Gazelle Twin – Antibody / Live at the Green Door Store supported by Eva Bowan

Gazelle Twin releases her new Antibody EP digitally on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray today, followed a physical release on limited blue 12″ on 16th June. Antibody comes backed with remixes from Wrangler and I Speak Machine as well as new b-side Phobia, and can be pre-ordered from iTunes here.. Antibody will appear on Gazelle Twin’s upcoming album Unflesh, due later this year.

To celebrate the launch Gazelle Twin played a gig at the Green Door Store last thursday, supported by Eva Bowan, and we were there to capture it:

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Fiona Sally Miller – 3 EPs


Wow, out of the blue not just one but three free-to-download EPs from the excellent Fiona Sally Miller sounding awesome, still in the lo-fi alt-folk mode and not a single sign of the long-promised techno album (well, perhaps I should have sat still is just a little bit techno…)

FSM slips her music out quietly without the slightest attention, but it is very much worthy of your ears. This may well be a clearing of the decks but we hope it is perhaps a sign that more is on the way and we might see her out and about performing again soon. Fiona Sally Miller


New Music – Moulettes, Self Help Group, Young Night, Adolescent, Us Baby Bear Bones, Kins, Beautiful Boy

Here’s another batch of new music for your listening pleasure. First up is a double dose of Moulettes, whose new album Constellations is out on 2nd June. In the past few days a video and a Champion Fever remix of Lady Vengeance from the album have appeared online:

Next we have a new video from The Self Help Group. The rather lovely The Bus is taken from their album Not Waving But Drowning which came out earlier this year:

Young Night are a band from Australia who pestered me for a while on twitter without giving me any indication that they were now Brighton based. It turns out that they moved to Brighton earlier this year (although their band Facebook page still says that they’re based in Brisbane). They’ve updated their twitter page though, and are giving a push for their summery guitar pop track Picasso:

Last week KLDSCP released Adolescent‘s new EP Golden Halls. We’ve featured a couple of the tracks before as they’ve appeared but now the whole four track EP is up on bandcamp, and it’s all rather lovely:

We posted about the new Us Baby Bear Bones EP at the weekend, and sadly missed the launch yesterday at the Green Door Store. If you want to get hold of the Ursari EP, you can buy it from their label Love Thy Neighbour’s bandcamp page:

Young Night aren’t the only Australians who’ve relocated to Brighton who have a new release out. Kins have new three track single out, headed up by album track Mockasin’s (their apostrophe, not mine) available as a free three track download from soundcloud:

Last but by no means least, this week also sees the release of the new Beautiful Boy double A side Home / Love Me More, out now on Raygun Records:


The Wytches album and single news


The Wytches have announced details of their debut album Annabel Dream Reader. The record is coming out on August 25th on Heavenly Records and features previous singles Gravedweller and Robe for Juda and upcoming single Wire Frame Mattress, whose new video has been directed by legendary photographer Steve Gullick:

RIP Us Baby Bear Bones

It’s been a bit quiet from us for a little while, for which we apologise profusely. It’s all the Great Escape’s fault. As fun as it is, it does leave us with no spare time for three days, then knackered for a few days after that.

We’re back now though and unfortunately it’s with some sad news. Last week we got a press release saying that one of Brighton’s finest bands – Us Baby Bear Bones – were splitting up. They’re releasing a second and final EP, Ursari, which has been produced by Blood Red Shoes’ Simon Ansell which is coming out tomorrow on Love They Neighbour, limited to only a hundred copies, and also playing one final gig at the Green Door Store, with support from Hypnotized and Speak Galactic. Here’s the video for Only One from the EP:

Don’t be sad for too long though. Two of the band’s members are continuing as Psalm Springs, and their first track Get Out (Leave) is already out there, tucked away on Cupboard Music’s sampler cd that they gave away to those who made the early start on Record Store Day, which isn’t too difficult to find a stream of with a little bit of hunting. If Psalm Springs are even half the band that Us Baby Bear Bones were they’ll still outshine most of what Brighton has to offer so we look forward to hearing more from them.

Black Rooster Black Shag – As Far As My Lead Will Take Me

Last week, Black Rooster Black Shag released their debut album As Far As My Lead Will Take Me. We were out of town for their launch gig at the Bees Mouth on thursday, but we caught up with Mirika, JJ and Dan last Sunday afternoon when they played a another gig at the Ranelagh.


Brighton Music Blog: So the album’s called…

JJ: As Far as My Lead Will Take Me

BMB: And where did the title come from?

JJ: Between us we came up with the title. I think it really reflected the journey of the record. We met in the Southern Hemisphere, moved to the UK and eventually settled in Brighton and I think it was that sort of journey that by the time we got to Brighton that really made up the record. That whole trajectory that we took and it kind of sums up the spirit of the record in terms of going a great distance and getting to a particular point and the fact that you can still go a little bit further.

BMB: So are some of the songs quite old and have taken this journey or are they all quite new?

JJ: Some of the songs I suppose were composed a while ago but we’ve got Dan into the band and come together as a three piece and the sound has changed, and every time we play we play it slightly differently, we never try and play the song the same way the same time twice. So in that way the songs always evolve and are always fresh and there’s always something different every time we play. The skeletons of the songs were written quite a while ago but every time we play them they’re a little bit different.

Mirika: The band club we sort of had to hold back to really be able to play in this band. J and I were touring other projects when we met so we wrote all these songs cross continentally for a little while we were touring the other projects then once we finished those records we could make this band happen. So we really willed it to happen, although we’ve only been playing shows now for nine months.

BMB: So you launched the album at the Bees Mouth last thursday. How did that go?

M: Oh man, so much fun.

BMB: Did you play in that little sweaty room downstairs?

Dan: I think we made it worse. It probably still stinks of us now.

JJ: Our audience have got a very good aroma! It was just a great night There was a lot of people that came down, a lot of friends. We had a really good time and everyone walked away having celebrated the fact that the album’s finally out really, because a lot of them were friends who played on the record and we did have a lot of people around us that helped so it was just really really nice to have everybody in the same room and celebrating not just the end of one journey but the start of another one.

M: We’ve already been demoing new stuff, so it was quite exciting.

BMB: You first visit to Brighton was to visit the Great Escape?

M: We just came to visit, we weren’t playing. SO many great venues and people were really friendly which was really nice.

BMB: Are you around for the Great Escape this year?

JJ: We’re actually playing the Alternative Escape at Marwoods Cafe, on the saturday afternoon about half past five so we’ll definitely be around.

R: Any tips of bands to go and see at the Great Escape?

JJ: I would just tip to go and check out the Brighton bands. I think there’s such a vibrant scene going on with bands here. Compared to what you see on the surface from other cities it’s unique. There’s a lot of exciting guitar bands happening. For me it’s more about seeing my friends and seeing those bands play in front of a bigger audience of people that wouldn’t normally come and see them play. Anything from Brighton go and check it out.

BMB: Where’s next for the album? You’ve played launches in Brighton, London and Barnsley.

JJ: We’re playing Eastbourne, then Nottingham, then London again, and then Manchester, Doncaster as well. We’d like to play a few smaller towns and some of the bigger cities as well. Our idea is not to have one huge tour, but to keep going out and visiting places. It’s a slower run with an independent band, you can’t throw all your eggs into one basket, you’ve got to work it a bit longer. So we just want to go out and see as much of the country as possible.

BMB: Are you doing any festivals this summer?

JJ: We’re playing Coalfields, up in Barnsley again, but that’s about it really. We’re a relatively new band, so we haven’t really hit the festivals hard at this point. We’re more into playing smaller venues for now, getting the intimate atmosphere going really. That’s where people are responding best to the music so we’re happy cultivating that at the moment.

M: It’s nice when you go to a town and you see people who saw you at your last show. That’s the best. I don’t need to play anywhere extravagant, I just want a good vibe, and to be able to relax a bit and have a bit of fun.

Black Rooster Black Shag’s album is out now, available from EOI productions. You can catch the band on Saturday at Marwoods Cafe around 5.30 as part of the Alternative Great Escape (so you won’t need a wristband).

new music – IYES / Toys

Out of nowhere, IYES have come out with another amazing brand new track. Toys turned up online at the end of last week. If we hadn’t been so busy embracing Brighton Festival which started this weekend we might have been able to post about it before now, but hopefully you’ve been as busy as we have and you’ll forgive us being a bit slow to pick up the baton this time.

Toys follows down the route of the other-worldly r’n’b of their past few tracks –  Vocals get time stretched and underneath some of the choruses there’s some brilliant 8-bit arpeggiated bleepiness, but alongside all that there’s a great pop song there, with lyrics about a childish argument – “that’s why you throw your toys at me / do you feel much better now?”. Don’t worry though, as the Ronnettes sang in 1964, the best part of breaking up is when you’re making up, and the heavy breathing just after the two minute mark implies that maybe Josh might get his way when he sings “I just wanna feel”…

And this is just what IYES call a demo. Most bands would sell their grandmothers to have demos that turned out this good.


April Top Ten

April was another great month for Brighton music with some fantastic albums being released as well as some lovely one offs for Record Store Day. May’s already shaping up nicely too but until then, here are our favourite tracks from last month:

1. Eagles for HandsHandprints

Handprints is the sound of the party starting – lots of cowbell, housey piano and uplifting vocals. Eagles for hands are top of our list of bands to catch at the Great Escape next week – they’re at Coalition on Saturday night at 2.30am, and also at KLDSCP’s party alongside Caveman Genius and Foreign Skin and a whole host of other acts.

2. Fujiya & Miyagi – Flaws

Fujiya & Miyagi’s new album Artificial Sweeteners is out on Monday, although if you get down to Resident today they’re already selling signed copies. Flaws is the first single and is a great indicator of what to expect from the rest of the record – classic Fujiya & Miyagi with more electronics thrown into the mix. There’s still a few tickets left for their gig at the Haunt on 6th June but it will sell out, so I’d get a ticket sooner rather than later.

3. Fear of Men – Luna

LunaLuna is the first single from Fear of Men’s brilliant new album Loom. If we didn’t love the track (which we do), it might have warranted a place in our top ten just on the basis of the utterly beautiful packaging – a fanzine written by the band and a clear flexidisc (along with download codes).


4. AK/DK – Maxwell’s Waves

AK/DK’s new album Synth + Drums + Noise + Space was one of our highlights this month. The lead track is the bleepy Maxwell’s Waves, and electronic krautrock rush. AK/DK are the support at Fujiya & Miyagi’s gig at The Haunt that we mentioned earlier.

5. Curxes – Jaws

In April, Curxes put out Precurxor – a roundup of of old tracks and demos to keep our interest while they get on with the business of recording their proper debut album. It’s definitely working for us. Our highlight is Jaws, which captures the urgency and power of their live shows.

6. Winston & Goldstein – Ode to a Massive Obsession

When we heard that Jacqueline from Kins had a new project, we didn’t envisage Winston & Goldstein, whose main influence seems to be mid-nineties alternative dance music from what we’ve heard so far. There’s a heavy hint of Leftfield in Ode to a Massive Obsession, which can only be a good thing in our book. Oh, and the video is all kinds of brilliant too.

7. Blood Red Shoes – Speech Coma

Speech Coma is the new Blood Red Shoes single. The the chorus goes “I can’t get the words out / I can’t get the words out / It’s like someone cut out my tongue”. And so does the video. Quite literally. Not for the faint hearted.

8. Cate Ferris – Gotta Do Better

We haven’t got a media link for Gotta Do Better, the latest offering from Cate Ferris. The only way to hear it is to sign up to her page on PledgeMusic, where she’s currently raising money for her new EP.

9. Cleff – Restart

Restart is on Cleff’s new Listen In EP, a lovely blend of electronic and classical music. We posted open the EP’s opening track Big Ideas earlier this month, but it was Restart which got under our skin.

10. Fickle Friends – Play

Fickle Friends have got a real knack for a catchy pop song. We loved Swim earlier this year, and they’ve done it again with Play. Fickle Friends are another band who are on our list for the Great Escape, playing at the Green Door Store on Saturday night, and at the Mesmerist on Saturday afternoon.