Brighton Rocks #13 : The Delta Bell

Our thirteen Brighton Rocks is with Kate Gerrard, songwriter and frontwoman for The Delta Bell:

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?
The sea and the people.

Who are the your favourite local bands?
Stephanie Goodman, grasshopper, Seadog, Lucas & King (they’ve only moved down the coast, so it still counts). Have to mention my label mates Palm Springs and Beat Hotel too!

What’s the best venue?
The Prince Albert, the Brunswick, and the Pelirocco’s great for a cheeky gig.

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?
Church Road studio is our spiritual home, we rehearse there and that’s where we recorded the album. I’ve spent many an hour sitting on that sofa looking at the back of Paul Pascoe’s head.

What’s the best club?
Does the Bleeding Hearts Club count?

What’s the best record shop?
Wax Factor.

Where’s the best places to eat?
Red Snapper, The Blue Man, Solera. The George for giant slabs of halloumi.

What’s the best pub?
So many pubs in Brighton but I only ever seem to go to The Crescent, The Heart and Hand or The Albert.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
Super Hans! Though it’s always slightly disconcerting to see him with a child attached to him.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
We played on a Cantonese Junk boat on the Seine in Paris last year, and we took sticks of Brighton Rock with us to give the audience. We ended up eating most of it!

The Delta Bell’s new album Hold Fast The Fire is out now, with a launch party at Hotel Pelirocco on 16th November.


Merry Christmas from Brighton Music Blog

A brief interlude from our Top Ten countdown now, to spread a bit of Christmas cheer from some local bands. We’ve featured some of these tracks in previous years, but we’re starting off with some new material too, mostly from our friends over at BMusic. They filmed Bloom, Calico, Seeker and Rob Godfrey all performing their take on well known Christmas songs:

Also new is Santa by Tenderhooks:

And here’s the tunes we’ve featured in previous year’s Christmas roundups, from Delta Bell, Catherine Ireton, Crayola Lectern, Nick Hudson, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, Becky Becky and Curxes:

Record Store Day Spectrum at the Dome gallery, with Grasshopper, Object Object, Demob Happy , Delta Bell, Faye Houston, AK/DK, The Fiction Aisle and Foreign Skin

With the regular Spectrum events at the Dome being co-sponsored by Resident it was no surprise that they had big things planned for Record Store Day. We were up with the birds queuing up outside Resident, and we had other things planned for the day, so we didn’t get to see TRAAMS, Our Girl, The Academy of Sun, Ellie Ford, Robb Johnson, Merlin Tonto, Aaamouai, Bernholz, The Delta Bell or Elin Ivarsson. We did see Grasshopper, Object Object, Demob Happy , Delta Bell, Faye Houston, AK/DK, The Fiction Aisle and Foreign Skin though, and took along our camera to record things for posterity. Click on the pics to view large: