New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s new music roundup. I’m going to start this week’s post with a band described by a friend as “The best live performance I have seen in some time”. He was talking about Penelope Isles, who have a new single out called Shining Gold. The beautiful chiming lo fi folk number coincides with the band’s current tour, which started at the Prince Albert on 18th September (which is where the quote above came from). Since then they’ve been down to the South West and hit London tomorrow before heading north, but this bit of the tour comes back to Brighton next Saturday where they play a joint headline gig with Porridge Radio at Latest on Saturday 30th September.

Next we have Muskets with You’re So Cool, which is taken from their new album Chew which comes out on 20th October. If you pre-order the album from their bandcamp page you get instant downloads of this track and two others:

Normanton Street‘s new single It’s Been a While comes with a gorgeous sun drenched video and some fantastic laid back early 90s vibes. Normanton Street play one of their biggest Brighton gigs to date headlining the Haunt on October 7th:

In the early days of the blog we wrote about a band called Sparrow, who were great, but went quiet for about five years. They’re back now, without the vowels, and with new material on End of the Trail records. There was a single (below) called Atmosphere (The Most Daring Escape) which came out on 11th August, and another called The New Deafening Sound, which has been played on BBC Introducing but which I can’t seem to find a stream for. The album is called Post Truth, which is out on 6th October, which is also the date of their launch gig at the Prince Albert.

The Haze is the gorgeous new single from Orange Soul, which has actually been knocking around for a few months but has only just appeared on our radar. Lovely stuff:

Burrows, the lead track on the new EP from Chalk Hands starts off gently, then quickly goes to show that you can’t always judge by first impressions. It’s backed with a track called Arms – given that the full title of the EP is Burrows & Other Hideouts you might assume that “Other Hideouts” might be the other tracks, so that’s another first impression you shouldn’t judge by. The EP is out now via the band’s bandcamp page:

Next up we have the new track from Jumanji, which came out last Friday.  Higher is three and a half minutes of soaring pop music:

White Room‘s double A side single The Blue / Tomorrow Always Knew came out a few weeks ago, but they’ve already got in touch to tell us about a double EP and tour later in the year. The Eight EP comes out on 1st December and the Brighton date on the tour is on 27th November at the Hope & Ruin:

Plans is the new single from Halcion. It comes out this Friday (29th September) and has a video filmed up at Stanmer Park:

The PR email for any band who are even vaguely psychedelic these days will tell you that they sound like Tame Impala. You can’t blame them – if I was in a psychedelic band, I’d want that comparison to be made. For most bands though, that’s not the case. I haven’t received any PR email from Underwater Boys or their people, so here the comparison is coming from me. Everyone You Know is out digitally on 4th October and on 7″ later next month.

Finally, we have Stuck in Paradise by Roman Scott, showing that music out of Brighton isn’t all indie guitars, as much as it might seem like it sometimes:



New Brighton Albums

We haven’t done a new album post in a few months, so it’s about time we stopped and looked at what local albums have come out recently, and what’s coming up.

Last night, Time for T launched their debut album Hoping, Something, Anything at the Rialto. There’s a new single, Ronda, which you can see below:

The Dials new album That Was The Future comes out on 13th October, but will be sent out early if you pre-order from the band’s website. You haven’t missed the launch gig for this album yet though – that’s on 6th October at The Hope & Ruin.

Ghost on the Stairs is the new album by Meemo Comma, the latest alias of Lara Rix-Martin who runs record label Objects Ltd, which puts out electronic music from an exclusively women and non-binary roster. The album has been out a couple of weeks already and if you want to hear more of her brand of ambitious electronica, you can catch her headlining Spectrum at the Basement on 30th September.

The New Faith launch their new album Me On You with a gig at the Brighthelm Centre on 13th October. As well as entrance, your ticket will also provide you with two beers, which is certainly something that appeals to us. The album includes previous singles Too Sad to be Young and Fritter Away:

AKDKThe new AK/DK album comes out on October 20th. It’s called Patterns Harmonics, and includes Morphology, the track we included in our most recent New Music post last week. You can pre-order the album now via their bandcamp page on digital download, cd or lush looking white vinyl. The band are off on a mini-tour to launch it at the end of October, kicking off with a gig at the Green Door Store on 24th. AK/DK are arguably one of Brighton’s best live bands – you’ll definitely see us down the front of this gig.


Next, news of a new old album. Fujiya & Miyagi‘s breakthrough album Transparent Things originally came out in 2006, but never got a vinyl release at the time. Unthinkable now, but a lot has changed in the last eleven years. The reissue (available to preorder here) is coming out on transparent vinyl, obviously, as well as on cd and download. If you bought it first time around and are wondering what’s in the reissue for you, it also comes with Reeboks in Heaven, which was a bonus track on the US release, and Different Blades from the Same Pair of Scissors, a running mix made for Nike in 2011. To celebrate, the band are playing a handful of gigs, including one at Patterns on 7th December. The first non-festival gig we saw Fujiya & Miyagi at was at Patterns, when it was still Audio, which kicked off our long standing love of the band, so this should be pretty special.

Kev Minney launched his album Stories of the Sky with a gig at Café Plenty last Saturday, after releasing his album the day before. You can pick up his album via his website, or the usual digital outlets.


New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s new music post. Without any further ado or any preamble, we’ll kick off proceedings with the very exciting news of the return of AK/DK and their new single Morphology. It’s taken from their upcoming album Patterns/Harmonics which comes out on 20th October, with a launch gig at the Green Door Store on 24th October.

We meant to include Wasted Summer by Fruity Water in last week’s New Music post, but the link they shared with us didn’t work. Now the single is out (it came out last Friday) we’ve got a working link to share with you:

Today sees the release of Twilight Driving‘s debut single Soft & Pink. You can catch Twilight Driving live supporting Vanguards at the Hope & Ruin on September 12th.

GAPS second album came out back in June, and after a summer with other commitments, they’re having an album launch at the Prince Albert next Thursday. Since the album came out they’ve also been involved with another track called Keep Me Warm – another collaboration with Maya Jane Coles on her new album Take Flight:

Matt Finucane has given up on albums, so is releasing his new set of songs over two EPs. The first, Threaten Me With Your Love, comes out on 25th October, and you can hear the title track here:


New Brighton Music

It’s only been 10 days since our last New Music post, but somehow it feels like we’ve got a month’s worth of new music to share. Things are normally quiet in August, but the last couple of weeks have gone crazy. First up is the new single from Other States entitled Come Back To Me. Other States headline Brighton Electric on 19th September.

Dog in the Snow have just put out the second single from their upcoming album Consume Me. The single is called Child and was out last Friday. We’ve got a Brighton Rocks lined up with Helen coming up sometime soon, so watch this space.

Projector are releasing their new AA side single Love / Dreaming on cassette on 15th May with a launch party at the Green Door Store.

Resonators new single Right Time came out last Friday on Wah Wah 45s. Alongside the normal download options, there’s also a super-limited 7″ with the remixes, but hurry if you want one because there’s only five left on bandcamp at the time of writing:

The New Faith release their new single tomorrow. It’s called Fritter Away and is taken from their upcoming album Me On You, which is being launched at the Brightelm Centre on 13th October.

Battery Operated Orchestra are back with a new electro banger of a single, the title track from last year’s album Radiation. It’ll be available as a free download for a week from 12th September via the band’s website.

We missed the launch date (and launch gig) for Jenna Bennett Brighton themed single City By The Sea, although in our defence, we didn’t actually hear about it until after the event. You can watch the video here, and listen to the audio through the usual outlets:

We missed the launch of Luna Blue‘s Nightjar EP too, which was last Friday at the Hope & Ruin. Here’s the lead track from their EP which is out now:

Next we have the new one from Kev Minney, Like I Always. It’s taken from his upcoming album Stories of the Sky, which launches at Café Plenty on 9th September.

Finally, here’s Haze by Grapefruit Moon. Their debut album is due for release in November but you can catch them live before that on 5th September at The Joker.

The Real Si-B ‘Lost in a Hug’

The Real Si-B at the Dover Castle

The Real Si-B is the monicker of Simon F Baker, a UK Swamp Country-Roots Singer Songwriter & One Man Band, who mixes traditional influences with a love of the quirky & unexpected.

Originally from the rougher side of Croydon and brought up on a commune in Suffolk, Si is now based in Brighton and Hove. In ‘Lost in the Hug’ he’s produced a surprising and enjoyable album, mixing a strong musicality with some gutsy, heart-felt rhythm and blues, be-fitting a man who claims one of his favourite smells is the inside of an acoustic guitar.

The album was mainly recorded in Si’s small home studio in Hove with some parts recorded live in Alfriston Chapel and then sent to Finnish producer Jerry Icon, formerly of Brighton but now in Italy, who played & recorded bass for the songs & mixed & mastered the album. Keith Osborne of Hastings also added a gorgeous lapstring steel part to ‘Dear Sam’.

The album is refreshing and while rooted in old music still sounds fresh and new. Particular favourites to our ears are the upbeat ‘Alabama Mambo Blues’, the strangely psychedelic rootsy spiritual sound of ‘Pigskin Shoestring Song’ and the beautifully gentle, memory-filled ‘Dear Sam’ which seems to oose sunshine and personal stories. But there’s not a weak song on the whole album. Give it a listen at the link below.

Si says many of the songs on the album were written about people he knew “like ‘Elephant’ which popped out after a conversation with my brother. Or ‘Rings of Gypsy Gold’ which is a true story about Eastern European gypsies who flagged me down on a motorway flyover & scammed me out of whatever cash I had on me in exchange for some fake ‘gold’ rings. I got hoodwinked – but I got a song out of it!”

Si says he grew up listening to “a lot of Jamaican Ska, as well as punk bands like The Clash and The Slits and all the weird eclectic stuff John Peel used to play” which left a lasting impression. But as he grew older he found himself “more & more drawn to types of music which have a simple timeless beauty & penetrating honesty about them”. He became attracted to Apalachian folk & hillbilly Country music as well as the early 20s and 30s blues singers which inspired the American Folk music revival in the 1960’s, and which comes through loud and clear in the album ‘Lost in the Hug’.

“Really though I wanted to try & do it in the way that came most natural to me rather than trying to apply any kind of formula or style of someone elses,” Si says. 

That certainly worked. While the album has elements of the raw warmth of Seasick Steve or the quirky pop sensibility of the Talking Heads, it is much more rootsy, reminisicent a bit of the Louisiana swamp music as well as a touch of Chas & Dave and the pub rock of the late 1970s. However, it’s very much Si’s own sound, aided by his excellent grasp of his instrumentation also shown to good effect in his one-man-band live shows.

The Real Si-B live at the Brunswick1

Si is currently working on new material for his next album, as well as looking for interesting small venues in the South East to play at and other sympathetic artists to work with. He says that anyone interested should not hesitate to get in touch.


Listen to and/or download ‘Lost in the Hug’ from The Real Si-B’s website here

and catch Si next on Friday 1st September at The Bugle Inn (24 St Martins St, Brighton BN2 3HJ)   8.30pm – free entry

or Saturday 4th November at The Dover Castle Pub (Southover St, Hanover BN2 9UE) also a free entry gig


Words by Jon Southcoasting

Photo (1) by Jon Southcoasting and (2) by Graham O’Connor-Laurence

M Butterfly debut album

M Butterfly is the nom-de-plume of Martyn Lewis, a 27 year old songwriter from Brighton who has just released his first album of subtle, sensitive sad-core.

Martyn plays guitar and synths as well as singing. Unusually, the album was recorded on to tape, giving it the feel at times of an old lost 78.  Martin told us that “Thom was a wonderful producer who managed to hear the same things I heard in the songs, and he never doubted my ability, which gave me endless drive.”

This record took Martyn about 2 years to write and it was worth the wait. The album contains a beautiful collection of sad songs with a musical alt-country heart. The song ‘The Loving Arms’ might just be the saddest song you’ll ever hear. The collection as a whole is not depressing however, because of Martyn’s lyricism and ability to dive into melancholy and then bring the songs back, illustrated well by the opening lines of the first song ‘Yes, always’:  “Well I stare into the abyss and make it blink…”

Martyn says his main influences are classic songwriters like Townes van Zandt, Vic Chesnutt and Judee Sill, all known for not being afraid to dive into the darker regions of the human mind at times.  “Really heartfelt lyrics over relatively simple songs,” is Martyn’s summation. “In terms of dynamics and texture I took a lot of influence from Low, Julee Cruise and PJ Harvey’s more experimental albums. That Julee Cruise album was a massive influence with its textures on the guitars.” You can hear some of the Twin Peaks influence to good effect on some of the songs, and the album contains a similar shimmering sense of otherness.

The album has been released in a very limited CD-R edition which has already sold out, but you can still buy the music from bandcamp. Martyn is planning to release a very limited lathe cut vinyl EP later this year which he says will include some full band songs. One of which, ‘strings on yr wrist’  has featured in his live set for a while. “Hopefully [the band songs] will be fast and noisy and grungy.”

“After this I’ll start writing for album 2. I won’t be rushing anything for the second record,” he says. “I’m very into beats at the moment, and whilst I definitely won’t be doing a hip hop album I’d like to record a song or two that you could dance to!”

Surprising perhaps, but whatever it sounds like, we look forward to album number two with eager anticipation.

You can listen to M Butterfly I here:

New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s New Music post. Often new releases slow down around festival season, but Brighton’s bands? No Way.

Orbital‘s comeback has been properly cemented – their comeback in February was technically a remix, so its good to have some proper new material from the Hartnoll brothers with their new single Copenhagen:

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