New Brighton Music

Yet another rammed New Music post for you. I think this month is another record for the amount of new music that we’ve shared. The main focus for this week is around tracks released for Piano Day which took place on Sunday. Mount Bank, Adolescent, and Eva Bowan all put out tracks, and Bitbin released a whole EP for it:

Fickle Friends brand new single Could Be Wrong came out last Friday. It’s another three minutes of the catchy saccharine pop that they do so well:

It’s a good few weeks until the new Slytones single gets released. It’s the first track to come from their upcoming debut album due later this year – She Said She Came Up From The Sea comes out on 18th May just a few days after the band play at the Great Escape.

I get a lot of emails into the blog account about acts who aren’t from Brighton. Some take a bit of digging to realise this, some I work out a bit quicker. When I got a mail that seemed to be about Lionel Ritchie I almost binned it, until I saw that it was actually about Brighton’s own Larissa who’s currently touring with him. As well as sharing a stage with a legend (she’s onstage at the O2 as I type), she’s also put out her new single In Love Alone as a free download:

We posted up side A of Mitch Wade Cole‘s upcoming Electric Bath Duck EP in a new music post a fortnight ago. The flipside This Is When We is now up online to listen to and the whole EP comes out on Monday on Not Like That music:

We could mention that Fable takes on vocal duties on the new album from Orbital off-shoot Eight Fifty Eight alongside The Unthanks and Robert Smith from The Cure, but she’s got a track of her own to promote. Persuasion was co-written with James from The Freemasons (presumably the band, and not some bloke who works behind the bar at the pub on Western Road), and got it’s premier on PopJustice!

Sea Bed cropped up in last week’s new music roundup with a track from the upcoming Rosso EP. Here’s another track from the record – this is called Haunted:

Normanton Street have put up another video from one of the tracks from their Much Respect EP. No Drama is the second of a run of videos that the band are putting up this spring:

When Professor Elemental does Hip Hop rather than Chap Hop he drops the professor part of his name. For the new Elemental single he’s collaborated with Mr Simmonds from Seattle. Forget Me Lots is available to buy on bandcamp now and is taken from his upcoming album Dressed up to Fall Down.

Finally we’ve got the new video from Kings. The track’s called Thrones, and while it’s available now as a name -your-price download over on bandcamp it’ll also feature on the band’s upcoming EP.


Gig Previews

We’re going to be out of town for a few weeks, so it’ll be a bit quiet on the blog, but before we go, here’s a few gigs that are on while we’re away that we think you ought to be at.

Friday 20th September – Brighton Dome Source New Music Special headlined by Bitbin

There’s already been one Source New Music this month but since Brighton Digital Festival is on at the moment, a second one is taking place. Headliner Bitbin will be collaborating with visual artists metaLuna. Champion Fever will also be performing a live set alongside DJ sets from Spacenoid, Alphabets Heaven and the Beatabet collective.

source digital

Saturday 28th September – RSPB Charity gig : The Bobby McGees supporting Grace Petrie at the Blind Tiger

A little while back the RSPB put on a charity gig headlined by Mary Hampton. It’s a great way to engage with a Brighton audience who are regular gig goers but whose main interaction with birds is seagulls waking them up at five o clock in the morning. The local contribution at this gig comes from The Bobby McGees, who would be worth going to see even if it wasn’t a charity gig.

communionTuesday 1st October – Communion Records Night at the Haunt with Us Baby Bear Bones and George Ezra (and Teen Creeps DJs)

Communion Records are relaunching their club nights and are coming to the Haunt on 1st October. The full line up features live sets from Royal Blood, Fossil Collective, Us Baby Bear Bones, Trouble with Templeton and George Ezra in what promises to be a fantastic night.

Byte Me

Byte Me is a new audio visual night which has started at the Blind Tiger Club. The posters for the opening night boasted Boss Kite, Bitbin, Smart Phone Orchestra, The 55th Flotilla, Fiona Geilinger, Marina Tsartsara, Dreamscape 1994 and Paul Prudence – an ambitious and impressive line up, which we couldn’t ignore.

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Amongst The Pigeons and Bitbin at the Pav Tav

When I spoke to Amongst The Pigeons about their album a few months ago, the conversation turned live gigs, and about how there wasn’t many opportunities to for electronica acts to play live around Brighton. Realising that nothing in this world is handed to you on a plate, he went and organised his own night, and very magnanimously didn’t put himself at the top of the bill. Continue reading

Astro Physics @ Sticky Mike’s / Bitbin @ The Blind Tiger

Friday night was a big night for gigs in Brighton. Biggest of the lot was the Maccabees homecoming gig, which will no doubt get quite a few write ups in the local press. I decided to head to a couple of other gigs which might not get so much media attention, but are no less deserving.

First up was the Road To Blissfields gig at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. It was a bit of a battle of the bands type affair, with a winner from each of a number of towns in the South of England getting a set at the festival near Winchester at the end of June. I missed the first few bands, and turned up to a group whose lead singer had a mullet. Not the most auspicious entry. I only heard one of their songs before they left the stage to make for the act I’d come to see, Astro Physics. Astro Physics are a six piece hip hop collective, who are as much about the rest of the band as they are MC Skilf and singer Rachel Mosleh. They’ve been gigging a lot recently (and are supporting Derriere at the Blind Tiger next friday), and did a fantastic job of bringing the party to Sticky Mike’s. No idea what the results were, or if they’ve even been decided yet, but I’ll do my best to find out.

Astro Physics

After a quick pint between gigs, I then headed over to The Blind Tiger Club, where Tru Thoughts latest signing, Anchorsong, was headlining. Live, Anchorsong was much more dancey than on record, pumping out a great set of stunning, deep, bass heavy tunes. I was there for the support though – I am meant to be covering local bands, after all. Thanks to their late licence, the Blind Tiger can put bands on after the main act. I’ve known Matt Hodson, who turns into Bitbin onstage, for a few months, but as a photographer rather than a musician – tonight was his live solo debut, but he’s been putting out some lovely electronica himself through his website (you can download his recent Alias EP here). There’s a lot more to his set than watching a man prod a laptop – he was accompanied by some beautiful visuals, and for one of his songs he even played his bass with a violin bow! It was a very accomplished debut, and I’m sure it’s only going to be a matter of time before he’s headlining his own gigs.