Weekend Gig Picks

Now that we’re done with the madness of May, things are getting back to normal in the world of Brighton gigs.

tigercubTigercub headline the Green Door Store on Thursday night, with support from Semper Teens, Animal Language and the Flash Gordons. Tickets are four pounds. Staying in the part of town, Ellekaye play at the North Laine pub.





LNLThere are loads of great gigs on Friday night. Kovak top the bill at the Hope alongside Storms and Cat Fire Radio, and The Self Help Group are on at the Brunswick with Eliza Jaye, The Beautiful Word and Bella McKendree. Friday Night also sees some of Brighton’s regular nights with strong line ups – Late Night Lingerie at Sticky Mikes is headlined by Skirts with The Repeat Prescriptions also on the line up, and it’s also Les Enfants Terribles at the Blind Tiger, with Written in Waters, Spit Shake Sisters, Calico and Glossy Coat.


WytchesSaturday is Kemptown Carnival. There are loads of bands on the bill, including Derriere, The Kalakuta Millionaires and Carnival Collective. The afterparty is at the Blind Tiger from 8pm and is headlined by Transformer. Up at the Hope, The Wytches are having their single launch party, and it’s free!

New Singles – Shrine, The Wytches, Two Jackals (and a bonus remix from Curxes too)

Here’s a few new singles which have hit our radar recently.

First up is Shrine, who headlined Friday night at the Nice Weather For Airstrikes festival on friday night last week. Their new single is called Kursk. Here’s the video, and the soundcloud which has a free download option:

Next up is The Wytches. Beehive Queen is out on Hate Hate Hate records next monday, limited to 300 7″s, and the launch is at The Hope this saturday.

Cartagena by Two Jackals is out on Seven Dials Records on 1st June and was produced by Joel Cadbury and Pablo Clements from UNKLE.

Finally, we’ve got a remix of Further Still by Curxes. When we first posted about the track back in March we mentioned that there was a remix due, so here it is, with Avec Sans on the knobs, complete with a link to a free download:

Esben & The Witch / Wash The Sins Not Only The Face remixes


Earlier this year, Esben and the Witch released their new album Wash The Sins Not Only The Face, and this week have released an accompanying album of remixes for free. The cast of remixers spreads wide, with Maps, David Andrew Sitek (from TV on the Radio), Lumbers, Klad Hest (from BEAK>), Teeth of the Sea and Brighton’s own Woodpecker Wooliams.

Some sites I’ve seen have managed to embed the fancy widget they’ve got online to stream and download the tracks, but after spending most of the night trying, I’m giving up and will just direct you to this link instead!


New Videos : British Sea Power, Crayola Lectern, Flash Bang Band, Self Help Group

Here’s four new videos that we’ve come across this week.

First is British Sea Power with a video for Hail Holy Queen. The track isn’t the new single (that’s going to be Loving Animals), but the band made a video for this anyway:

Then we have the beautifully shot Slow Down by Crayola Lectern. We love the album, and Slow Down appeared in our April Top Ten post, so it’s no surpise that we’re giving it another mention.

Next is the new Flash Bang Band single, If You’re Driving. The single is out digitally on 3rd June, and the band next play in Brighton at the Blind Tiger on 9th June at the Root Experience’s Games Fete.

Finally we have the utterly chaming new video from The Self Help Group. The Rapture was filmed around Brighton (see how many locations you can spot!), and is out now on iTunes.

Bank Holiday Weekend Gig Picks

This weekends gig picks come in the form of two festivals – one taking place just up the road in Glynde near Lewes, and the other taking place in the Druids Arms by the Level.

Meadowlands features dozens of Brighton bands, so I’m not going to try and list them all. It’s a weekend festival with camping, so fingers crossed for the weather. If we were going, we’d be making a bee-line for British Sea Power, the Physics House Band, Interlocutor, Clowns, Bent Cousin, AK/DK, Kovak, and Nordic Giants.


If you like your festivals a bit more local then Nice Weather for Airstrikes Festival, now in it’s fifth year, could be more your cup of tea. The line up is headlined by Shrine, Codes in the Clouds and the Hundredth Anniversary over three nights.


Finally if festivals aren’t your thing, then on Sunday night The Impellers play a late night funk and soul gig at The Warren.

Great Escape Gallery

What a weekend – I saw over thirty bands over the weekend, many of which were local. Here’s a gallery of them all. We’ve got: Jennifer Left, Justin Saltmeris, Curxes, Kinnie The Explorer, Us Baby Bear Bones, Anushka, Fear of Men, Martin Rossiter, The Bobby McGees, IYES, Jacko Hooper, Kins and The Beautiful Word. As usual, click on the image to view large:



Curxes Great Escape Interview

Brighton Music Blog favourites Curxes played twice at the Alternative Escape yesterday. We caught up with them just after they came off stage at The Mesmerist:


Brighton Music Blog : Hello Curxes! How was the gig?

Macaulay Hopwood : Amazing – sweaty, crazy – the usual festival fayre. Really Good.
Roberta Fidora : All powered by cough syrup.
MH : Cough syrup and beer
RF : Isn’t that a Flaming Moe?

BMB : You’re playing twice over the weekend. You’ve just played on the Les Enfants Terribles stage at the Mesmerist. What’s the other one?

MH : We’re also playing at the Black Dove, across town. That’s for Southsea Fest stage.
RF : It sounds slightly sinister, the name – “The BLACK Dove”
MH : Sounds a bit dark, but hopefully it’ll suit our sound.


BMB : What other Brighton bands are you looking forward to seeing at the Great Escape?

MH : There’s a few bands that I really want to see – We managed to catch half of Us Baby Bear Bones who were on just before we were on a different stage. Hopefully we’ll catch them when they play again.
RF: And Chvrches as well (BMB : who Curxes remixed earlier this year)
MH : Hopefully we can get to hang out with them a bit
BMB : Anyone else, or are you just going to drop in and see what you find?
MH : Despite playing, I haven’t actually got a wristband! So it’s a bit limited as to what I can go and see! I’ll go and see as many as I can.

BMB : Your live set up now has three people

RF : That’s Raife from Strangers. Say hello Raife!
Raife : Hello!
MH : Raife is playing drums with us at the moment. I often moonlight playing bass with Strangers, so we’re doing a bit of band swapping.
BMB : When did the decision to beef up the band come about?
RF : When I couldn’t count in time!
MH : We thought it was cool having a drummer onstage. Raife is a really good mate anyway, we have a good time jamming together, so we thought he would be a good addition to the setup.
RF : It adds more to the spectacle…
MH : He’s a good looking chap as well. We never had too many girls come and see us before, but now that Raife’s with us…
RF : Now we have to clear loads of pants off stage after we play!


BMB : You’re starting to be described as “Blitz Pop” in various places. What does that mean for people who haven’t heard you? Where did the name come from?

MH : An obsession with the second world war, and we’re quite poppy, I suppose. It’s noisy, it sounds like the blitz. It seems to fit the music pretty well.
RF : We leave a trail of destruction in our wake!

BMB : Your latest single Further Still was also out earlier this year. What’s coming up next?

MH : We’ve got another release coming out fairly soon, possibly with a single label, but nothing’s been finalised yet. It’s a song called Valkyrie which is what we close our set with at the moment. It seems to go down well – it’s noisy, it’s got a bad-ass trumpet in it. What more could you want!

New Music Round Up

The Great Escape is almost upon us – great news for seeing bands, not such great news in terms of having time to write about them. So, very quickly it all kicks off, here’s the things on our list which if why don’t write about now, we’ll never get around to.

Cave Painting have a new EP out called Rio, which is packaged just as beautifully as their album was last year. You can buy it for a fiver from Resident or from the Cave Painting website. Here’s the video for the lead track:

Phantom Runners debut single Goddess of War recalls the best of early 90s guitar indie pop. There’s a hint of Stone Roses in the drums, and the guitars sound like The Railway Children or some other Factory band from that era. We hit download before we’d even listened the whole way through:

Next is the video for Battersea, the lead track from AK/DK‘s new single we wrote about recently:

The new Transformer single is out on 31st May, sees them dropping the vowels for three and a half minutes of electro pop:

Luo‘s new single Dissolver is available to download on Soundcloud. We’ve been big fans of his glitchy laid back jazzy electronica since we first saw him at Sea Monsters, and this track is another fine string to his bow:

AK/DK aren’t the only local analogue synth dance band with new material out. DA-10 also have a new EP called The Shape of Space. Redshift is ravey, Respirator is instrumental hip hop with huge bass (and is still available for download over at XLR8R), Anaphase is retro sounding space-rock, I Have to Survive is broken beat house number and closer Out Of Reach Of Earth brings together a lot of the sounds from each of the preceding tracks. There’s a sampler up on soundcloud, which you can hear here:

The new Call Me Jolene EP, May, is a real change of pace and mood to something far more personal and reflective. It was out on the first of may, and sounds a bit like this:

Finally we have Alice Amelia‘s new single Passion. What starts off sounding like a piano ballad transforms into some slick r’n’b. There’s a free download on the soundcloud link below:

The Brighton Music Blog Great Escape Special


This week is Brighton’s biggest week for music. As if there wasn’t enough going on in Brighton with the Festival and the Fringe we also have The Great Escape, when the music industry takes a weekend away from London and decamps to our brilliant city. I won’t go on about how criminally under-represented Brighton bands are in the main festival, because most of the Alternative Escape is made up of local acts, and most of the Alternative Escape is free. Don’t take this as a slur on the value of the Great Escape – with tickets available for less than fifty quid, it’s no wonder that it was sold out weeks ago.

Here’s a some of the Brighton based musicians playing this weekend. I don’t claim that this is an exhaustive list (although if you’re not on this list, it could mean that Brighton Music Blog doesn’t know about you, so get in touch). And being a festival, there’s definitely no promises about stage times! There’s plenty more info over on the Great Escape Website, and on their smartphone app, and it’s worth signing up to the text alerts over the weekend too. And if you can’t make it, we’ll be posting up some of our photos next week (once we’ve recovered!)


At Jubilee Square, there’s Abi Wade at 5pm, and Jennifer Left at 7pm
Latest7 are hosting an event at Latest music bar, obviously – Warsaw Radio are 8.15 – 8.45, Simonne & The Dark Stars are 9 – 9.30, and Nick Williams 9.45 – 10:15
Pull The Plug are at the Mucky Duck, headlined by Luke Sital Singh
Never Been Kissed promotions are at The Hope, with a selection of Brighton and Hastings bands, headlined by Plasticine who are on at 10.45pm


Kinnie The Explorer take on a residency on Resonance’s stage – They’re every day at the Brighthelm Centre at 1.30pm
Noisescape is Brighton Noise’s all day event at Moshi Moshi – their line up is: 1pm Cat Fire Radio, 2.25 Monsters Build Mean Robots, 3.50 Black Black Hills, 5.15 Us Baby Bear Bones, 6.40 AK/DK, 8.05 Dark Horses, 9.30 Nordic Giants
Boon Magazine and Two Sisters Records are at Fitzherberts from 7pm : TigerCub 7.15, The New Union 8pm, The Red Lapels 8.45, IC1s 9.30 , Demob Happy 10:15
Spindle Magazine / Les Enfants Terribles are at The Mesmerist – TigerCub are on at 2.30pm, Curxes are at 6.55pm, with The Wytches headlining at 22:15
Fear of Men are on at Latest at 9pm at a night put on by London in Stereo and Fear of Fiction
Southsea Fest are hosting at the Black Dove, and Curxes are playing at 8.50


Emma Gatrill is playing at the Fountainhead for Neighbourhood’s all day event. No details of what time she’s on, but looking at the line up it’ll be mid-afternoon
The Wytches are on of the first bands on at Republic of Music‘s event at the Shipwrights Yard on Middle Street. They’re on at 12:55
The Line of Best Fit are hosting at the Unitarian Church – Luke Sital Singh is on at 9.45pm
Drowned in Sound at hosting three nights over the weekend. On Friday they’re at Saint Mary’s Church and Martin Rossiter plays at 8pm
Brighton Music Blog favourites IYES are on at the Blind Tiger at 8.30pm
The Wytches are at The Haunt at 9.15pm
Fiddlers Elbow have a few Brighton acts on – Luke Sital Singh is on at 4pm, Nick Williams is at 6pm
Beatcast and Dirty Bingo are at 10 Below (formerly The Jazz Place).  Fear of Mean play at 9.15pm
Alcopop records host twelve hours of music at the Pav Tav. Tall Ships and Jumping Ships are amongst the bands playing
Then if you’re still standing there’s an afterparty at Brighton Electric – From 20pm there’s Dog in the Snow (acoustic), Jacko Hooper (acoustic), Wild Cat Strike, Hundredth Anniversary, Us Baby Bear Bones, AK/DK, Spacenoid, and Physics House Band DJs


The St Ann’s Well Gardens Festival is part of this year’s Alternative Escape – their bill includes Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer at 12.30, Jennifer Left at 1.40, Traams at 2.30, and Jake Shillingford playing a My Life Story set at 15:10
The Beautiful Word play Common Tongue‘s event at The Black Dove at 6.20pm
In ther afternoon The Fiddlers Elbow The Move Ons are on at 2pm, and Matt Carpanini is on at 3pm
The Recommender’s have their annual Blog Up Party at The Mesmerist. It’s not just and event for bloggers, there are bands for everyone and IYES play at 15:20
Kins play not one but two shows as part of the main festival on saturday, at the Green Door Store @ 15:30, and at the Brighthelm Centre at 20:30
Milk No Sugar cafe on Trafalgar Street sees Donna Fullman at 2:30, Warsaw Radio at 3:15 and Nick Williams at 4pm
Brighton Promoters Cable Club are at Sticky MikesTwo Jackals are on at 2:10pm and Written in Waters are on at 3pm
Fools Paradise vs Bad Math is at the Pav Tav , and Tyrannosaurus Dead play at 8pm
The amazing Physics House Band are on at the Concorde 2 at 8.30pm, and then at 9.15 there’s Tall Ships
80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster play at 9.45pm at Coalition
Last, but by no means least there’s an Under The Influence Billy Bragg special at Fitzherberts, and The Bobby McGees play at 10.10pm

Gallery : Club Berlin – Das Fenster, AK/DK, La Momo

Last time we went to Club Berlin Jennifer Left and Dom from Sweet Sweet lies played at The Jive Monkey in Kemptown. Since then the Jive Monkey has closed down and Club Berlin has had to find a new home, which they’ve done in the Green Door Store where they were last night. La Momo (featuring Crayola Lectern on guitar) opened the evening, followed by half an hour of improvised synths from AK/DK before a headline set from Das Fenster. Fujiya and Miyagi were DJing between acts, but they were in the dark so they avoided my lens. Actually, for the most part AK/DK were in the dark too!

As usual, click on the images to view large: