Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Two – Black Black Hills / Red Cabin

Day two of our Advent Calendar is one of Brighton’s finest live bands. Black Black Hills put out two singles this year and we’ve picked out the hip swaying rock’n’roll of Red Cabin.

As well as being a great song, Red Cabin has a fantastic video. We’ll let you watch it to work out just what makes it that little bit different. Things have been a bit quiet from in the Black Black Hills camp of late – no gigs since Playgroup festival and no social media updates since August. Hopefully there’ll be some more music from the band in the new year.

Black Black Hills – Red Cabin

Black Black Hills are back, this time with a fantastic slice of reverb drenched rock’n’roll, and a crazy, crazy backwards video:

If this doesn’t get your hips swaying then maybe it’s time to visit the doctor to see if you’re ok. If it does however, click on the soundcloud link below for a free download: