IYES – ‘Til Infinity

Since the end of last year, anyone whose asked us about the Brighton music scene has probably had their ear bent by me telling them that the best new band around were IYES. And now, about a year after we were knocked off our feet by the stunning Lighthouse, their debut single ‘Til Infinity has landed.

Sparse and simple for the first minute with just tribal drums, handclaps and Melis’ vocals, the track then explodes into life with a pop chorus that’s simultaneously both breathy and vulnerable, and powerful with its swirling chiming guitars, and clashing cymbals. Midway through the track IYES’ other half Josh gets a vocal turn adding a bit more colour to proceedings, and later there’s a bridge that drops everything to almost nothing, before one last triumphant chorus, and then at just three minutes everything’s over and done with – as all great pop songs should be.


Best of all, they’ve used an apostrophe and one ‘l’, which this pedant secretly very happy.

IYES is on sale now via iTunes on Duly Noted records.

Curxes / Spectre single

Curxes new single Spectre is out this week, and it’s brilliant. A fantastic slice of dark, soaring electro pop. If you don’t believe me, then click on the soundcloud link below. And then once that’s convinced you, go and buy it on iTunes. It comes with a remix by Strangers which makes it even more industrial and angular.

If you want the record on vinyl, you can buy it through their website or you can pop over to Southsea, where it’s being sold in a Pie shop. Obviously.