physics House Band release their new album Mercury Fountain on 21st April. The first track they’ve shared from it is Calypso which can be heard below. The band play a headline show at the Haunt on 11th May.

Finally some rock from a band who got in touch called #. They had an album out last year, but have already shared some new material in 2017 including Ciggie Song:

New Brighton Music

January was a fairly quiet month for new music, so our second post of the year has taken until February. We’re going to start large, with one of the biggest bands from round these parts. Orbital are back with a track called Kinetic 2017, which is a remix of an Orbital side project release from 1992:

The Emma Gatrill album Cocoon comes out next month on Wilkommen records. The first taste of the record is the track Skin:

The Wytches have put out a new video for Bone Weary taken from last year’s All Your Happy Life album. The band are off on a tour, but by the time you read this you’ll have missed the Brighton date, which was at the Hope & Ruin last week.

Crazy is the latest track from Bentcousin. They’ve roped in previous collaborator Lord Gabe to work with them, resulting a wonky electro number with Amelia’s vocals and a rap section in the middle.

DarkTrain sent us a message yesterday about their new track, which is a cover of Bowie’s Never Let Me Down, transforming it from a very 80s pop track into effervescent electronica

Finally a couple of weeks ago we did a preview of Love Thy Neighbour‘s Triptych series – three concerts, each with three bands playing each night. Every gig came with it’s own lathe cut 8″ vinyl release containing a track from each band playing. There’s only one or two of each record left at the time of writing, but there’s also a digital release, so you won’t miss out. Across the three nights there are tracks from Porridge Radio, Garden Centre, LC Pumpkin, GAPS, Dog in the Snow, KUB, Immersion, Eva Bowan and Merlin Tonto


New Brighton Music

Here we are with our first New Music post of 2016. A fair few of the tracks actually came out last year, but we were a bit distracted in December with our Top ten posts. Talking of our Top ten, you might ask why we’re featuring our number one Fujiya & Miyagi again. Well, EP2 is about to get a US release, and the band put out a video for Extended Dance Mix directed by Bob Brown from Shrag:

Mok‘s new release is a visual EP, or a VP as they call it.  The House is out now as a full length video or as six tracks on Spotify.

Fragile Creatures have just put out their first new material since their … And Other Wild Things LP. They’ve obviously still got wild things on their mind since the new track is called Monster:

Penelope Isles new release is part of the Art is Hard singles club. You can learn more about the 2017 singles club, the first release of which is Cut Your Hair, on the Art is Hard website

We’ve featured Bad Family before, but we haven’t yet featured the lead track from EP1 My Body Pines. You can catch Bad Family live a week on Saturday at the Hope & Ruin.

Years ago, before we started the blog we quite liked a local band called the Lyrebirds. They seemed on the cusp of great things, then they split up. Then just before Christmas we received a mail with a video for a track called Look The Other Way by The New Faith, who are loosely related to the Lyrebirds. Hopefully The New Faith can pick up where the Lyrebirds left off:

The Hundredth Anniversary‘s debut album Sea State Pictures is out soon, and they’ve shared a video for Pour. The album launch party takes place at the Hope & Ruin on 10th March.

Last up is White Light by Lost Idol, which is an EP which came out at the tail end of last year. It features a number of new tracks as well as remixes of tracks from last year’s album Chrome Machine Tales:

Gig preview : Triptych


untitled-1Happy New Year! Our first post of 2017 isn’t a new music post – nobody has sent us anything yet this year (although we have got a couple of things we missed last year that we need to catch up with). Instead we’ve got a preview of some gigs which caught our eye (a phrase specifically chosen to draw your attention to the beautiful flyers above). The last full week in January is Independent Venue Week and as part of that Love Thy Neighbour are putting on a trio of gigs that they’re calling Triptych. These aren’t just any gigs though – each night features three Brighton bands and is accompanied by it’s own super limited edition lathe cut vinyl release of the acts performing.

Triptych One is on the Thursday 26th January and headlined by Porridge Radio, alongside Garden Centre and LC Pumpkin. GAPS top the bill for Triptych Two on Friday 27th January with Dog in the Snow and KUB in support. Triptych Three is a collaboration with a new Brighton electronic night called Nanocluster – on Saturday 28th January you can see Immersion, Eva Bowan and Merlin Tonto.

Tickets for each night are a mere four pounds, or eight pounds for all three nights, available from Resident.

An Alternative 2016 Albums best of…

So Rob always has his top ten Brighton albums of the year and it’s always very good and there are usually one or two overlaps with Jon’s but they’re never the same, so in the spirit of diversity and a reflection of the excellent year 2016 has been for music, Jon thought he’d drop a few Rob failed to mention and which happen to be top of his list.

Good-riddance to 2016. The music’s been great, but the rest not so much…

  1. Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers

Porridge Radio managed to produce our favourite album of anyone anywhere in 2016  and yet the band came close to giving up on the whole thing. So glad they didn’t. Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers was released on (sold-out) cassette and is still available for cheap on MP3 download. It will be coming out in shiny new vinyl on Memorials of Distinction label early next year. Brighton Music Blog reviewed the album and we interviewed lead Porridger Dana, who in our books is one of the loveliest people in rock, over on another place.

Here’s the video for their song ‘Lemonade’


2. Ellie Ford – The Other Sun

Ellie Ford‘s album The Other Sun was a real joy of an album that has been a long-time coming. We reviewed the launch gig back in March. Also available on vinyl as well as regular CD/downloads from the ever-impressive Hidden Trail records.

Here’s Ellie and her band performing the opening track ‘The Sweet Life’ for the Clockwork owl sessions


3. Sons of Noel and Adrian – Turquoise Purple Pink 

The Sons of Noel and Adrian returned this autumn with their best album yet. The title symbolising ‘sun rise’ and new beginnings, their complex interplay of prog, rock and jazz  combined with Jacob Richardson’s complex intricate melodies and sweet female vocalising to produce an innovative and original collection of songs,  also available on vinyl.

We interviewed Jacob in another place, and very much look forward to the album live at the official launch gig in Brighton in the Spring (date TBC).

In the meantime, listen to ‘Lay Down In The Drone’


4. Palm Springs – No Love Is Ever Lost

Palm Springs have been going for more than a decade now, pursuing their own independent path, releasing album after album of fine songs and finding fans globally (they’ve just toured France). Again on vinyl, the new album ‘No Love Is Ever Lost’ on their  Random Acts of Vinyl label is another beautiful collection of excellent independent pop song-writing worthy of your time and pennies.

Listen to ‘Come Back Home To Me’ below


5. Chris T-T – Nine Green Songs

Chris T-T released another album in 2016, a companion piece to his earlier 9 Red Songs, and whilst containing the best political sing-along of the year in ‘Worst Government Ever’ was perhaps a little unfortunately released just before the Government fell and a new one took its place. Singing that it was still the worst might have felt a little odd (was the previous one not the worst after all?) but it’s still a great song on another wonderful album from the ever-excellent Mr Thorpe-Tracey.

Here’s that perennial singalong if you haven’t heard it:


6. Muddy Suzuki – Mudnificence

Damo Waters is re-knowned for playing in pretty much every band that has ever existed in Brighton (it seems). The list is endless and doesn’t bear repeating. However, few people know that he is also Muddy Suzuki, a moniker under which he has been putting out an array of great self-produced albums over recent years. Now he’s combined the best from these releases in a collection, released just in time for Christmas.

If Santa wasn’t so kind, you can find it over on bandcamp – currently still available in pay-what-you-like download format – and this is Zebra Croissant from said album


7. Lutine – Died of Love (remixed)

We reviewed the Lutine remixes back in the Spring and were very impressed. It gave new life to their tender lo-fi folk release, and is well worth investigating.

This is the title track


8. Oddfellow’s Casino – Dust

Oddfellow’s Casino have produced some of our favourite winter songs, perfect for cold weather and log fires. We were delighted to find a beautiful alternative version of one of them opening this delightful collection of oddities, cover versions and out-takes.

And here’s the video for another lovely track, ‘Mir’


9. Becky Becky – In honour of ‘Silent SHOUT’

Our favourite electro-synth party-people Becky Becky released a covers album earlier this year, covering the whole of the Knife’s Silent Shout. We didn’t manage to ask them why, but it is very good.

It’s still available as a pay-what-you-like download.



Finally, but definitely not last, two albums you may have missed by former residents of this fair town – but they haven’t long left so we thought we’d give them a plug:

Laish – Pendulum Swing

First up is Danny Green’s outfit Laish who since his move up to London have been getting some well-deserved attention including radio play on 6 Music and the like. His third album was released in the autumn and is every bit as good as the previous two.

Pendulum Swing features the wonderful ‘Learning to Love the Bomb’ which is a definite track-of-the-year. Absolutely adore this


Elin Ivarsson – Self-Titled

And to close, a shout-out to former Brighton-resident Elin Ivarsson who we heard has moved back to Sweden where it’s even colder and they see snow. Nonetheless, beore she left Brighton earlier this year she dropped a fine collection of atmospheric gentle folk-imbued songs.

Rather appropriately to end with, here’s ‘The leaving Song’



2016 Top 10 #1 – Fujiya & Miyagi

Our favourite band this year is one that haven’t released a whole album, but have put out two thirds of one. Fujiya and Miyagi have however put out EP1 and EP2, with a promise of EP3 in the new year, with the tracks from the three releases coming out on a self titled album. When we interviewed David Best earlier this year, he spoke about Feeling really good about the band, and listening to the EPs it’s easy to hear why –  from the funky Seratonin Rushes through to the arpeggiated electro of Extended Dance Mix, the band have never sounded better. But it’s not just musically that they’re on top form. The lyrics of Extended Dance Mix are as self deprecating and witty as anything they’ve put out, and To The Last Beat of My Heart rhymed Jupiter with Stupider which is surely equal to Hal David rhyming “pneumonia” with “phone yer”. We can’t wait to hear EP3.