Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar / Day 12 / Your Explosion My Mind

We don’t know very much about Your Explosion My Mind at all. We do know that it’s a project by someone called Barney Douglas, but following him on twitter you’ll learn a lot about cricket and very little about his music. Eyeball Kick came out on a split 7″ with Sparrow’s Move back in August, so we looked it up on YouTube. It’s so good that we’d only got halfway through listening to it before we were on iTunes buying the whole “Under a Heavy Sun” EP that it appeared on. There was an accompanying free download EP of another five tracks too. Eyeball Kick is fizzing motorik kraut-pop that makes you feel alive, but the rest of the tracks across the EPs touched all bases. Your Explosion My Mind were one of those discoveries that make writing the blog so worthwhile for me, and Eyeball Kick is one of my singles of the year.


Sparrow / Your Explosion My Mind split 7″

For the second single from their album However Did The Wolf Get in, Sparrow have teamed up with Your Explosion My Mind for a split 7″. Sparrow’s Move shares vinyl with Your Explosion My Mind’s Eyeball Kick.

Both singles have separate iTunes releases, with Move being backed by with new track Shut, and Eyeball Kick forming part of the five track Under a Heavy Sun EP. Click on the titles for the iTunes links and watch the videos below, or buy the 7″ from Resident (or online here):

Sparrow / Move

Your Explosion My Mind / Eyeball Kick