Esben & The Witch / Wash The Sins Not Only The Face remixes


Earlier this year, Esben and the Witch released their new album Wash The Sins Not Only The Face, and this week have released an accompanying album of remixes for free. The cast of remixers spreads wide, with Maps, David Andrew Sitek (from TV on the Radio), Lumbers, Klad Hest (from BEAK>), Teeth of the Sea and Brighton’s own Woodpecker Wooliams.

Some sites I’ve seen have managed to embed the fancy widget they’ve got online to stream and download the tracks, but after spending most of the night trying, I’m giving up and will just direct you to this link instead!


Esben and the Witch – Wash The Sins Not Only The Face

Iceland Spar – the opener of the new Esben and the Witch album – is a bold statement of intent, guitars either crash around noisily or are conspicuous by their absence pushing Rachel Davies vocals to the fore. The quietLOUDquietLOUD almost post-rock dynamic recurs a number of times throughout the album, but the record is better defined by the sound introduced on the second track, Slow Wave. Dominated by slinky, shimmering textures, ethereal vocals, and instrumentation which is probably guitars but is subject to technical wizardry to make it sound other-worldly beautiful.

One of the album’s best tracks is last year’s single DeathWaltz, urgent guitars soundtracking forlorn, melodic vocals. This is about as pop as Esben and the Witch are going to get. The high point for us though is The Fall of Glorieta Mountain, an elegant, slow motion, glacier of a track. “Is this an answer or is this an echo?” ask the lyrics philosophically, initially over acoustic guitars which morph unassumingly into a backing which is at the same time both majestic yet understated.

Wash The Sins Not Only The Face isn’t an album which will give you the hope to get through these cold, dark days, but it is an album which will reflect this time of year perfectly – dark, sometimes bleak, inward looking, but with a beauty in it’s iciness, which deserves to be appreciated.

Wash The Sins Not Only The Face is out today on Matador Records