Curxes Interview

For 2013 I’ve got a grand plan to speak to a lot more of the people that we write about on the blog, to try and shift the balance away from opinion so much. If you don’t agree with us, that’s fair enough, but we still want to post up things that you might want to read. To kick this all off we caught up with Robert Fidora and Macaulay Hopwood, better known as Curxes, who not only featured in our Advent Calendar / end-of-year-list substitute, but also popped up in the Blog Sound of 2013 longlist, as well as the BBC / Hype Machine 2012 Zeitgeist list.

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Four Videos – Jennifer Left, Abi Wade, Fear of Men, Curxes

Here’s four videos to keep you entertained. Two for new songs, two for some not so new songs. Jennifer Left and Abi Wade released their new singles yesterday (and Jennifer Left is having a launch party for hers at the Blind Tiger on Thursday). Mosaic by Fear of Men and Spectre by Curxes both came out earlier in the year, but the videos have only just appeared:

Jennifer Left  / Diggory (itunes link)

Abi Wade / Heavy Heart (itunes link)

Fear of Men / Mosaic (Resident link)

Curxes / Spectre (itunes link)

Curxes / Spectre single

Curxes new single Spectre is out this week, and it’s brilliant. A fantastic slice of dark, soaring electro pop. If you don’t believe me, then click on the soundcloud link below. And then once that’s convinced you, go and buy it on iTunes. It comes with a remix by Strangers which makes it even more industrial and angular.

If you want the record on vinyl, you can buy it through their website or you can pop over to Southsea, where it’s being sold in a Pie shop. Obviously.