Gigs of the week

If you’re brave enough to leave the house without fear of being blown away or drowned, here’s our gig picks for this week:

BBTonight two local acts are supporting Basia Bulat at The Hope. You can catch Bella Spinks and Heliopause on Queens Road from 8pm. Meanwhile Audiobeach Studios celebrate their fourth birthday with a showcase at Sticky Mike’s with sets from BirdEatsBaby, Nylon Sky, Echo & the Beats and Departure from Normal.

Friday Night is Valentines day, and The Valentines are playing their last ever gig at the Prince Albert, with support from Fire Eyes and Dirt Royal. You can also catch Normanton Street over at the Green Door Store.


derriereOur pick for Saturday night is also two local acts supporting a touring band – Ez Stone and Ellie Ford are on the bill with Lily & Madeleine at Sticky Mike’s. We also like the look of Derriere who are playing at the Blind Tiger.

Weekend Gig Picks

Earlier this week we pre-empted our regular weekend gig picks by putting up a separate post about Thursday night’s gigs with a choice of Moulettes, AK/DK or The New Union. Here’s the rest of what we recommend this weekend:

Our choice for Friday Night is Clowns, who are headlining at the Prince Albert. Clowns are a real must-see band. If you haven’t seen them, then this should be your Friday night sorted. Support comes from Mum, Dad & The Kids, Little Bird and Downing Street Years.

We haven’t mentioned Tyrannosaurus Dead for a while on the blog, but they’re on the bill on Saturday night at the Green Door Store (headlined by the Bastards of hate). Also on Saturday at The Hope is Rotait, who we’ve been meaning to catch for a while, supported by Simonne & The Dark Stars, Mishkin Fitzgerald from BirdEatsBaby and Paul Diello.

The big gig on Sunday night is Physics House Band, who are guaranteed to blow the roof off at the Green Door Store. Watch out if you’re catching a train out of town! Support comes from Shrine and Ojo de Gringa. We also spotted that over the road at the Prince Albert, Pete Fij & Terry Bickers are launching their new single, with Al Chamberlain also on the bill.

BirdEatsBaby Album Launch at the Ranelagh tonight

BirdEatsBaby are launching their album Feast Of Hammers tonight at the Ranelagh on St James Street tonight (15th February 2012). The album, which isn’t officially out until 20th, but will be available tonight and at the London launch on saturday, should be a treat for those who like their rock dark and theatrical. For a taster, here’s their latest video for the single Incitatus:

There’s a facebook event page for the gig here.

Not an Ordinary gig

Tonight (probably last night by the time you read this) was the November Juice New Music night at the Green Door store, which was their last night there before they move to their new venue, The Haunt. Ice Black Birds were originally billed as the headliners, but as the gig approached, some “special guests” were added to the bill, and the gig transformed into a hometown gig for The Ordinary Boys, who have got back together to do a proper farewell tour.

I only caught the last few songs by first act Elle Kaye. Maybe I’d come in too late, or maybe  my tastes lie elsewhere, but they didn’t really push my buttons. Next up were BirdEatsBaby, who you may have spotted gracing the front cover of Unsigned Magazine which is doing the rounds around town. They had a much stronger look and a much stronger sound (in my opinion), but tucking away the frontwoman at the side of the stage didn’t do them any favours. I reckon they need to sign up a keyboard player to bring the band to their full potential. Next up were Ice Black Birds, who had the Ordinary Boys not been around, would have made great headliners. They sounded great, they had the songs, and they looked as if they needed to be in a band playing their music. Definitely ones to watch. And then The Ordinary Boys, who made it all look so effortless. Preston is much smaller in real life, but on stage he had so much presence. They had the advantage of songs that were familiar to some of the audience (although somewhat surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t packed with Ordinary Boys fans), and rounded off their set with Boys Will Be Boys.

As I mentioned, this was the last Juice New Music Night at the Green Door Store, and next month’s night – their Christmas Party – will be at The Haunt, and will be headlined by Kidda who are signed to Skint Records.