Brighton Rocks #37 : Hanya

We’ve been fans of Hanya for a while at Brighton Music Blog, and our love for them was vindicated by last year’s mini album 100 Metre Sprint, which at less than half an hour left you itching for more. Ove this year’s Great Escape weekend they played at least three gigs, but managed to find a bit of time to catch up with us for our first Brighton Rocks feature in far too long

What’s the best thing about Brighton?
When I first moved here from a small town I would have said it’s the freedom to be yourself and not feel ostracised. Growing up in a small community, listening to exclusively music from the 70s and wearing a ripped Pavement t-shirt, I was definitely a weirdo to my peers – but here I’ve found so many like-minded people, in music or otherwise. Nowadays though I would say the best thing is the fact you can never get lost because the sea is always visible, we’re close to some damn impressive countryside, and there’s a strong music community here that’s unlike anywhere else. That and there’s some amazing pizza always accessible…

Who are your favourite local bands?
Ooft there’s a lot! We’re spoilt for choice and every year there’s more amazing stuff. At the moment we’re digging Penelope Isles, Helen Ganya, Ciel, Laundromat, Holiday Ghosts, Bess Atwell, Ralph TV…(I could go on for hours here)

What’s the best venue?
Hope & Ruin holds a very dear place in my heart. The sound is amazing, Leo and his team make sure of that, and they do some insanely good vegan chicken popper things that are pure evil heaven!!

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?
We’ve now got our own space so it’s been a while since we used anywhere else, but we have always loved going to Brighton Electric and bumping into everyone there. It’s its own hub of creativity for all types of musicians, plus they put on some killer shows once in a while

What’s the best club?
The only place I’ve ever been even close to clubbing in Brighton is Patterns. They have some great DJ’s and live acts pass through, but otherwise the closest we’ve ever been to clubbing in Brighton is playing a gig at Przym once over Great Escape.

What’s the best record shop?
Resident! Always & forever. The Bella Union shop is also a lovely hangout and you usually get coffee there so that’s a win.

Where’s the best places to eat?
Ok, maybe one of the best things about Brighton is how much amazing food there is here. In no particular order…. Bincho Yakitori for dinner, Iydea for lunch, Tlaloc for brunch, a slice of Toby’s pizza at Bison Beer or VIP (Pizza) for anytime you bloody like, Manju’s or Chilli Pickle for indian food, Plateau for an insane natural wine infused lunch/dinner, Happy Maki for sushi wraps, Helmston for insane salads, god damn I can’t do this anymore I’m literally salivating. There are so many others…. every month my bank tells me I’ve spent most of my money on eating out because I just love me a good dish. BRB just gonna go grab a snack.

What’s the best pub?
I love The Black Dove as their music taste is killer, and so are the cocktails. Also Hand In Hand is forever in my heart.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
I used to serve Matt King (Superhans) coffee and he was a real nice dude.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?

Brighton Bands at the Great Escape (on film)

The Great Escape feels like a distant memory now. Everywhere else posted up their roundups days ago, but ours has taken a bit longer because of our bright idea to shoot on 35mm film , which means that we needed to wait for processing before we could even see the photos ourselves. Anyway they’re here now, so click through for our pics of ARXX at the Hope & Ruin, Lime Garden downstairs at the Hope & Ruin, Laundromat at BYX, Hanya at Presuming Eds, Hutch at East Street Tap, Plantoid at East Street Tap, Hanya (again) at Pryzm, Heights at the Komedia, and Johanna Bramli at Hotel Pelirocco.


Gig catchup – Ruunes, New German Cinema, Hanya & Collect Call

Hi! We’re back! We didn’t mean to go away to be honest, but January is always really quiet and then Covid finally hit, and then we were away for a bit, and all in all for no particular reason it’s not been until this week that we’ve taken any decent photos of any Brighton bands. But what a week it’s been – Last Saturday we saw Kayla Painter at the Rosehill, ably supported by Ruunes, AKA Ed Chivers, better known as half of AK/DK and quarter of Fujiya & Miyagi. Then Monday night saw the live debut of New German Cinema, supporting Kip Berman (formerly the front man of Pains of Being Pure at Heart) at the Prince Albert. New German Cinema is the side project of Fear of Men‘s Jess Weiss, who’s worked with Kip Berman in the past, so it made sense that she would be supporting when he was in town. She’s going to be playing an Alternative Escape gig too, so watch this space and we’ll keep you updated. And then on Tuesday night we went to a packed out Hope & Ruin to catch Hanya supported by Collect Call. They’re both playing the same unofficial Alt Escape gig on the Thursday of Great Escape weekend at Presuming Eds. We’ll be doing a writeup of all the local acts playing at the Great Escape and Alt Escape (and unofficial) gigs, and already it looks like more Brighton bands than ever are playing, so expect a bumper post soon

Brighton Music Blog Twelve Days of Christmas : #11 Hanya

Hanya were one of the first casualties of lockdown – they were meant to be playing a gig at the 26th March 2020 at the Rosehill, but the whole country went into lockdown only days before. After rescheduling several times the band finally hit the road in October this year. In the interim they buckled down and came up with a few singles which got beefed up into a full scale maxi-EP called 100 Metre Sprint which they released on the eve of their tour


New Brighton Music

Time for another new music post. This time around we’ve got new ones from Orchards (who also announced details of their new album this week, which you can pre-order from their website), and Wax Machine (which can be pre-ordered through their bandcamp page amongst other places) who also appear on the new Hill album which is included too. Oh, and for Penelope Isles fans we’ve also got the new Ciel track, produced by Jack Wolter. Continue reading

Brighton Music Blog Best of 2019

It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and we’ve left it a bit late to come up with our end of the year round up. Without much further ado, here it is – We say it every year, but this isn’t an ordered list, because you just can’t compare a band who’ve been releasing records for over twenty years with another who’ve just put out their first release. So hopefully there’s something in here for everyone, whether you’ve been listening to Nick Cave since he played with The Birthday Party, or you discovered CLT DRP at a sweaty night at the Green Door Store: Continue reading

New Brighton Music

Almost our last New Music round up of the year – of the decade, thinking about things. Not much gets released in December, so there’ll probably be maybe one more, then we’ll have some kind of end of year post, which I haven’t really thought about yet. Anyway, here’s what to listen to this week: Continue reading

November / December gig previews

It’s the fourth of November and we haven’t got around to this month’s gig preview post yet. That means we’ve missed out on telling you about Tru Thoughts 20th Birthday Party which was at Patterns on Saturday, and British Sea Power’s all dayer at the Concorde yesterday. There’s still a lot of other gigs to tell you about though, including a couple in December – The music world shuts down towards the end of November and only posts end of year lists, so I’m including them now so they don’t get missed. Continue reading