New Brighton Albums – Nick Cave, Fujiya & Miyagi, British Sea Power, Emma Gatrill, King Porter Stomp and The Physics House Band

We do our best to keep on top of new tracks to share with you all, but it’s about time we made a separate post about new albums too. Some of these have been mentioned in passing already when tracks have come out in advance of the releases, but this will be the first mention for some of the others.

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Album news – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Wedding Present

Last week I posted about the Cold Pumas album and described the band as giants of the local scene. They might be important but there’s a handful of local acts who aren’t just big in Brighton but big everywhere, for whom it does them a disservice to describe them as local acts. Fatboy Slim is one of them, and we’ll be writing a few words about the twentieth anniversary of his debut album soon. Another two have albums out around, and they’re Nick Cave and The Wedding Present.


Skeleton Tree is the 16th album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and is accompanied by a film called One More Time with Feeling. Initially the film was just going to be a documentary of the making of the album, but last year’s personal events meant that the film would always be much more than that. The film is showing all weekend at Duke of Yorks cinema although at the time of writing only the late night showing on Saturday night has any seats left. Skeleton Tree comes out on cd and LP/download tomorrow.


The Wedding Present‘s new album Going, Going… came out last Friday and also has an accompanying film. Despite not being traditionally associated with the Brighton music scene, David Gedge has been putting on his The Edge Of The Sea festival has been running at the Concorde every summer since 2009 and has supported many local bands over the years. For the new album David didn’t just want to put out another bunch of tracks so the summer before last he set out on a road trip across America and made films to go with recordings that he’d made, and has put out the recordings as CD (or LP) and DVD format. Resident currently have signed copies in stock – the band played an instore last Friday for customers who had preordered the album – but a wider variety of formats are available through the Scopitones website.


New Music – Curxes, Blood Red Shoes, Nick Cave, Normanton Street, Omnivert

We might be approaching Christmas, but the new music keeps on coming, with five new tracks to share this week.

First up is Curxes with their new single Avant-Guarded. They hinted at the track with a series of videos on Youtube that we blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Avant-Guarded is another fantastic electro-pop assualt from the band and is out now to buy on Bandcamp.

On the first day of Christmas, Blood Red Shoes gave to us… The Perfect Mess. The band posted up QR codes in 10 cities across the world and said that they’d release the song once they were all found, which they were within 24 hours.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have recorded a new version of Higgs Boson Blues from this year’s Push The Sky Away. The new version is an epic, clocking in at more than nine minutes:

Normanton Street launch their Phoebe Freya EP on Friday Night at the Green Door Store. They’ve posted up one of the tracks – Juicy – as a taster on Soundcloud.

Finally Omnivert have got in touch to tell us about their new track which features Helen Ganya Brown, better known on the blog as Dog in the SnowChichijima is available as a name your prices download on Bandcamp.


Weekend Gig Picks

We’re going to kick off this week’s round up of the best local gigs with probably the fastest selling out local gig of recent times. Nick Cave may have been born in Australia, but he’s been a Brighton Resident for many years, and this Thursday he brings his Bad Seeds to Brighton Dome as part of their Push The Sky Away tour. If you didn’t manage to get a Nick Cave ticket and fancy some live music tomorrow night, then Physics House Band are supporting Jaga Jazzist at the Old Market.

LETOn Friday night a couple of regular Brighton live music nights have got some great line ups. At the Blind Tiger, Les Enfants Terribles have Tigercub headlining, alongside Plasticine, Great Pagans and Skirts, and then later on at Sticky Mikes Late Night Lingerie have a bill consisting of Spit Shake Sisters, The Querelles, Vyypers, Thee MVPs and Slagcan.





Sticking with regular nights, Saturday is the next Source New Music night at the Dome Studio Theatre. Recent Source cover stars Traams headline – technically they’re not a Brighton band (they’re from Chichester), but they are signed to Brighton label FatCat, they do play most of their gigs here, and they are a fantastic live band. Support comes from Teardrop Factory, Cousin and Last Heir. Saturday is also Oxjam Brighton day, where for a five pound wrist band you can see dozens of bands all over town at different locations, kicking off from 12 o clock. Full line up details are on the flyer below – our picks are BentCousin, who will be playing at the Seven Stars at 6.30, and Fragile Creatures on at 9pm at the Hobgoblin.


Nick Cave Live in LA / your house

Did you miss out on Nick Cave’s secret gig in Hove last weekend? Me too! Would you like to see Nick Cave even closer to home instead? Well then we’ve got some good news. Nick Cave announced that the LA date of his tour, on 21st February, will be streamed live online at the rather snappy URL

Watch the trailer / click on the links for more info.

Weekend Gig Picks

Another weekend, another blog post flagging up our pick of the Brighton Bands playing live this weekend.

Our call for Thursday night is the launch of the Self Help Group‘s debut album Not Waving But Drowning. The gig at the Albert has been sold out for a little while, so well done if you’ve got a ticket. Tomorrow night is also the next Spirit of Gravity night at the Green Door Store, headlined by Sarah Angliss (who’s also a member of SpaceDog). There’s talk of robots, and that’s enough for us.

On Friday night Nick Cave is allowing an audience into his last rehearsal before he goes on tour. Resident Records, The Quietus and a few other places held competitions to win tickets. We were unlucky so we don’t even know where it is but it’s definitely the hot ticket of the night. We’re hoping to see The New Union at the Green Door Store, who are supporting the 1975 – that’s another sold out gig though, sorry!

kaleidoscopeSaturday night we recommend that you pay a visit to the Physics House Band’s regular night Kaleidoscope at Sticky Mike’s. Physics House Band aren’t performing – they are playing next weekend though, at the next Source New Music Night – but Sam is DJing and live music comes from Luo, who we like so much we’ve seen them twice this year.

Sea Monsters preview interview with James Kendall of The Source

Last year’s Sea Monsters wasn’t curated by outsiders, but this year’s is. How did you come to be hosting an evening?

We have a really good relationship with One Inch Badge. They’re big supporters of the magazine through their advertising and we find it very easy to write about the gigs they put on as not only are there so many to choose from, they’re also very interesting up-and-coming bands. But I guess they asked us because we’re the only magazine that exclusively writes about the Brighton music scene.

Current Source cover stars Kins are second on the bill. Are headliners Written in Waters set for big things in 2013?

Essentially they could be absolutely huge or drive everyone mad. They’re not for everyone – it’s a very strange mix of styles, they’re kinda goth soul meets Pink Floyd – but the people that like them really love them. Kins are much easier to get you head around – they’re really powerful on stage but also very melodic. But I don’t think many bands would find it easy to follow Written In Waters – they’re so dramatic. Come and make up your mind. You really have to see them.

Who are SOURCE’s tips from the bands playing across the other nights?

I guess that you might be able to tell by the people who have been in the magazine, especially those that have been on the cover. Country rock band Holy Vessels recorded our song of 2012 and they’re every bit as good live as on record. Abi Wade plays the cello like no one you’ve ever seen – totally original – while AKDK and Physics House Band are both intense and intelligent bursts of noise, the former electronic and the latter jazzy. Other that that I’m most looking forward to seeing hip hop outfit Rum Committee for the first time.

If you could have got any Brighton band, past or present, to play your night who would you have chosen?

Tough question – I’d very much like to see one more gig by Gloria Cycles, so they would be on the bill. Nick Cave, obviously. I saw Grinderman at the King Alfred Centre so know how powerful he can be when he’s right in front of your face. And I guess I’d like to see The Maccabees play all the early songs they won’t play any more – in a room full of over excited teenagers, like their infamous gig at the Concorde. Finally I’d like to see Bat For Lashes’ first live incarnation – the all girl band – again. She was a delight in those early days. And still is, of course. That’s not a bad line up in anyone’s books.

Sea Monsters seems to have replaced Brighton Live as the local music festival. Why do you think that is?

I think the problem with Brighton Live – which was a brilliant idea – is that by the end it only attracted bands who weren’t already getting lots of gigs elsewhere. I was part of the board for a while and I pushed for more curated nights, something we did at Sticky Mike’s over three days as a SOURCE-branded event. I don’t want to say the rest of it was full of BIMM bands but… it was full of BIMM bands. That’s not so bad bit it isn’t representative of the Brighton scene as a whole. Brighton Live needed to tempt bands to be involved that were way too big to play for free because it was good for the community. But that never really happened. Sea Monsters works better, I think, because the bands are asked to play and already it’s seen as a badge of honour to be chosen. Because it sells out all the bands get paid, which is good. It’s a shame Brighton Live fell from its former glory because there were a lot of good people involved with very good intentions.

Nicholas Cave, D.Litt

The city’s favourite doom-monger is to be honoured by Brighton University in recognition of his services to the arts, with the award of an honorary Doctor of Letters degree.

This is actually Nick Cave’s third honorary degree – He was awarded a Doctor of Laws in 2008 by Monash University, the university he dropped out from in 1977 when he was studying fine arts, and he was also awarded another Doctor of Laws by Dundee University.

Nick Cave will receive his honorary degree next week at Brighton University’s graduation ceremony at The Dome, along with last year’s graduates, former children’s poet laureate Michael Rosen and Director of BBC news Helen Boaden.

Grinderman is dead, Long live the Bad Seeds

Although technically he’s Australian, I reserve the right to post about Nick Cave, since he’s one of Hove’s most notable residents these days. Anyway, news just out is that Nick Cave has laid his Grinderman project to rest, and that ‘s back working with his old band, The Bad Seeds (although the current band seeds line up is completely different to the original). More news at The Guardian here.


Nick Cave spotting

Everyone in Brighton seems to have a Nick Cave story. He sat next to me briefly at the Beth Orton gig the other week at St George’s church before moving for a better view. Anyway, I heard earlier of a Nick Cave story to trump all Nick Cave stories – apparently, he was out Trick or Treating (with his kids, obviously) and knocked on a friend of a friend’s door. Fantastic!