Weekend Gig Picks

Our regular Weekend Gigs feature is back after a bit of a Christmas break. If you’re willing to brave the cold (and the snow if weather reports are to be believed), here’s what we’d recommend

Tonight’s recommendation is a new night called Night Sweats. “But Brighton Music Blog” I hear you cry, “it’s gone seven o clock, I should have made plans already”. Aha, but Night Sweats doesn’t start until 9pm. It’s a new night for people who want to stay out a bit later, and who don’t have to worry about work in the morning. It’s headlined by Elle Kaye who are onstage at 12:15. Support comes from Rosales, Saint Savanna and Classic Plastic. More info over on Facebook.

Friday night we’re recommending a gig just outside of Brighton, but it’s close enough that we’ll let them off. Derriere haven’t played a local gig for a while, so to make up for it they’re playing two sets at their gig. They’ll be raising the roof at the Ropetackle centre in Shoreham from 8pm. More info here.

Our Top Tip for Saturday is Fragile Creatures at Green Door Store, but we’ve also spotted the latest Brighton Rocks night headlined by Forestears at Sticky Mikes, and Nick Williams at the Prince Albert

Then Sunday our advice is a gig that you can’t buy a ticket for. Esben & The Witch are launching their fantastic new album “Wash The Sins Not Only The Face” (review coming soon!) at the Green Door Stoor, and the only way to get in is to pre-order the album, which is out next monday, from Resident.

Not an Ordinary gig

Tonight (probably last night by the time you read this) was the November Juice New Music night at the Green Door store, which was their last night there before they move to their new venue, The Haunt. Ice Black Birds were originally billed as the headliners, but as the gig approached, some “special guests” were added to the bill, and the gig transformed into a hometown gig for The Ordinary Boys, who have got back together to do a proper farewell tour.

I only caught the last few songs by first act Elle Kaye. Maybe I’d come in too late, or maybe  my tastes lie elsewhere, but they didn’t really push my buttons. Next up were BirdEatsBaby, who you may have spotted gracing the front cover of Unsigned Magazine which is doing the rounds around town. They had a much stronger look and a much stronger sound (in my opinion), but tucking away the frontwoman at the side of the stage didn’t do them any favours. I reckon they need to sign up a keyboard player to bring the band to their full potential. Next up were Ice Black Birds, who had the Ordinary Boys not been around, would have made great headliners. They sounded great, they had the songs, and they looked as if they needed to be in a band playing their music. Definitely ones to watch. And then The Ordinary Boys, who made it all look so effortless. Preston is much smaller in real life, but on stage he had so much presence. They had the advantage of songs that were familiar to some of the audience (although somewhat surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t packed with Ordinary Boys fans), and rounded off their set with Boys Will Be Boys.

As I mentioned, this was the last Juice New Music Night at the Green Door Store, and next month’s night – their Christmas Party – will be at The Haunt, and will be headlined by Kidda who are signed to Skint Records.