Fiona Sally Miller – 3 EPs


Wow, out of the blue not just one but three free-to-download EPs from the excellent Fiona Sally Miller sounding awesome, still in the lo-fi alt-folk mode and not a single sign of the long-promised techno album (well, perhaps I should have sat still is just a little bit techno…)

FSM slips her music out quietly without the slightest attention, but it is very much worthy of your ears. This may well be a clearing of the decks but we hope it is perhaps a sign that more is on the way and we might see her out and about performing again soon. Fiona Sally Miller


Keel Her / Prize Catch

Keel Her has been on my radar for a couple of months now, but every time I’ve gone to write something, it’s already out of date. Rose Keeler-Schäffeler is one of Brighton’s most prolific artists – a quick glance at her soundcloud page today shows 86 tracks, with the front page tracks being 5 days ago, 9 days ago, 12 days ago, 13 days ago…

Keel Her makes lo fi pop music. Most of the time when bands are described as Lo Fi, it means that they’re deliberately distorting their guitars and maybe putting the vocals low in the mix. Keel Her’s guitars are distorted and the mix is uneven, but I get the impression that’s less down to wanting to be lo fi, and more due to the limitations of bedroom recording, and the desire to get the track down and move onto the next song.

A physical release makes things a bit more permanent though, and Keel Her has a single out. Prize Catch is out now on Critical Heights. Don’t go thinking that Keel Her have gone into a studio and made a nice polished recording though – the four tracks on the EP are all of the same demo quality. Initially I thought my 7″ might have been a bad pressing, until I realised that it was just the way things were!

The lack of production hasn’t hindered Keel Her, receiving accolades across the music press, and working with lo fi heroes R Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink. And just today, they’ve been announced that they’ll be supporting The Charlatans at The Garage next months at a gig that sold out in a matter of minutes. Good work!

Prize Catch by Keel Her is available on 7″, or via bandcamp, and the band playing at the Green Door Store tomorrow (wednesday 29th August) supporting Fever Dream.