Brighton Rocks #22 : Winter Gardens

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?
Always plenty to do, no feelings of being judged and the vibrant atmosphere

Who are the your favourite local bands?
Well that is a tough one, Brighton is home to one of our most favourite labels – Bella Union, so naturally Penelope Isles are first to spring to mind, it’s been amazing to witness them grow over the past few years. Currls, Radidas, The GO! Team, Bad For Lazarus (RIP), Toy, Sit Down, Projector…

What’s the best venue?
Hope & Ruin! the food is good, the sound is good and the staff are lovely. As for a bigger venue, we are both quite partial to The Dome.
What’s the best rehearsal space / studio? Well I (Jamie) have only practiced in a couple of studios in Brighton and haven’t had the opportunity to record in Brighton either, WG practice in the middle of nowhere near Battle, I guess it’s pretty perfect as we are surrounded by country and have very little to distract us.

What’s the best club?
It’s a shame we have lost Sticky’s 😦 Went to some fantastic Club Nights there, the Brit-pop night Star Shaped was a lot of fun, The Volks for the Skanival too.

What’s the best record shop?
We both tend to buy new-released vinyl rather than crate-digging the secondhand shops (which we still do of course), so it’s got to be Resident hasn’t it? The’re great at supporting the local promoters and make it easy to obtain gig tickets. I would like to give Michael a shoutout from Pebble Records in Eastbourne too.

Where’s the best places to eat?
Well this is bloody difficult, hmm.. Purezza, The Earth & Stars, Coffee Counter, Beelzebab, Deadwax Social & The Revelator.

What’s the best pub?
The Earth & Stars! The best beers on tap and probably the best pub-grub money can buy. We also have a soft spot for The Colonnade.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
Clarissa Dickson Wright or Nick Cave

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
True story, a friend of mine used to own The Brighton Rock company and mocked up a prototype stick of rock for The White Stripes, he managed to secure a meeting with Jack – who (being fond of British culture) fell in love with it. They were planning on making thousands to sell on a huge tour… alas Meg fell ill and the tour was cancelled. Not really fans of rock, unless you’re talking about ROCK’n’ROLL.

Coral Bells by Winter Gardens is out now on Austerity Records. You can catch them live at Deadbeat Disco at the Richmond on 21st March.


Brighton Rocks #21 : Guru

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?
Simon: Most definitely the people here, it’s hard to find another place where you instantly feel so comfortable and vibe off other people. The sea is alright as well.
Ferg: I like how small it is too. Some people don’t like that but it’s nice being able to walk from one end to the other in half an hour. I don’t like public transport

Who are the your favourite local bands?
Simon: There’s always a healthy dose of new music going on which is great. I have to say I love seeing frank and beans when I get the chance those guys are great! The Slaughter House Band are also pretty new and exciting so go check them out.
Ferg: I rate Big Slammu. They got some pretty wacky things going on and some tasty riffs. Dreamwave are new faves on the block too bringing home the Fuzz. I’m ooking forward to hearing more of Tundra Love, they’ve been quite elusive until now but they’re about to drop some bangers. There’s always lots of exciting music in Brighton!

What’s the best venue?
Simon: Green door store is our spiritual home so I’d probably have to say that, the guys there work really hard and really give a shit about the local music scene! I’m not sure what bands would do without it.
Ferg: It used to be The Globe for me (RIP). Whenever you ended up there it was going to be a good night. No stage, totally DIY, cheap pints. What more do you need?! A couple of our most memorable gigs were there. We still miss it dearly

What’s the best rehearsal space / studios?
Simon: We’ve been playing at Small Pond a lot recently and love the vibe there. All the people who work there are friendly and inviting and everything’s always up to scratch.
Ferg: Don’t forget the PlayStation in reception! I quite like Campbell Road though it’s pretty vibey but we’re yet to try them all.

What’s the best club?
Simon: I’ve always liked pubs more than clubs to be honest so would rather stay late drinking in the boozer more than anything. Having said that patterns has always been a good one, especially the midnight funk night.
Ferg: I’ve never been to most of the clubs in Brighton to be honest. It’s not for me thanks

What’s the best record shop?
Simon: I’ve always liked just browsing through Resident, I’ve only just got hold of a record player so haven’t been out to discover that many yet! Hit me up some places for me to check out.
Ferg: Monkey Music Emporium on Baker Street is pretty sick. It’s tiny and the owner seems like such a dude. There’s loads of rare and expensive records on the walls. Way out of my price range but they’re interesting to see. I never leave empty handed so I actually had to stop going because I was spending all my money there!

Where’s the best places to eat?
Simon: Probably market diner at 4am, who doesn’t like a 24 hour cafe with 24 hour breakfast eh
Ferg: I think pizza is legit the best food in the world. You can just do anything with it. But it’s worth doing it properly. So a decent Italian over that Dominoes shit any day. Fatto a Mano is my favourite so far. They do these garlic and rosemary chips too, they’re peng.

What’s the best pub?
Simon: I quite like the Hare and Hounds and the Worlds End, mainly cause I used to live near them and they were always nice enough. The East Street Tap is probably my current favourite though.
Ferg: I’d have to say either Great Eastern and Fortune of War. They’re both really small and cozy which I like.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
Simon: The guy who blares his boombox while riding about his bike on the level. He’s class
Ferg: Matt King, the guy who plays Super Hans in Peep Show. I’ve never seen him but he’s been in Tom’s restaurant a couple of times. I just love Peep Show man

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
Simon: Don’t think I ever have to be honest, more into the Brighton roll.
Ferg: hey good one bro… You know those sweets that are basically sliced up rock? Well I had one a few weeks ago. Not had a stick in a hot minute though

Suntrap by Guru is out now. Their next live gig is at the Tundra Love single launch at Green Door Store on 12th March.

Brighton Rocks #20 : Ex-Display Model

A few months ago, a new account appeared in Instagram suggested people to follow section. It was in the name Ex-Display Model, but it didn’t have any posts, or any follows. Thanks, but no thanks Instagram. It popped up again a few weeks later, followed by a few music accounts that I follow, but still with no posts, so this time I thought maybe I would start following it myself. Then a few weeks later a single picture was posted, which looked like it might have been David and Ed from Fujiya & Miyagi, but I wasn’t 100% sure.  And then in August, Ex-Display Model put out their first single Immaculate Rip. A couple more tracks were drip fed out, then last Friday their self titled debut album was released with no great fanfare, slipped out for people to discover themselves. I got in touch to ask if they fancied doing a Brighton Rocks, but it turned out that AKDK are on tour in Brazil for the next few weeks so Ed wasn’t about. David was keen to strike while the iron was hot though, so he arranged for a stand in and the photo shoot went ahead anyway: Continue reading

Brighton Rocks #17 : LibraLibra

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What is the best thing about Brighton?
BETH: It’s a very open and accepting city, it’s a place where you come out of your shell and be your true self. I think what’s really telling of this is how the Brighton art/music scene is flourishing, there are some crazy talented bands / musicians / artists left right and centre. It’s an exciting place to be right now. Continue reading

Brighton Rocks #16 : Crayola Lectern

Normally we’re very strict about making sure we only write about Brighton based acts, and Crayola Lectern lives in Worthing these days, but he’s one of the precious few who we relax our rules for. He’s been a fixture on the Brighton scene for a number of years now, his first album came out on Brighton label Bleeding Hearts Recordings, and the launch for his new album Happy Endings was at the Rosehill.

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?
For me, these days it is its proximity to Worthing. This works both ways as the two towns complement each other and provide things the other lacks. I love Brighton for its vibrancy and the feeling that you may follow your dream, at least for a while, that you can be your glorious, unedited self without fear of small town tut-tuttings. It has worn off significantly on the neighbour town, where a burgeoning community of creative types, writers, artists, weirdos, poets, bad-ass rock’n’rollers, radish-worshipping occultists, DJ’s, string quartets and experimentalists all do their thing whilst the town retains a sleepy serenity. Collaboration between the towns is increasing dramatically culturally, not least with Brighton’s creaking City College having being merged with Worthing’s thriving Northbrook, whose Theatre departmant is one of the top in the country and whose music department boasts some of the best equipped recording facilities in the South, giving incredible opportunities to students. Continue reading