Nick Cave spotting

Everyone in Brighton seems to have a Nick Cave story. He sat next to me briefly at the Beth Orton gig the other week at St George’s church before moving for a better view. Anyway, I heard earlier of a Nick Cave story to trump all Nick Cave stories – apparently, he was out Trick or Treating (with his kids, obviously) and knocked on a friend of a friend’s door. Fantastic!

Brighton Music Blog


Welcome to Brighton Music Blog, a new blog devoted to Brighton music artists. There are other blogs out there written about bands who play in Brighton, and there are music blogs written in Brighton but no blogs until now (so far as I know) about Brighton bands, from small unsigned bands, to upcoming bands like Rizzle Kicks, all the way up to big established acts like The Maccabees or Fatboy Slim. Watch this space for news, reviews and interviews, or just random ramblings from our contributors.

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