New Bat For Lashes / Toy Collaboration

Back in February we wrote about a new release by Emiliana Torrini, put out on a 7″ only label called Speedy Wunderland. They’re obviously doing something right over there because they’ve given us cause to write about them again.

Their new release is a track called The Bride, a collaboration between Natasha Khan and Toy. We’re not quite sure what distinguishes Bat For Lashes from Natasha Khan, but the piano line, and the vocals are instantly recognisable. You can take a listen to the track on soundcloud below, and the record is available to pre-order from Resident.

IMG_2703e crops

The Hundredth Anniversary – The Jump

The Hundredth Anniversary have announced their first 7″ release The Jump. Following on from their split cassette (with Tyrannosaurus Dead and Gum), and October’s Pressure Shere / Slip download, Jump will be backed with a track called 34, and another bonus download track, coming out on March 18th on Tiny Lights recordings.

Here’s a teaser video to whet your appetite:

Saint Coltrane / Iron Dracula

There’s not enough rock on the blog. It’s entirely our fault, because there’s plenty of it about, and it wasn’t hard to sniff out at the Hobgoblin (before it changed), or the Hydrant. We don’t get too many rock bands contacting the blog either, presumably because they look and see that we haven’t written about too many rock bands. It’s a bit of a catch 22 chicken and egg vicious circle type thing.

In an attempt to make some small amends, here’s the first release Saint Coltrane, who have made some waves on the live circuit and are sharing their debut 7″ with Miami’s Weird Wives on Enjoyment Records. Iron Dracula, whose video appears below, appears on the vinyl release, while the digital release also includes their cover of The Pixies Debaser.

The 7″ can be ordered through the Enjoyment Records website. The band next play in Brighton supporting Dope Body at The Hope on 20th October, along with fellow Brighton band Sealings.

I am Ampersand / Holding the Negative up to the Light 7″

Back in January, I only gave I am Ampersand’s debut single “20 Seas, 4 Oceans” a passing mention in a blog post with a few other videos that were around, which is a travesty because it’s fantastic – four minutes of sunshine psychedelic folk pop. Matt Hainsby’s second 7″ is just as good. Holding the Negative up to the Light crams in even more ideas that it’s predecessor without losing any of the charm. And being the sucker for nice packaging that I am, I can only say good things about the translucent orange vinyl that it’s pressed on, and the screen print that comes tucked into the sleeve.


Negative is a tune of two halves – in the first half of the song, the vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars and strings and then at around a minute and a half the song crumples then revives itself with effervescent analogue synths which bubble along and bring a completely different dynamic to the second half.

I Am Ampersand’s album is due later in the year on the Great Pop Supplement label. On the strength of his first two singles, it should be a corker!


Sparrow / Your Explosion My Mind split 7″

For the second single from their album However Did The Wolf Get in, Sparrow have teamed up with Your Explosion My Mind for a split 7″. Sparrow’s Move shares vinyl with Your Explosion My Mind’s Eyeball Kick.

Both singles have separate iTunes releases, with Move being backed by with new track Shut, and Eyeball Kick forming part of the five track Under a Heavy Sun EP. Click on the titles for the iTunes links and watch the videos below, or buy the 7″ from Resident (or online here):

Sparrow / Move

Your Explosion My Mind / Eyeball Kick

Curxes / Spectre single

Curxes new single Spectre is out this week, and it’s brilliant. A fantastic slice of dark, soaring electro pop. If you don’t believe me, then click on the soundcloud link below. And then once that’s convinced you, go and buy it on iTunes. It comes with a remix by Strangers which makes it even more industrial and angular.

If you want the record on vinyl, you can buy it through their website or you can pop over to Southsea, where it’s being sold in a Pie shop. Obviously.

New Fear of Men Single

It seems like forever since Fear of Men put out the debut 7″ Ritual Confession last year. It’s probably been barely six months, and in that time one of their early cassette released tracks, Doldrums, appeared on the Sea Monsters 2 compilation, but now the band are just about ready to put out their next single.

Green Sea is coming out on limited 300 only 7″ on June 18th on Sexbeat records, backed with another new track called Born, which they claim is “hook laden”. If you want to hear what Green Sea sounds like before then, you can because they’ve put it up on Soundcloud:

If you want to hear what they sound like playing it live, then they’re playing at the Great Escape Festival, Friday 11th May at 9.30pm at Queens Hotel, and they’re back again supporting Best Coast at Coalition on 21st June. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually play the new single, but I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

The Impellers Interview

I say The Impellers, but actually, I’m just meeting up with one of them. The Impellers are a ten piece funk band, but I’ve popped down to The Basketmakers to catch up with main man Glenn Fallows (known onstage as Ed Meme), in advance of their new seven inch being released next Monday.

Glenn Fallows of The Impellers

RO: The single’s called…

GD: The Knock Knock. We supported James Taylor Quartet in 2010, there’s some stuff on YouTube from that show, and that was one of four or five tracks from that was uploaded. I think that was the first track I’d written after the first album came out, so it’s been around for quite a long time now, but it’s sort of evolved a bit more. The live version’s got all kind of extra added solos, and a bit of rock at the end, and we like to mess with the tempos at the end. The outro’s longer than the actual song itself. The 7″ is just three and a half minutes of dirty funk.

RO: And the b-side’s another indie cover version?

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