Amongst The Pigeons and Bitbin at the Pav Tav

When I spoke to Amongst The Pigeons about their album a few months ago, the conversation turned live gigs, and about how there wasn’t many opportunities to for electronica acts to play live around Brighton. Realising that nothing in this world is handed to you on a plate, he went and organised his own night, and very magnanimously didn’t put himself at the top of the bill.

The Pav Tav is a bit of an unusual location for a gig, and around half the punters were their usual clientele who probably wouldn’t know what the initials IDM stood for, let alone own any. Size-wise it worked quite well though, and having an open mind about where gigs should be hosted is a good thing in our book (see our recent post on Catherine Ireton’s Treasure Tracks for more on that front).

Amongst The Pigeons

I missed first act Tanka, and arrived just before Amongst The Pigeons started his set, which was built mainly from tracks from this year’s album Get Amongst It. There was also a cover of Orbital’s version of the Doctor Who theme and a couple of new tracks thrown in for good measure too. Sadly ATP were beset with technical issues – either a blown speaker or a dodgy cable somewhere meant that there was some horrible distortion that got worse as time wore on, and the set was cut short. Hopefully these will get fixed and won’t affect the band’s set at Blissfields tomorrow.


Latest Skint / Under Fives signing Bitbin was the night’s headliner, and his approach was for more improvised. To make things more interactive, he had moved his kit into the middle of the pub. Realising that in that kind of situation people in close proximity might get a little hands-on, this was built into the set and the actions of drunken bystanders, twisting knobs and sliding faders, fed into the sounds being created. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did, really well – maybe what was being changed was limited, or perhaps it was beginners luck. Curiosity satisfied, Bitbin took to the controls again to steer the big, bassy electronica for what felt like not nearly long enough. He’s back onstage at the Byte Me night at the Blind Tiger on 12th July.

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