Four Videos – Jennifer Left, Abi Wade, Fear of Men, Curxes

Here’s four videos to keep you entertained. Two for new songs, two for some not so new songs. Jennifer Left and Abi Wade released their new singles yesterday (and Jennifer Left is having a launch party for hers at the Blind Tiger on Thursday). Mosaic by Fear of Men and Spectre by Curxes both came out earlier in the year, but the videos have only just appeared:

Jennifer Left  / Diggory (itunes link)

Abi Wade / Heavy Heart (itunes link)

Fear of Men / Mosaic (Resident link)

Curxes / Spectre (itunes link)

Jennifer Left / Diggory

In case you haven’t seen it, the video for the new Jennifer Left single has landed. Diggory is the second release to come from her forthcoming album Hushabye, which has been produced by Tim Bidwell, and the video has been made by Thom Undrell, who also put together the fantastic video for Black Dog earlier this year. Diggory hits the shelves on 5th November, and Jennifer is having a launch party at the Blind Tiger on the 8th November. See you there!