Weekend Gig Picks

Last weekend’s gig pick post was all about quality not quantity, and we promised we’d be back this week bigger than ever. We’re still not scrimping on quality but we’re probably featuring more gigs this week than we ever have done.

IYESWe’re going to kick things off with a couple of gigs happening tonight. Normally we treat Thursday as the start of the weekend, but when two of favourite bands are playing we’d be fools not to give them a mention. IYES play their first ever headline show at the Prince Albert, which we’re very excited about. We’ve been huge fans since we first heard Lighthouse at the end of the year, and they haven’t disappointed since. Best of all it’s a free gig! Elsewhere, down at the Blind Tiger, Brighton Music Blog favourites The New Union are supporting Let’s Buy Happiness.

Thursday night is where we normally start our weekend gig round up, and the weekend proper is starting strong with Calico headlining Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. Support comes from 900 Spaces and Blackwell, and it’s four pounds to get in. Meanwhile, Normanton Street are playing at the Mesmerist.

PawwsOn Friday some more of our favourite bands are supporting at the same gig. Pawws are supported by the fantastic GAPS and Dog in the Snow (as well as Saint Savanna, who are local and new to us). And it’s a free gig – Green Door Store, you do spoil us. There’s also a free gig at the Blind Tiger, headlined by Transformer, with support from Eagles for Hands, whose new EP we love.

Saturday night’s big gig is the Physics House Party taking place at Sticky Mike’s. As well as the awesome Physics House Band, AK/DK, Alphabets Heaven and Suffer Like G Did are also playing. Over at Fitzherberts, Speak Galactic and Soft Arrows are playing at a night called Ruff Stuff, where Owen from Speak Galactic and some of his old bandmates from Cinemascopes are unveiling a new project called Merlin Tonto.

EsbenRounding off the weekend nicely at Sticky Mike’s, Esben & The Witch play the Brighton leg of their national tour promoting Wash The Sins Not Only The Face. At the Green door store, there’s an event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Gram Parsons early death in 1973, aged only 26. There’s loads of local bands getting involved – the list includes The Self Help Group, Dollboy, and Amy Hill plus various members of Laish, The Repeat Prescriptions, Super U, The Standard Lamps, Woodland Blue, The Pooh Sticks, Lolly & the City of Flies, Redlands Palomino Company, Englemann Spruce, and Lost Dog. Get there early enough and you’ll also get to see Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne DJing before the live acts.

Weekend gig picks

We thought it would be worth posting up a few of this weekend’s gigs, since there’s so many great ones going on (and so many that we won’t be able to get to, but want to make sure you know about them). Tonight, Restlesslist play a set at the Prince Albert of their first new stuff that they’ve put together since the brilliant Coral Island Girl which they’ve been playing all yeat. Over the road at the Green Door Store, Ninja Tune’s Grasscut are playing a homecoming gig, and out in Hanover, The Bobby McGees are bound to entertain at the Horse & Groom. Meanwhile, The Resonators will be playing tracks from their new album The Constant at the Blind Tiger.

Tomorrow, our friends over at Some Of It Is True are hosting Bellman at the Palmeira, and Flash Bang Band are supporting. Cupboard Music are hosting a night called Hey! Fever at the Green Door Store, with Speak Galactic and Soft Arrows on the bill, and British Sea Power are playing a live soundtrack to a new film called From The Sea To The Land Beyond at Duke of Yorks.

Then on Saturday, Catherine Ireton plays her final Treasure Tracks 4 in association with Source New Music. Who knows exactly where that’s going to be! Our final pick of the weekend is Anneka who’s supporting Plaid at the Concorde 2.

Here’s to a great weekend of live music!

Upcoming stuff

This post is partly for me to remember exactly what I’m meant to be doing and when things are happening, but you can take it as a “Brighton Music Blog recommends…” if you like. It’s a collection of releases and happenings taking place over the next week or two, some of which might end up as full posts, if I get around to it.

Firstly, Soft Arrows have released their album “All Through The Sinew”. You can buy it download from Bandcamp here.

Next up is a couple of gigs in London, both on next thursday (31st). Two of my favourite bands – The Moulettes and Nordic Giants are launching their new material at shows at Bush Hall and Hoxton Hall respectively. Both promise to be fantastic events, but expensive bills for my car mean that I won’t be able to make either, sadly. At least that means I don’t have to choose between them.

The Moulettes gig is to launch their new album The Bear’s Revenge, which is out at the end of June. In advance of that, they’re releasing Sing Unto Me as the first single from the album on 4th June. The video is coming soon, so I’ll do a proper write up when I’m allowed to show it to you all. In the meantime, here’s a live performance of one of the many b-sides, a new track called Assault, which is very impressive indeed:


Talking of new singles, Jennifer Left also releases her new single on the 4th June. I’ve had a sneak preview of Black Dog, and it’s fantastic. It’s got whistling in it – not enough songs have whistling in them these days.

Finally, a couple more gigs to mention:

Bleeding Hearts are pushing the boat out slightly since it’s a Bank Holiday on 4th June – they’re starting a bit earlier at 7pm and have five acts rather than the normal three or four. Head along to the Prince Albert to hear Danny Kendall, Polyanna, Mary Hampton, Adrian Oxaal and Junior Electronics.

Then the following day (5th June), Com Truise is playing the Haunt. He’s not from Brighton, but support Anneka is, so I’ll be heading down to take some snaps and do them a write up too.


More new releases

It seems like only a week ago I was posting a bunch of new singles from Brighton bands. Maybe that’s because it was only a week ago, but it must be the season for new releases, because here’s a bunch more:

First up is High Rankin, with his new track Fuck You Virtual DJ. It’s very immature, it’s got some filthy bass, a cartoon video, and childish swearing. What more could you want? A free download, you say? Well, as it happens…

Haunted Gold by Curxes is released today on iTunes. If you’re not such a fan of digital downloads, apparently some vinyl is coming soon!. The video is the result of weeks of painstaking scanner and glitter work. Take a look here:

Next we have Wild Cat Strike, with their debut EP Shout at Satan, which was recorded just up the road a Yellowfish Studio near Lewes. Not quite as dark or metallic as the name might suggest, the EP is three tracks of good old fashioned guitar indie. The band also make their debut performance at the Prince Albert on Saturday 28th April

Sticking with debuts, Soft Arrows release their debut single Spirit Animal Bones today. The two piece played a great minimal shoe gaze set a few months ago at Sea Monsters at the Prince Albert and have released their single as a free download in advance of their forthcoming album All Through The Sinew.

Heliopause (who also played at Sea Monsters) are putting out their next release on limited cassette. Don’t worry though – there’ll be a digital download included. They’re playing a launch gig at Brighton Electric Studios on 5th May, and have put a couple of tracks up on Bandcamp as a taster:

Finally, here’s Kellar’s new EP Smokescreen. Kellar make what they call Improvisional Texture Rock. It’s big slabs of extreme psychadelic noise, devoid of such mainstream constraints like tunes or time signatures. Heavy stuff indeed.

Rob’s Sea Monsters Diary, part 3 25th January 2012

A quick round up of Day 2 of Sea Monsters 2 then. Where yesterday was folk with a twist, today was very much an indie day.

Proceedings were kicked off by Tyrannosaurus Dead. The blurb in the program said Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth, but my ears heard The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, who in the past few years have done a tremendous job of distilling so many of the great guitar indie bands of the past twenty five years. This is by no means a criticism, and I thoroughly enjoyed their set, even if I was a little distracted by the singers visual similarity to a young Buddy Holly. Or maybe he’s just wearing hipster glasses and I’m now old.

Tyrannosaurus Dead

The second band of the night were Soft Arrows – sonically, they’re a rockier version of shoegaze, but the setup of the band was akin to the White Stripes – just drums and guitar. Either they were trying to be arty, or they hate photographers, because the only light on stage came from a single light bulb at the guitarists feet. They’re going to have to try harder than that for me to not get the shot I want!

Soft Arrows

Then we had kraut rockers Cinemascopes, who were fantastic. There’s not nearly enough krautrock around in my opinion, so it’s good to see another Brighton krautrock band, who aren’t treading the same steps as Fujiya & Miyagi. What elevated them about most groups who pick up guitars and make motorik music was the guy to the left of the stage, who spent most of the set kneeling down doing interesting things with loops and samples who defied the male dress code of the evening (skinny jeans, smart shoes, and either a check shirt or a t-shirt bought from M&S) with his hoody and baggy jeans.


Last band of the night were Fear of Men who while they weren’t doing anything especially different to any of the other bands of the night, did so effortlessly and sounding amazing. There was something about the way it all came together – how good the guitar sounded, how much of a better front person Jess was than those leading the other bands, how much more accomplished the songs were, which proved why Fear of Men were the worth headliners of the night.

Fear of Men