New Brighton Music

Welcome to this week’s new music post. As usual it’s a real mixed bag, but this week it’s got more of an electronic slant. First up is a new release from Ital Tek, which came out this week but is made up of recordings from sessions from his album Hollowed in 2014/2015. The EP is called The Speed of Darkness, which is also the name of the ambient opening track, but the bandcamp page where you can buy the EP jumps straight to Time Out which is more familiar techno territory:

Next up is a track from Bloom, who have embarked on a remix project of Letting Go from last year’s album What Is Life. The first comes from Champion Fever, otherwise known as Steve Baker, guitarist in Blue Spectre and contributor to many other local projects. Nine remixes will be released in total with proceeds from the sale of each going to mind, so did deep:

Sea Bed‘s latest track got it’s premier on The Line of Best Fit last week. It’s called Silent Song and is another of their new batch of more song based tracks:

Finally, If you like your hip hop with lots of glitchy samples, then the new two track release from klsr might be up your street. Both tracks combined clock in at less than two minutes – this is real blink and you’ll miss it stuff:


New Brighton Music

Hello! We’ve got a whole load of new music to share this week, so I’m going to skip the preamble (which is normally the bit that takes the longest to write anyway) and jump straight in with Hello Hello – the new single from Fickle Friends:

Sticking with some more of Brighton’s heavy hitters, next up is the new one from Black Honey, called Somebody Better, which I’m sure they’ll be playing at their gig at The Concorde in a few weeks (You might have tickets which say The Haunt, but the venue has been upgraded, so don’t end up in the wrong place!)

Next up a band I saw a friend post on facebook as South Coast Psychedelic Shoegaze at it’s best. Who are to argue with that description of Stone by Post Heather:

Mudlow have a new EP out, entitled Crackling. The EP is getting a launch of sorts at The Galleons regular night this Saturday at the Brunswick.

It’s a few weeks off yet, but we’ve had news in of the new Dove House single. Unstable comes out on 28th April, and will have a launch gig at the Hope & Ruin on 2nd May:

The new Porshyne EP comes out tomorrow. The EP is called Environmental Music, and the lead track that you can listen to here is Exit:


New Brighton Music

The music just keeps coming – Here’s this weeks new music round up. When we went to see AK/DK last week, we don’t remember them mentioning that they had a new release out, but it turns out that they do, and according to the release date on iTunes it was out the day of the gig. It’s a track called Lagom and comes backed with a Physics House Band remix:

A few months back we wrote about The Hornblower Brothers, who had caught our eye with a release that came out on a tea bag*. Inevitably, it was only a matter of time before things escalated further. TEEFF, one of the acts formed for the ashes of the brilliant Us Baby Bear Bones, are the first band to go one step further and are putting their new release out on a gold tooth. Well, an enamel tooth painted gold, but nevertheless the bar has been raised. You can preorder the Who Are You Really EP from bandcamp and watch the video for lead track Sun Sets East here

*with a download code included. Obviously.

Rory Indiana play their first headline show in Brighton for nearly a year on 18th March. It’s at The Hope & Ruin, and it’s a launch party for their new single Tough Love:

Is a two track release an EP, or is it just a single? King Bee are in the former camp and have just released their Buzz Cut EP, which sees the title tune coupled with another track called Rapscallion.

The Delta Bell are back with their first material since the release of their debut album back in 2015. Their comeback track is called Money and is out now:

Finally, we’ve already posted about the new Sea Bed single, but when we did they didn’t have the video up, so here the rather classy promo for Pretender:

AK/DK and Fröst at the Hope & Ruin

On Friday night we were lucky enough to be right down the front for two fantastic bands at a sold out gig at the Hope & Ruin. It’s been more than a year since AK/DK played in Brighton, but it’s been less than a year since Fröst have been going (although both members are have been in bands for over ten years). Here’s our pics – as usual, click through to view large:

And if you missed out because it was sold out, or want to relive the experience, here’s a couple of live videos from both bands, courtesy of Small Pond and BMusic:

New Brighton Music

Every post seems to be New Music posts this year – I need to get out more and start sharing some of Brighton’s live scene as well as our beautiful city’s recorded efforts. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow night at the Hope & Ruin, when AK/DK and Frost are playing. It’s sold out apparently, so there’s no need for me to give it a plug. Oh. Anyway, onto the music you will be able to hear. First up is a new band made up from a lot of familiar faces. You might have seen Etienne Rodes playing bass with Clowwns, or possibly with Imitation Electric Piano. He’s made an album with his brother Adrien under the name Brother Twain and roped in some of Brighton’s finest talent to join him. Fellow Clowwns bandmates Miles Heathfield and Damo Waters are on the record, alongside the likes of Mary Hampton, Alastair Strachan and many more. The record is up on bandcamp now and you can hear the opener Simple Pleasures below. The band play their debut gig at the Brunswick on 25th March.

British Sea Power are back! Titillating us with the fact that the german word for six sounds a lot like sex, the title of the track is actually Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde). Apparently Sechs Freunde is the German equivalent of six degrees of separation. The track is the first taste of their new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, which comes out on 31st March.

Next up we have Goodnight by Della Lupa which is taken from their new EP Lost for the Longterm, which comes out on 2nd March. The launch party takes place the same day at Bleach where support comes from fellow locals Common Tongues.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Bentcousin, so we pricked our ears up when they told us about their new EP which comes out tomorrow. It’s called bentcousin & alcatraz electro present bent disco vol. 1, and as you can see it’s a joint EP with Alcatraz electro who they’ve worked with before. Their collaborations often pull them far away from their early indie releases, and this is no exception. Hopefully volume one is just the start of a whole series of bent discos.

To finish up this week’s round up we’ve got two hip hop tracks as different as you could possibly get. The first is by Abi D and is entitled Wrapped around your finger:

The other is Professor Elemental, with his new missive Salute. There’s no live dates for Professor Elemental in the next couple of months, but looking at his website you should have the opportunity to see him round town during Brighton Festival in May.


New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s new music roundup, and we’ve got LOADS to write about. First up is the new one from Sea Bed, who show that they can pen pop songs as well as dance tracks with Pretender. The band head out on tour with Clock Opera next week, playing at The Hope & Ruin on 3rd March.

It’s been years since we wrote about Tall Ships – as far as we recall, the band relocated to Falmouth, but their bio (and new promo pics) suggest that they’re Brightonians once more. Their new single is called Petrichor, and is taken from forthcoming album Impressions out 31st March. You can catch Tall Ships locally on 6th May at The Haunt:
Fujiya & Miyagi have shared the first track from EP3, which completes their set of three EPs which will make up a self titled album. The track is called Solitaire, and the final EP and album come out on 7th April. To catch the band live you’ll have to head to one of their dates in France listed on their facebook page.
Last week The Magic Gang announced their new EP due in April and shared How Can I Compete. The band head off on tour that month with fellow locals Abattoir Blues, but the only Brighton date will be when they play at The Great Escape.
Cessna Deathwish launch their new single at The Hope & Ruin on 4th March. It’s called The Bends and comes out on 24th February.

Sell is the new single from Codename Aquarius and is out now. Search the band’s facebook page an you should be able to find a link to download it for free. Codename Aquarius support Fufanu on Feb 23rd at Green Door Store.

Broadbay  launch their new Long Term Plan on 23rd Feb at Hope & Ruin. The EP comes out the follow day, but you can listen to the title track here:
Choppersaurus is a due made up of Nick Evans and My Life Story’s Jake Shillingford They’re releasing tracks from their album on a month over the course of 2017, and the first track is Motel 66.

The Physics House Band release their new album Mercury Fountain on 21st April. The first track they’ve shared from it is Calypso which can be heard below. The band play a headline show at the Haunt on 11th May.

Finally some rock from a band who got in touch called #. They had an album out last year, but have already shared some new material in 2017 including Ciggie Song:

New Brighton Music

January was a fairly quiet month for new music, so our second post of the year has taken until February. We’re going to start large, with one of the biggest bands from round these parts. Orbital are back with a track called Kinetic 2017, which is a remix of an Orbital side project release from 1992:

The Emma Gatrill album Cocoon comes out next month on Wilkommen records. The first taste of the record is the track Skin:

The Wytches have put out a new video for Bone Weary taken from last year’s All Your Happy Life album. The band are off on a tour, but by the time you read this you’ll have missed the Brighton date, which was at the Hope & Ruin last week.

Crazy is the latest track from Bentcousin. They’ve roped in previous collaborator Lord Gabe to work with them, resulting a wonky electro number with Amelia’s vocals and a rap section in the middle.

DarkTrain sent us a message yesterday about their new track, which is a cover of Bowie’s Never Let Me Down, transforming it from a very 80s pop track into effervescent electronica

Finally a couple of weeks ago we did a preview of Love Thy Neighbour‘s Triptych series – three concerts, each with three bands playing each night. Every gig came with it’s own lathe cut 8″ vinyl release containing a track from each band playing. There’s only one or two of each record left at the time of writing, but there’s also a digital release, so you won’t miss out. Across the three nights there are tracks from Porridge Radio, Garden Centre, LC Pumpkin, GAPS, Dog in the Snow, KUB, Immersion, Eva Bowan and Merlin Tonto