Brighton Music Blog Top Ten 2015

Here’s a blog post that I meant to write back at the start of December, but you’ve probably read enough excuses from me about why I’m not blogging as much as I ought to these days. As ever, it’s been a nightmare to cut things down to ten (which is why we’ve got eleven), and if you asked me tomorrow the order would no doubt change. But any further ado, here’s our end of year round-up:

10 : Tigercub / Demob Happy

Back in October Demob Happy snuck out their debut album Dream Soda, and then at the end of November Tigercub released their Repressed Semantics EP. Both releases are fantastic, and both bands have been touring hard all year. we couldn’t choose between the two:

9 : Prince Vaseline

Prince Vaseline’s first full length A Naturally Coloured Pleasure really was a pleasure for us when it came out in the middle of this year:

8 : Black Honey

Last time we saw Black Honey they were supporting fellow Brightonians The Wytches at The Haunt and they wiped the floor with them:

7 : Grasscut

We kept going back to Grasscut’s third LP Everyone Was a Bird, and everytime it sounded better and better, and then last month they gave us a video premier of The Field:

6 : The Go! Team

We thought that The Go! Team had split up for good after 2011’s Proof of Youth, so their return this year, sounding fresher than ever, with The Scene Between was some of best news we heard:

5 : IYES

IYES have kept a lower profile live this year, but put out two very strong EPs called Part One and Part Two:

4 : Clowwns

We’ve been waiting for The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo for years here at the blog. We only wish we’d been recording when Bleeding Hearts label boss Chris explained the reasons for all the delays over a pint about a year ago, although half of it was prefaced with “this is just between us…”

3 : Sea Bed

Sea Bed were our great new find this year. Electronic music with soul who we end up evangalising about to everyone we meet. They haven’t got much music online at the moment, but there’s promises of exciting things to come this year:

2 : The Fiction Aisle

Heart Map Rubric was a thing a majestic, beautiful work of art and was arguably the finest thing that Tom White has put his name to to date:


GAPS managed to top last year’s collaboration with Maya Jane Coles with In, Around The Moments, their first long player which straddled the line between electronic and acoustic while managing to sound unlike anything else which would be labelled folktronica:



Video Premier : Grasscut / The Field

Grasscut’s 2015 album Everyone Was a Bird has been this year’s slow burn grower for us so when were offered the opportunity for a video premier we jumped at the chance. The band have produced videos for each of the tracks from the album and we’re pleased to provide the first showing of the promo for the album’s penultimate track The Field. The video was conceived and directed by Roger Hyams, who’s worked with Grasscut’s Andrew Philips in the past – when Grasscut played at The Basement back in June the show opened with Roger Hyam’s short film Grand Union, which was scored by Andrew.

Andrew described the video is “a beautiful representation of the idea of trying to make the landscape reveal its secrets and depths”. It was partly shot on the South Downs, and has a nod to the slightly unorthodox campaign the band undertook for their previous album. He told us a bit more about the track and the album : “I wrote The Field about people who get up at the crack of dawn in all weathers in the relentless pursuit of ideas. Roger’s vision of this was for me to dig up a film canister he’d buried on the Downs, take it to a darkroom and develop it into a beautiful photograph of a tree – also taken by him. This burial he says was a subtle allusion to Grasscut concealing cassettes around the country for our last album, Unearth. Almost all (apart from two) of those cassettes from Unearth were found. The one at Spurn Head near Hull was found this year, three years after leaving it.”

You can watch the video for The Field below, and you can pick up Everyone Was a Bird on LP or CD from Resident.

New Brighton Music

Here’s our first update in a little while. The usual excuses don’t apply – we were on holiday instead. Whatever the excuse though there’s still over a week’s worth of new music to catch up on.

Our first track is a new free download from Alex Banks. It’s called All Over and it features fellow Brightonians Alphabets Heaven. Here’s the video for it, you can download the track via Alex’s website.

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