Ellie Ford and EZ Stone supporting Lily & Madeleine


Lily & Madeleine are two sisters from Indiana with an excellent album under their belt and a musical presence that belies their teenage years. Suffice to say, they put on an excellent performance at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last night … Continue reading

yourgardenday EP launch

Anyone who knows the Brighton music scene will probably have come across Robin Coward. Currently empresario of three weekly open mic spots, he was also the mesmerising keyboardist accompanying Martin Rossiter at his recent gigs. And now he’s releasing an EP of five songs by his band yourgardenday that are star quality and should knock your socks off.

Robin Coward

Rather than go through a label, Robin’s taking the independent route and initially releasing the ‘Flat Stream’ EP through a pledge music project. The 5-track EP is full of Robin’s characteristic quirky, bright and intelligent songs with a unifying aim to “reconnect with simpler times”, all wrapped up in some superb musicianship. The EP’s being launched at a hometown gig at St Andrew’s Church in Hove on Friday August 23rd, one of a few really unique and special venues Robin’s playing at in a little week-long national launch tour. BMB will be present to report and it comes highly recommended.

In an original move, Robin’s selling tickets for the gig with a copy of the EP through the pledge music site (and there are discounts for couples who only want one copy of the EP). You can also buy some additional items, such as becoming a “metrognome” and acquiring a goodybag of yourgardenday exclusives. Or maybe you fancy one of the ten remaining copies of the first yourgardenday EP signed and hand-delivered? Nice!



Listen to ‘Lover, do you mind? from the new EP

ps BMB would like to declare an interest in this release. Contributor Jon Southcoasting is responsible for the excellent photographs being used by Robin for the EP and launch

Becky Becky drop a new track

Becky Becky play for the Black Madonna

play for the Black Madonna

Becky Becky, Brighton’s premiere electro-pop band, have dropped a new track called ‘House of the Black Madonna’, a follow up to their excellent debut ‘The Harder Stuff’ and a precursor for their forthcoming, as yet untitled, first album due out later this year. The album was written in various places around Europe (Stockholm, Malmo, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague) and apparently recorded in a wooden chateau halfway up a mountain in the French alps.

You can hear the new track below.

Becky Becky have been quiet for a while due to a variety of reasons, Peter’s travelling, Gemma’s recent much-feted solo release as Woodpecker Wooliams and her work with Ghostpoet, and Tom’s departure from the band. But they’re back now and will be performing live along with Kellar and Cloud at a free-entry gig at the Green Door Store tonight, Saturday 20th April.

(Photograph by Jon Southcoasting)

Pere Ubu played the Haunt

Pere Ubu kicked off their latest tour with a home town gig here in Brighton at the Haunt on Saturday. That’s a bit of an odd statement but it seems David Thomas left Cleveland for our little south coast town a while ago, and although he proceeded to disparage the soft southcoast underbelly from the stage he did it with a little twinkle in his eye.

Brighton Music Blog was there to watch him and the current line up of his influential band.

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Pere Ubu played a set heavily laden with tracks from their new album Lady From Shanghai interspersed with some classics, like Misery Goats and the Modern Dance (which had the audience singing along eventhough there were probably more people in the venue tonight than had originally bought the single that many years ago). Thomas seemed to be enjoying himself, dealing with pauses between songs by telling fantastical tales of an alternative universe where Pere Ubu were bigger than the Rolling Stones and Madonna was still chasing fame on a small indie club circuit.

Pere Ubu the band rocked, even when Thomas was reading lyrics, sitting down with a glass of wine or at one point pulling off his shoe to scratch an itch in his sock. Idiosyncratic and brilliant, the rhythm section of Steve Mehlman on drums and Michele Temple on bass were particularly stunning, and Robert Wheeler on various synthesisers and melotrons which at one point he seemed to be playing with a toy laser gun,

Photographs below are by Jon Southcoasting.

David Thomas reading to the front row at the Pere Ubu homecoming concert

Pere Ubu

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Pere Ubu

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Sofar Sounds – songs from a room

This week the second ever Brighton Sofar session came to town.

For those who don’t know, Sofar Sounds is a House concert concept that has gone global with connections on four continents. They’ve held concerts in California, Brazil, Australia and across Europe amongst other places. But basically wherever they take place they’re still small intimate gigs featuring local bands and innovative music in people’s homes, which are video’d and photographed and seen globally via their website.

Small is beautiful. And the latest Brighton incarnation took place in the large front room of a flat on West Street, and featured three bands playing four songs each, an artist-in-residence (below) drawing the event along with an array of photographers, videographers,  and a room full of pretty young things, all sitting on the floor enjoying the spectacle.

Billy the illustrator

First up was I am Amity, the persona of multi-instrumentalist Amy Forrester, who wound her simple songs around a fascinating array of loops, moving from electronic drums to guitars and back again. She made a joke about her mother liking best her song about one night stands. She was most endearing.


Next came the mighty Laish, who wowed the room with Danny Green’s wry lively lyrics backed by a dynamic four piece band with the original combination of violin, clarinet, bass and drums. They played three songs from their forthcoming new album Obituaries and then ended with We Speak The Mantra from their first album, with the band dropping their instruments to accompany Dan with vocals and hand-claps and knee-slaps. It was enchanting. An excellent band, a favourite of this blog and highly recommended in any body’s living room.


By the end of the night, the packed room was hot and sweaty. Last up were the gypsy folk of Apples and Eve, led by the charming Eve Rose. This five-piece band laid down some excellent funky folk which kept the room chilled and feet-tapping. Eve’s vocals were honey-smooth, and her songs reminiscent of a band like Beirut. Another fine local act that are worth checking out.

Apples and Eve

And then it was over, until the next one. Sofar sounds have a winning formula – small intimate gigs in people’s homes. This blog for one looks forward to seeing how the Brighton set up progresses. Or maybe the Brazilian one, if we’re lucky eh?