New Brighton Music

After last week’s massive post, this week’s new music post is far more digestible. The big tune this week is the title track from Yonaka’s debut LP which drops a week on Friday:

Artist: Yonaka
Track Name: Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow
Taken From: Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow (album)
Release Date: 31/05/2019
Next Gig: 7th June at the Old Market

Artist: Moon Panda
Track Name: Gun
Taken From: Gun (single)
Release Date: 17/05/2019

Artist: Egyptian Blue
Track Name: Collateral
Taken From: Collateral Damage (EP)
Release Date: 21st June

Artist: Samana
Track Name: Harvest
Taken From: Ascention (album)
Release Date: 31st May
Next Gig: Album launch gig at Latest 30th May

Artist: Oli Spleen (featuring Nick Hudson)
Release Name: The Drug / Quicksand
Release Date: 03/06/2019

Artist: Larry Marks Band
Track Name: Drunken Sailor
Taken From: Drunken Sailor (single)
Release Date: out now

Artist: Ruby Dutch
Release Name: Silk EP
Release Date: 15/05/2019
Next Gig: Launch gig at Patterns on 23rd May


New Brighton Music

What with planning for the Great Escape we’ve got a bit behind with our new music posts, so there’s a LOT to get through this week. Hopefully we’re back up to date after this, but if you’ve heard of something local that we haven’t, let us know!

Artist: Physics House Band
Release Name: Death Sequence EP
Release Date: out now
Next Gig: Friday 5th July at the Hope & Ruin

Artist: Fujiya & Miyagi
Track Name: Personal Space
Taken From: Flashback LP
Release Date: 31st May 2019
Next Gig: Wednesday 29th May at the Green Door Store
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Brighton Rocks #23 : Fragile Creatures

On the weekend of the release of their new EP, we caught up with Adam Kidd from Fragile Creatures to take some photos and ask our set of ten questions:

Untitled (10)es

What’s the best thing about Brighton?
I just think it’s a really beautiful place to be both aesthetically and in terms of the inhabitants. It’s a really pretty little city and it’s full of lovely people. I miss it terribly whenever I go away!

Who are your favourite local bands?
There are so many great local bands, it’s really hard to pick favourites, so I’m going to frame this in terms of new releases I’m excited about, whether they’re out yet or not! Other States have just brought out their debut album and it’s amazing – I love the atmosphere of their tracks, there’s a completeness to the ideas and how they’ve been captured that seems rare. Ellie Ford is about to release her second record – I had a sneak preview the other day and it’s mad: really good stuff. The Electric Soft Parade are working on a new album, in spite of getting caught up in that Pledge Music fiasco. It’s going to be very different from their other work, and I’m really keen to hear it. Octopuses have a new one on the horizon too – lead single ‘Farmer’ was a lot of fun. Finally I’d like to shout out about the second Fierce Friend record. I am biased as I’ve been helping to record it and have played bass on some tracks, but honestly the writing is top notch. Really great songs: that’s my thing!

What’s the best venue?
The Hope & Ruin will always have a special place in my heart, as it’s the first venue I played at when it was The Lift above The Pig In Paradise and I was 16! This is also the first pub I got served in as a teen. Fond memories, but crucially it has improved massively since then, in terms of the sound system and the layout of the room. Honorary mentions to The Green Door Store, and The Albert, but The Hope wins for me – both as a performer and a punter.

What’s the best club?
I don’t really go clubbing any more! Actually tell a lie, I did go to The Haunt for It’s Still 1985 in December last year. Can’t go wrong with that night… although I kind of preferred the space when it was at New Hero (which is now The Rialto, of course).

What’s the best record shop?
I can only really say Resident. I’ve not had a record player for very long, so my vinyl collection is tiny, but they all came from there, pretty much!

What are the best places to eat?
Franco’s Osteria near the King Alfred is a hidden gem: beautiful family style Italian food. Planet India near The Richmond is fantastic. Moshimo is probably my favourite sushi place at the moment, and I love sushi. Every time Fragile Creatures play a gig in Brighton we end up having dinner in the The George. Last, but by no means least, the Giggling Squid in The Lanes is excellent.

What’s the best pub?
Only one? Too hard – can I give you a Top 3? The Robin Hood, The Basketmakers, and The Mucky Duck.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
Caroline Lucas

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
Hmmm… maybe my friends Joe and Mel’s wedding rock from over a decade ago. It was commemorative – I shouldn’t have eaten it. I saved a bit for posterity, I promise!

Heartbeat EP by Fragile Creatures is out now:

The Brighton Music Blog guide to The Great Escape 2019


Next week sees the return of The Great Escape, where we all get even less sleep than normal, and anywhere you could imagine a stage, and a few places you couldn’t, turn into venues for three days. It overshadows most other musical happenings in May, which is quite remarkable since May is also the month of Brighton Festival, so this post replaces our usual monthly gig preview.

There’s quite a few Brighton Bands playing as part of the main Great Escape, but there’s even more playing Alternative Escape gigs or unofficial gigs, none of which are listed in the Great Escape app. There’s over 60 of these gigs that I’ve managed to find, so rather than put them all into this post, I’ve put them into some Google spreadsheets which will help you find your way around.

Without further ado, here are Brighton bands playing as part of the main Great Escape:

Projector / 12:45 / Queens Hotel
Gwenifer Raymond / 13:00 / Latest Music Bar Upstairs
Thyla / 14:30 / Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
Projector / 15:15 / The Hope And Ruin
Freddie Long / 15:40 / Tempest
Zooni / 20:15 / The Walrus
Sick Joy / 21:00 / Volks
Penelope Isles / 21:15 / Green Door Store
Marthagunn / 22:15 / Fabrica

Bobbie Johnson / 18:15 / The Arch
Ak Patterson / 21:15 / Fabrica
Black Peaks / 21:15 / The Old Market
Gwenifer Raymond / 21:30 / Unitarian Church
Fur / 23:15 / Horatios
Black Honey / 01:45 / The Haunt

Gaffa Tape Sandy / 13:00 / Prince Albert
Birthday Card / 13:30 / The Hope And Ruin
Orchards / 14:00 / Prince Albert
Ralph Tv / 14:30 / The Hope And Ruin
Garden Centre / 15:30 / The Hope And Ruin
Drowningboy / 19:15 / Queens Hotel
Ellie Ford / 19:30 / Unitarian Church
Garden Centre / 20:15 / Jubilee Square
Penelope Isles / 20:15 / Sallis Benney Theatre
Michael Baker / 21:15 / Marine Room (Harbour Hotel)
Porridge Radio / 22:15 / Green Door Store
Peggy Sue / 23:15 / Green Door Store

And here are the links to the other shows. Highlights include Love Thy Neighbour’s shows at the Hope & Ruin – they haven’t announced all their acts, but they always have a great bill, and the One Inch Badge vs Rockfeedback gig at the Haunt, which has had a fantastic every year (and needs signing up for, so click through to the facebook event):