Catherine Ireton Treasure Tracks gig #1 at the Booth Museum

Sometimes a little bit of effort is all it takes to transform an otherwise normal gig or release into something special. You could just sell tickets on the door, or put your track up onto bandcamp, or with a little thought and imagination you could make things much more memorable. So with that in mind, we have to applaud Catherine Ireton who launched “Treasure Tracks” this afternoon.

Things started with some mysterious tweets and emails around the end of May, linking to a blog ( which at the time didn’t contain much detail at all. Over time things became a bit clearer – there would be a gig, in an unusual location, linked to one of her songs, and last Monday, scrolls with a “treasure” map on them appeared in Resident, Rounder and the Library in town:

Treasure Tracks scroll

The map directed us to the Booth Museum – certainly not somewhere I’ve been to a gig before! We got there a bit early and took in some taxidermy (including the rather horrific tank at the back containing some stuffed seagulls mutilating some waxy looking sheep) and then around 4 o clock, people congregated to the chairs placed in front of the museum’s Victorian Parlour where Catherine’s keyboard was set up.

Catherine Ireton at the Booth Museum

The performance was made up of piano and acapella tracks, punctuated by the sometimes distracting ambience of the museum visitors, which allowed Catherine’s warm, almost theatrical voice to shine through. Such clear diction and minimal arrangements mean you get to hear a lot more of the lyrics than you would with many acts, and we were regaled with some fantastic stories in song form (For a taster of what you can expect, take a look at a video I shot at Great Escape).

Before the final track of the set, specially commissioned prints by Edinburgh based artist Naomi Garriock were handed round, with the download link to the Treasure Track on the reverse. Apparently, four different prints will be available at each of the gigs, which will go to make up the complete Treasure Tracks picture. The set was closed with Synapses – the track that I’ve now just downloaded.

The next Treasure Tracks concert will be on 15th July. Where it’s going to be is something that only Catherine knows for now, that we’ll have to look out for clues for between now and then. Follow the blog I mentioned earlier, or Catherine on twitter at @cathsaye to find out more.

2 thoughts on “Catherine Ireton Treasure Tracks gig #1 at the Booth Museum

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was unaware of Catherine’s music but have caught up online and it is quite lovely. Hope to get involved in the next treasure track. Maybe see you there?

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