New Music – Phantom Runners, New State Masses, Last Heir, Gudjohr, My New Favourite Tribe, King of Cats, Flash Pan Hunter

It’s barely been a week since we updated you with the new music that we’ve heard about, but our mailbox has been overflowing with loads of tunes and videos. Here’s what we’ve heard:

We heard about the new Phantom Runners just this afternoon. It Takes Me Away is lovely jangly late 80s / early 90s sounding indie, and is probably our favourite out of this post’s selection:

New State Masses are a new band formed from the ashes of previous projects foiled by the machinations of the music industry. So far there’s only a few tracks up on Soundcloud, and we rather like the mournful Somehow, Someday which we’re featuring here, but they’ll have a single out later this year called Keep The Love which we’ll tell you more about as we hear it.

Last Heir‘s new video was filmed down on the beach, and it looks like it was on the nudist beach, although they’re all fully clothed. Monkey Heart is a catchy slice of guitar pop, which is available as a free download if you follow the link underneath the video.

We wrote about Gudjohr‘s last EP  back in February. In Tandem is his new seven track mini-LP, which is a bit less acoustic, but no less endearing. It’s available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.

Wake Up by My New Favourite Tribe was released this week and is out on iTunes and the other usual suspects. It’s wonky electro pop, not a million miles from Hot Chip, or early nineties synthpop band Beloved. My New Favourite Tribe play at Les Enfants Terribles at the Blind Tiger this friday.

Bright Lightbulbs is King of Cats’ contribution to a new split single with Ides coming out on 9th September on Reeks of Effort. It’s a bit lo fi and a bit like marmite – you’ll either love it or hate it. You can go and watch the video over at The Line of Best Fit – As much as I try I haven’t been able to embed it here!

Finally we have a video from Flash Pan HunterOvercome Love With The Devil is a stripped back acoustic version of the original which is on his new album Quick Way To Enemy which came out a week or two ago. The video was filmed at Tim Bidwell’s Clockwork Owl Studios up in Kemptown.


Weekend Gig Picks

It seems a bit early in the week to be posting up our regular weekend gig picks post, but we normally do it on a Wednesday, so here we are.

Tomorrow night’s gig pick is House of Hats, who are supporting alt folk legend Mark Mulcahy at Latest Music Bar.

LETThere a loads of great gigs on Friday night – Les Enfants Terribles put on one of their regular gigs at the Blind Tiger with Salt Ashes, My New Favourite Tribe and Bent Cousin. Juice FM also have an all Brighton bill at The Haunt, with Yumi & The Weather, Astrid’s Tea Party and Bella Feud playing. Meanwhile Brighton Electric are holding a summer party, with Dog in the Snow, Jungfrau, Momotaro and Dissonants.

Saturday night’s choice is The Space Agency who are launching their new single Bombay Potatoes at the Horse & Groom.


The Hundredth Anniversary / Last Drive

Standing out from the crowd is an age old dilemma. It’s not too many years ago that a digital release was a novelty, but now it’s the default. To get a bit more attention for their new single, The Hundredth Anniversary have set up a website. You can play the track, download the track, show the lyrics and create your own video by cycling through a series of visual loops.

Last Drive is slow motion shoe gaze, with thick slabs of guitars and desolate vocals. You can download it at (along with everything I described above)

last drive

Laish – Live at the Well

This is not a live album. But this might just be the best album of songs you will hear all year. It’s certainly one of the most fun and enjoyable.

This is not a live album although it was recorded live in a single 5 hour session at the home of Dave ‘the Well’, somewhere near St Ann’s Well’s gardens in Hove.  Danny Green’s band had just come off the road after a successful tour and were on the top of their game, sounding as tight as tight can be. So basically, what you get here is a top band with an inventive neu-folk sound running through their full live set, ostensibly for a Simple Folk Radio session but without the annoyance of an audience or sub-standard recording normally necessitated by the ‘live’ environment. In fact, with Dave ‘the Well’ at the controls you’re getting a totally crisp and fresh re-working of a terrific collection of songs, some of which haven’t made it on to a Laish release before. I guess this is what recording the Beatles First LP was like (yep, and the sound here is definitely that good).

And it really is a terrific collection of songs.

The set starts with a reworking of ‘Visions’ from their new Obituaries album, and like many of the songs from that excellent album it is sounding new and refreshed here, clearly benefitting from time on the road and the crystal clear recording facilitated by the Well’s  studio.

Second song ‘Warm the Wind’ is a Brighton Music Blog single of the year – a brilliant and hilarious song about a desperate man’s attempt to warm his partner’s heart, to little avail. Love is an object it says, something to make.- and he wants to make some. The ironic soft soothing backing vocals from the girls in the band are joyful, the playful whisps and turns of the backing musicians immaculate. Where else do you get to hear James Joyce mentioned in song?

And so it goes on. You get ‘Carry Me’, the song of the brilliant video about the penguin and the horse and Danny Green as some sort of guitar-playing hedgehog. Other songs from the Obituaries album (Vague, Discipline etc) have been reborn through touring and sound fresh and original in Dave’s recording. From the first album, ‘In the morning’, one of the most perfect love songs that wasn’t written by Neil Young. The marvellous ‘A Happy Accident’, about the chance in birth and life (that song about a hole in a condom) with the reaffirming refrain “I don’t know what to do with myself, I should probably just give up and try somethng else” (but no, don’t).

‘I am enraged’ which has featured in the Laish live set for some time but never made it onto a recording until now is probably the best song about Lewes or rather anti-Lewes, as a symbol of the compromises we have to make in life. The interplay between the band is electric. And then there’s the beautiful ‘We Speak the Mantra’, a perfect song for today’s austerity times, about being poor and staying strong. I guess Danny thinks he doesn’t do politics, but this is a very good political song, wrapped up in warmth and love and (as the song Vague declares, typically of Green’s songwriting) “full of pathos”.

The last song ends on a note of optimism, with a reminder that “we always have a choice”. You have a choice. Listen to this album or miss out on one of the most vital vibrant songwriters currently at work in Brighton or anywhere.

Buy Live at the Well at the Laish bandcamp site – out today.

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

Robin Coward and his band yourgardenday launched their new EP ‘flat stream’ at St Andrew’s Church on Friday night. They were ably supported by an array of extrordinary Brighton talent in the form of Sophie Reid, Zoe Hazel and Bella Kardasis.

Brighton Music Blog was there to witness a celebration of new local music.

All photographs are by Jon Southcoasting.

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

The Gnomes are about

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

Zoe Hazel’s gentle soulful songs in English and Spanish

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

Sophie Reid showing her versatility and skill

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

Bella Kardasis playing stunning instrumental guitar in the style of Johns Martyn and Fahey

Your Garden Day flatstream EP launch

Robin Coward, our host for the evening

Robin Coward

Robin sings out

The band play on

The band play on

Your Garden Day

Your Garden Day

Flash Bang Band new album and single news

Bite Your Tongue - Album Art

Next Monday Flash Bang Band release their new album Bite Your Tongue on At The Helm records. We’ll be doing a full write up on that in full course, and with any luck interviewing the band too. In the meantime though, here’s their new single, Screw Come Loose, complete with retro green screen effects. The single is out now digitally, available via the usual suspects.

Weekend Gig Picks

It’s a bank holiday weekend, so we’ve got a bumper round of gigs to tell you about this week, extending all the way out to Monday.

fragile creaturesOn Thursday night Juice FM return to the Haunt for a series of gigs showcasing local bands that they’re calling IntroJuice-ing. On the first of these DrDr launch their new EP with support from Dirty Damn Humans and Vaude Villains. It’s also the first night of Fragile Creatures residency at The Blind Tiger, and they’re joined by Mynie Moe. As well as that, TigerBiteFever launch their Love Is Strange EP at Latest Music Bar.

There’s another two launches on Friday night. Speak Galactic and P For Persia launch their split 12” at the Green Door Store, and yourgardenday launch their Flat Stream EP at St Andrews Church.

Late night on saturday at Sticky Mikes, The Repeat Prescriptions play their last show for a while, supported by The Space Agency.

repeat prescriptions

At The Edge of the Sea is a festival curated by The Wedding Present which has been running at the Concorde over the August Bank Holiday Weekend for a good few years now. This year The Wedding Present play George Best on Saturday and The Hit Parade A-sides on Sunday. Support comes from his 90s pop incarnation Cinerama playing the two sides of their debut Va Va Voom across both nights, and a whole host of supports including Brightonians Dog In The Snow, Pete Fij & Terry Bickers and Monster Bobby.

Finally, if you’re still standing come Monday night, get down to the Green Door Store where Kill Moon headline, with Puppet Kings, The Hunger Pact and The Downing Street Years also on the bill.

New Music – The Space Agency, Spit Shake Sisters, Electric Soft Parade, Samuel Organ, Chris T-T, I am L, White Peaks

We’ve got more genres than you can shake a stick at  for this week’s selection of new music. There’s surf rock, psychedelia, post rock, mind bending electronica, indie and art rock.

Bombay Potatoes is the new single from The Space Agency. It’s surf rock, with an eastern flavour. It’s out on 26th August, and the launch party is at the Horse & Groom on Saturday 31st.

Spit Shake Sisters recently lost their keyboard player, so they’ve put out the last recordings they made with him for free. Overdope and Modern Drugs Make Aliens are on Bandcamp now for download:

Electric Soft Parade have also put a track up for free download. 1969, which isn’t on new album Idiots, features Matt Eaton from Pure Conjecture on backing vocals, and you can get hold of it by signing up to their mailing list

Samuel Organ is better known as one third of Brighton Prog Jazz titans Physics House Band. Not content with knocking our socks off with that, he’s put out a free three track EP called Y:

The Bear is the title track from the new Chris T-T and the Hoodrats album of the same name. The album’s not out until 7th October but if you pre order the album from Xtra Mile Recordings, you get a download of The Bear.

I am L is the stage name of Laura May Brophy. Lion Heart is a track that she’s recently put up on Soundcloud which recalls Brighton’s own Bat For Lashes:

Finally, White Peaks have made their Turbluence EP free for download. Of the two tracks of atmospheric rock we prefer the second, Omnipresence, with it’s big post-rock finish:

Speak Galactic / P for Persia split single

On Monday 26th August two of Brighton’s finest space rock terrorists are putting out a split EP entitled “Aegis Arctic Alp” via Cupboard Music, Beatabet and Fcking The Night.


One of favourite live bands P for Persia take on side A with three tracks – Rainbow Flux, Saint Luanne and Uncanny Valley (see video below). Side B passes the baton to Speak Galactic, who we’ve raved about on many an occasion, who only contribute two tracks – New Inventions and Magnified Destiny – but the latter does clock in at around 18 minutes long.

Both bands deliver out there soundscapes that complement each other’s sound really well – P for Persia’s are more guitar based, punctuated with their trademark 8 bit bleeps, Speak Galactic’s start off more synth based, but there’s definitely saxaphones in there and seeing their live setup who knows what’s going into making the noises they do.

The EP is coming out on translucent purple 12″ vinyl, or as t-shirt with a download code. The release party is next Friday at the Green Door Store, where both bands are playing, with support from Cousin.

Dog in the Snow / Les Enfants Terribles / Above Audio

Through a series of unfortunate coincidences we didn’t get to see Dog in the Snow live until this month. Gig clashes, not finding out about events until afterwards, timings changing – it was starting to look like we were avoiding them. We managed to put the situation right a couple of weeks ago when Helen Brown played a solo set opening the recent Two Three Four event at Green Door Store. We were so impressed that we decided there and then that we’d go and see her next time she played live, whatever else was on.


That next time was last night, when Dog in the Snow played at Above Audio. The night was put on by Les Enfants Terribles who have been putting on monthly nights at The Blind Tiger for the last year, but who also hosted a day at the Mesmerist for the Great Escape back in May and are running a stage at this weekend’s Playgroup festival.


We arrived too late to see support act Thyla, and between bands the lights were up and there was a lot of background chatter. Sadly that didn’t change when Dog in the Snow came on, and the sound wasn’t great either, with the vocals lost in the mix. Talent shone through though, with a quietly confident performance. Musically things were sometimes delicate but always purposeful, with layered soundscapes being created by Helen’s vocals and guitar (which was played with a violin bow on a couple of tracks) and her bandmate’s backing vocals , samples and keyboards. Dog in the Snow are band we’re going to do our best not to miss again.