Spectrum / Dog in the Snow Album Launch gallery

Last night we went along to our first Spectrum gig in about eighteen months. They haven’t been quite as frequent in that period, but those that there have been we haven’t been able to make it along to. Now that they’re back to monthly again, hopefully they’ll be appearing a bit more regularly in these pages too.

Saturday evening’s Spectrum doubled up as the launch for Dog in the Snow’s debut album Consume Me which came out last week. Support came from Knightstown and Yumi & The Weather, although we didn’t spend quite as long watching the latter thanks to an incident with a missing camera memory card. Anyway, here’s our pics. Click through to view large.


Brighton Rocks #12 – Dog in the Snow

Untitled (4)s

What’s the best thing about Brighton?
The hint of sea salt in the air

Who are the your favourite local bands?
Mother Me, Anneka and Merlin Tonto

What’s the best venue?
Studio Dome Theatre which is currently under renovation but I look forward to its return. Rialto Theatre is a nice little gem too.

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?
Small Pond is my new favourite.

What’s the best club?
I have no idea, probably my own room with Todd Terje on.

What’s the best record shop?
Bella Union Vinyl shop!

Where the best place to eat?
Sushi Garden on Preston Street. I pretty much take anyone I know there.

What’s the best pub?
Robin Hood.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
I live near Noah Taylor so I walk past him occasionally. The last time I saw him he had on the most miraculous sky blue coloured suit I’ve ever seen.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
I’ve never had it! I don’t really like sweets :0

Dog in the Snow‘s album Consume Me is released tomorrow (20th October) and is launched at the next Spectrum gig on 28th October which will be at Wagner Hall (and not at the Basement as previously mentioned)

New Brighton Music

It’s only been 10 days since our last New Music post, but somehow it feels like we’ve got a month’s worth of new music to share. Things are normally quiet in August, but the last couple of weeks have gone crazy. First up is the new single from Other States entitled Come Back To Me. Other States headline Brighton Electric on 19th September.
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