Saint Coltrane / Iron Dracula

There’s not enough rock on the blog. It’s entirely our fault, because there’s plenty of it about, and it wasn’t hard to sniff out at the Hobgoblin (before it changed), or the Hydrant. We don’t get too many rock bands contacting the blog either, presumably because they look and see that we haven’t written about too many rock bands. It’s a bit of a catch 22 chicken and egg vicious circle type thing.

In an attempt to make some small amends, here’s the first release Saint Coltrane, who have made some waves on the live circuit and are sharing their debut 7″ with Miami’s Weird Wives on Enjoyment Records. Iron Dracula, whose video appears below, appears on the vinyl release, while the digital release also includes their cover of The Pixies Debaser.

The 7″ can be ordered through the Enjoyment Records website. The band next play in Brighton supporting Dope Body at The Hope on 20th October, along with fellow Brighton band Sealings.

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