New Music – Phantom Runners, New State Masses, Last Heir, Gudjohr, My New Favourite Tribe, King of Cats, Flash Pan Hunter

It’s barely been a week since we updated you with the new music that we’ve heard about, but our mailbox has been overflowing with loads of tunes and videos. Here’s what we’ve heard:

We heard about the new Phantom Runners just this afternoon. It Takes Me Away is lovely jangly late 80s / early 90s sounding indie, and is probably our favourite out of this post’s selection:

New State Masses are a new band formed from the ashes of previous projects foiled by the machinations of the music industry. So far there’s only a few tracks up on Soundcloud, and we rather like the mournful Somehow, Someday which we’re featuring here, but they’ll have a single out later this year called Keep The Love which we’ll tell you more about as we hear it.

Last Heir‘s new video was filmed down on the beach, and it looks like it was on the nudist beach, although they’re all fully clothed. Monkey Heart is a catchy slice of guitar pop, which is available as a free download if you follow the link underneath the video.

We wrote about Gudjohr‘s last EP  back in February. In Tandem is his new seven track mini-LP, which is a bit less acoustic, but no less endearing. It’s available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.

Wake Up by My New Favourite Tribe was released this week and is out on iTunes and the other usual suspects. It’s wonky electro pop, not a million miles from Hot Chip, or early nineties synthpop band Beloved. My New Favourite Tribe play at Les Enfants Terribles at the Blind Tiger this friday.

Bright Lightbulbs is King of Cats’ contribution to a new split single with Ides coming out on 9th September on Reeks of Effort. It’s a bit lo fi and a bit like marmite – you’ll either love it or hate it. You can go and watch the video over at The Line of Best Fit – As much as I try I haven’t been able to embed it here!

Finally we have a video from Flash Pan HunterOvercome Love With The Devil is a stripped back acoustic version of the original which is on his new album Quick Way To Enemy which came out a week or two ago. The video was filmed at Tim Bidwell’s Clockwork Owl Studios up in Kemptown.


New videos : Fragile Creatures, House of Hats, King Porter Stomp, and King of Cats

We’ve come across a few videos in the past week or so which I thought I’d share. First up is Dear Michael by Fragile Creatures, which we wrote about back in June. They’ve finally got a video to go with their debut single. Next up is House of Hats with their next single Rivers Will Run. We interviewed them about their previous animated video not long ago. Then we’ve got the video for the new King Porter Stomp single which is out on Monday. Finally, we’ve got a new offering from King of Cats. We meant to write about his cassette that came out on Reeks of Effort a little while ago, but somehow got a bit distracted:


Fragile Creatures – Dear Michael

House of Hats – Rivers Will Run

King Porter Stomp – The Shuffle

King of Cats – Swelling Up

Bleeding Hearts Club again

It’s that time of the month. First Monday. 

Bleeding Hearts Club featured in this blog not so long ago, but seeing as it’s a regular monthly event upstairs at the Price Albert in Trafalgar Street, and inevitably excellent, it is not that surprising that it features again.

This month we had four acts, each playing about four songs each and some excellent sounds from the house DJ in-between.

First up was the bizarre yet memorable King of Cats, a man in shorts who went from quiet twee to slash-and-burn hardcore within a verse of a song. He also did something very strange with a second microphone which gave him the ability to detour into these strange sonic interludes which made him sound a bit lie, er… well, a king of cats. He also had some CDs for sale, in home-made sleeves shaped like underpants with a picture of female genitalia on the front. 

It was never going to be a normal night.


Next up was Al Chamberlain, apparently playing only his second ever gig. A little shy and self-depreciating he played a series of charming songs telling stories of love and adolescent innocence which completely charmed the audience. 


He was followed by Lux Harmonium, a sometimes two piece with – you guessed it – a Harmonium, but also some of the most exquisite guitar-playing by Devonian Luke Jones which just got better and better as their set progressed. Fortunately, the night’s host Chris Davies called Luke back for a fourth song which was absolutely outstanding. Worth the pittance of an entry fee alone. Wish I’d remembered what it was called, but you can buy a CD and no doubt it’s on it. 


Finally, headliners Fire Eyes played – drum machine, guitar and violin fronted by some quirky vocals. Apparently slightly under-rehearsed they strung together an assortment of sort of Mazzy Star influenced songs, battling with their equipment but managing to fascinate and rounding off a fine evening.


There was the usual candles-on-tables, a joke from a Christmas cracker that was as stale as old cheese, and something about every record label  that wasn’t the Bleeding Hearts record label being rubbish. Suffice to say, we all went home very very happy. 



Photographs by Southcoasting