new music – IYES / Toys

Out of nowhere, IYES have come out with another amazing brand new track. Toys turned up online at the end of last week. If we hadn’t been so busy embracing Brighton Festival which started this weekend we might have been able to post about it before now, but hopefully you’ve been as busy as we have and you’ll forgive us being a bit slow to pick up the baton this time.

Toys follows down the route of the other-worldly r’n’b of their past few tracks –  Vocals get time stretched and underneath some of the choruses there’s some brilliant 8-bit arpeggiated bleepiness, but alongside all that there’s a great pop song there, with lyrics about a childish argument – “that’s why you throw your toys at me / do you feel much better now?”. Don’t worry though, as the Ronnettes sang in 1964, the best part of breaking up is when you’re making up, and the heavy breathing just after the two minute mark implies that maybe Josh might get his way when he sings “I just wanna feel”…

And this is just what IYES call a demo. Most bands would sell their grandmothers to have demos that turned out this good.


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