Merry Christmas from Brighton Music Blog

A brief interlude from our Top Ten countdown now, to spread a bit of Christmas cheer from some local bands. We’ve featured some of these tracks in previous years, but we’re starting off with some new material too, mostly from our friends over at BMusic. They filmed Bloom, Calico, Seeker and Rob Godfrey all performing their take on well known Christmas songs:

Also new is Santa by Tenderhooks:

And here’s the tunes we’ve featured in previous year’s Christmas roundups, from Delta Bell, Catherine Ireton, Crayola Lectern, Nick Hudson, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, Becky Becky and Curxes:

New Music – Fujiya & Miyagi, Moulettes, New Union, A Lily, Black Rooster, Black Shag, The Hundredth Anniversary, Catherine Ireton

It feels like weeks since we put up a new music blog post, possibly because it has been weeks, but also because we’ve got so many things to share this time around.

First up is another new track from the upcoming Fujiya & Miyagi album Artificial Sweeteners. Album opener Flaws confirms the more electronic direction of the band that we heard on Tetrahydrofolic Acid, and is available as an early download if you pre-order the album on iTunes.

Moulettes gave us the first listen of the title track of their new album this week. Constellations is out on 2nd June on Navigator records, but I reckon that you’ll be able to plenty of tracks from the new record when the band play at The Haunt on 24th April.

We already posted up the audio for the new New Union single Now, but the video went live last week, so here it is again. We were at the Now launch gig at Bermuda Traingle on Friday night and will be posting up our pics soon.

Every monday for a month, A Lily are uploading a free cover version to bandcamp which together will make up an EP called Augury. The first of these is a cover of Julia Holter’s Goddess Eyes. Keep an eye on A Lily’s facebook page for news of the next upload.

Black Rooster Black Shag‘s Run Baby Run was one of our favourite tracks of last year, so our ears pricked up when they told us they had a new track coming out. Borderline is taken from the band’s upcoming album As Far As My Lead Will Take Me.

The Hundredth Anniversary have shared a track from their upcoming release. A Daze is the second track from the Wreckers EP, which is being released on Odd Box records on 17th March.


Catherine Ireton has released an EP which takes in two of her Treasure Tracks songs (which she performed in intimate venues around Brighton in 2012) as well as a track with Belle & Sebastian offshoot God Help The Girl and two tracks with other bands she’s played with over the years. The EP is entitled Pieces of Me and can be bought from iTunes and Amazon.


Brighton Bands Christmas Music Roundup

We’ve got a seasonal round up for you this week, with festive tunes put out by local artists, some modern takes on traditional tunes, some new compositions. Hopefully this will get you all in the festive spirit:

Catherine Ireton – Christmas My Baby Is Blue

Jacko Hooper – Silent Night

Crayola Lectern – SFXmas

Nick Hudson – I Forgot About Christmas

Laish – Silentish Night

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – The Christmas Song

Becky Becky – Bells Ringing (Xmas again)

Chris T-T – A Child Is Born (Chris T-T’s previous Christmas tunes are also up on Bandcamp)

Thomas White – White Christmas

Curxes – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Us Baby Bear Bones – Santa Claus is Coming To Town

May Top Ten

Welcome to our second monthly Top Ten feature. It’s officially regular, now that we’ve made it two months in a row! As with last month, it’s loosely based on what has told me I’ve listened to, although this month it seemed to bear no relation to what iTunes was recording for the play counts. Also one of the tracks is just a YouTube video, so that didn’t appear on iTunes or So without further ado, here’s what we’ve been loving this month:

1) Watching Her Dance / DA-10

Watching Her Dance appeared on our radar roughly at the same time as we heard about DA-10’s The Shape of Space EP, but it was the EP which was getting the attention and the PR push. Several weeks later it’s this mode dancefloor friendly free download which is still on heavy rotation.

2) Battersea / AK/DK

Battersea is the lead track from AK/DK’s new cassette only release Dispatch #3, and we love it’s crazy squelchiness

3) Rio / Cave Painting

The video for Rio surfaced online a few months ago, but the EP finally hit the shops on 29th April. The packaging is every bit as gorgeous as you’d expect from Cave Painting, as is the quality of the music. There’s only a hundred of these out there, so good luck hunting one out

4) Daddy / IYES

This track was a bit of a surprise after the vocal pop of Lighthouse and Glow, but Daddy showed that IYES are just as assured at Balearic house

5) Goddess of War / Phantom Runners

Phantom Runners were one of our discoveries in the run up to the Great Escape. We didn’t manage to catch their set (although hopefully we’ll be there when they play at the Blind Tiger at the next Les Enfants Terribles night on 28th June), but we think their debut single as a great slice of indie pop

6) Anneka / Deliver

Not a single, or even a physical or digital release, but just a Youtube video, Deliver was still one of the best tracks out of Brighton we heard this month

7) Abraxical Solapse / Physics House Band

The Physics House Band’s Horizons / Rapture mini LP came out in April, and while it’s not as accessible as some of the poppier acts on the list, it’s certainly just as rewarding. You probably won’t be whistling any of the songs in the shower, but you will keep going back to them over and over

8) Hold On / Luo

Luo seem to be growing more and more with every new track we hear from them, and Hold on is no exception. In a few releases they’ve expanded their range from glitchy chill out and currently sound like a more electronic Physics House Band. Give them a few months and the sky’s the limit

9) Fallback / Catherine Ireton

A little while back, our friends over at the Some Of It Is True blog started up a record label called Hidden Trail. We got a bit distracted and haven’t got around to writing about the label’s first release yet – a compilation of some of their favourite tracks they’ve come across – but our favourite track from what we’ve listened to so far is Catherine Ireton’s Fallback

10) Goldfish Song / Crayola Lectern

We’re still listening to The Fall and Rise of Crayola Lectern at Brighton Music Blog HQ, and have grown rather fond of The Goldfish Song, a tune about suicidal pets sounding not a million miles away from The Beatle’s Day In The Life

Weekend Gig Picks

LaunchPoster_websTime for our weekly round of up our local picks for the upcoming weekend. This week, one of our picks is not quite so local but we’re willing to make an exception for Shrag’s final gig. We’ll be escaping Brighton on Friday to head up to The Lexington in Islington where Helen, Bob and the rest of the group will play for the very last time. If the prospect of travelling to another town for a gig fills you with dread, then we suggest you get down to the Green Door Store where Hundredth Anniversary are holding a party for the launch of their debut single The Jump. The single comes out on Monday (March 18th) but the band should have some copies with them for sale.

TSTOur top tip for Saturday is a matinee performance where Brighton Music Blog favourite Catherine Ireton is supporting Roddy Woomble. I wouldn’t expect to hear the likes of Idlewild in the Unitarian Church, but we’ve been assured that his solo material gets filed under “folk”.Finally, our other weekend tip is to head to the Green Door Store on Saturday and Sunday, where Tatty Seaside Town are celebrating 10 years of promoting gigs in Brighton. Bands playing include Demons, Disinfo, Epideme, Hamilton yarns, Hey colossus, I’m being good and Sealings. There’s full details over on the Facebook event.

Weekend Gig Picks

Normally our weekly post about which gigs we think you should go to to see some of our favourite local acts starts on a Thursday. Thursday has long replaced Friday as the start of the weekend in the Brighton Music Blog calendar. This week though, we’re starting things even earlier on Wednesday, because there’s two cracking gigs on tonight which we feel deserve a bit of a mention.

Milk-and-BiscuitsTonight Milk & Biscuits play at the Blind Tiger. We loved last year’s epic White Noise single, and this is a great chance to see them playing their new material for their follow up to 2011’s Balcony Time’s mini-LP. Over at the Green Door Store, Danger De Mort are holding their third event. Their first night had Nordic Giants headlining, and we were gutted to miss last month’s event which had IYES and Us Baby Bear Bones supporting. This month’s local support are Curxes, who have promised to play the new tracks they they’ll be releasing later this year. I don’t know a great deal about the rest of the bill, headlined by a band called Cymbals, but we reckon it’ll be great just on the strength of their previous line ups.

Onto Thursday night, where we normally kick off our weekend. One Inch Badge are putting Doldrums at the Prince Albert. Doldrums are from Toronto, but the supports – Us Baby Bear Bones and Luo are two of our favourite local bands.

Written-In-WatersOn Friday night we’ve spotted four gigs we like the look of. Written in Waters, IYES and Calico are playing at Brighton Electric, Speak Galactic and Cloud are supporting Antibang at the Prince Albert, Catherine Ireton is supporting Stu Larsen at Sticky Mike’s and Anneka is playing at live set at the Traumfrau night at the Haunt. We’re spoiled for choice!

Then on Saturday Professor Elemental is launching his new single at the Marlborough. The single’s called This is My Horse (Show Me Yours), and we’ll be writing a separate post about it sometime next week.

Weekend Gig Picks

So, in our weekly post about which gigs you really ought to be heading out to at the weekend, the top of our list is the series of gigs we’ve been writing about all week. Sea Monsters carries on until Sunday, with the Punk vs Hardcore night tonight, One Inch Badge vs Slip Jam B tomorrow, One Inch Badge vs One Inch Badge on Saturday (headlined by Physics House Band), and One Inch Badge vs Bizarro World on Sunday. We’ll carry on reporting on these on the night as we have been so far.

Other choice picks we’ve spotted are Catherine Ireton at Theatre Royal tonight, and Verity Susman at the Green Door Store on Friday night, which is a free gig. With any luck, I might be able to pop out of Sea Monsters and nip from the Prince Albert across the road to catch a bit of this.

Catherine Ireton – What Is It About That Night?

It seems like it’s only been a matter of weeks since Catherine Ireton played the last of her four Treasure Tracks gigs which lead us through the backstage warren behind the Dome before playing an intimate gig in the Corn Exchange. This month Catherine returns and is going backstage again, this time to the Theatre Royal.

As with Treasure Tracks, What Is It About That Night? isn’t a straightforward gig. Rather than take to the stage in the Theatre Royal, Catherine will be performing in the dressing rooms and other backstage areas – parts of the theatre not normally seen by the public. And rather than a normal performance where there’s a clear distinction between artist and audience, Catherine is collaborating with Brighton based theatre company Root Experience to make the night more interactive.

Catherine Ireton

Catherine Ireton

What Is It About That Night is on at the Theatre Royal on 17th and 24th of January. Tickets are £10 and are available from the Theatre Royal Box Office, Resident Records or online

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar / Day 15 / Catherine Ireton

It was sheer good luck that we found out about Belle & Sebastian collaborator Catherine Ireton. She’d moved down to Brighton around eighteen months ago and had kept quite a low profile, but some eagle eyes on twitter spotted a mention of a local designer reworking her website and passed the news onto me. An afternoon set at The Great Escape confirmed that the big voice heard on God Help The Girl was just as big when she was playing on her own. In June Catherine kicked off a series of concerts intended to make the audience make a bit more effort in return for something a bit more intimate. The Treasure Tracks gig were real highlights for us, and we look forward to seeing what Catherine has up her sleeve in 2013.

Catherine Ireton

Catherine Ireton


Catherine Ireton / Treasure Tracks #4

This Saturday saw Catherine Ireton’s fourth and final Treasure Tracks gig. Her previous mystery excursions have involved a little bit of a hunt, but this time around we really were sent on a wild goose chase, not only to get hold of tickets but also to get to the final location.

The first clue was a picture posted online of the red phone boxes on Trafalgar Street, with a number to dial. I went to the phone boxes – one was out of order, the other only accepted credit cards, neither smelled great. I stepped out into the fresh air to dial the number only to get a recorded message telling me to look up for the first clue. That sent me off to one of two record shops to hunt down a Prince album which contained the next clue. The onto Resident where the final clue could be exchanged for a ticket to the gig, which just told me to turn up to the George IV statue at 8.15 on Friday night…

Fast forward to a cold drizzly night, and a group of around twenty or thirty people congregate near the North End of Pavilion Gardens. The event was put on in conjunction with Source New Music, and Bex – who introduces their regular evenings (and does all the hard work pulling most of it together) – popped up to lead us to the location of the concert. Through the stage door round the back of the Dome, down some stairs and through some 17th century tunnels (which now lead off to dressing rooms). Then back up some stairs, past a rarely used museum entrance, and somehow into the bar at the Dome, where we stop off to buy a drink before being led through the Corn Exchange and into their foyer area where a stage had been set up and Catherine and her two accompanying musicians were waiting.

It was only a few weeks ago that we saw Catherine play a full gig at the Green Door Store. All of her treasure tracks gigs have felt a little bit more special than that, playing to friends rather than an audience, to people who are willing to make that little bit extra effort to find out about the gig, and consequently Catherine was a little more relaxed. The songs were the same, but they benefited from the intimacy. The set included all of the Treasure Tracks given away so far – Synapses, given away after the Booth Museum gig, Invisibility Disguise, from the Brighton Model Railway club gig, and Pieces of You from her webcast – as well as a selection other tracks, culminating in the last track that was sent through – This One’s Gonna Make Me Some Money – tying in nicely with the gig being held in the Corn Exchange.

Although this was the last Treasure Tracks gig, there are more plans for interesting gigs in intimate locations. Keep your eyes peeled for something in the Theatre Royal in the new year…