Pere Ubu played the Haunt

Pere Ubu kicked off their latest tour with a home town gig here in Brighton at the Haunt on Saturday. That’s a bit of an odd statement but it seems David Thomas left Cleveland for our little south coast town a while ago, and although he proceeded to disparage the soft southcoast underbelly from the stage he did it with a little twinkle in his eye.

Brighton Music Blog was there to watch him and the current line up of his influential band.

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Pere Ubu played a set heavily laden with tracks from their new album Lady From Shanghai interspersed with some classics, like Misery Goats and the Modern Dance (which had the audience singing along eventhough there were probably more people in the venue tonight than had originally bought the single that many years ago). Thomas seemed to be enjoying himself, dealing with pauses between songs by telling fantastical tales of an alternative universe where Pere Ubu were bigger than the Rolling Stones and Madonna was still chasing fame on a small indie club circuit.

Pere Ubu the band rocked, even when Thomas was reading lyrics, sitting down with a glass of wine or at one point pulling off his shoe to scratch an itch in his sock. Idiosyncratic and brilliant, the rhythm section of Steve Mehlman on drums and Michele Temple on bass were particularly stunning, and Robert Wheeler on various synthesisers and melotrons which at one point he seemed to be playing with a toy laser gun,

Photographs below are by Jon Southcoasting.

David Thomas reading to the front row at the Pere Ubu homecoming concert

Pere Ubu

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Pere Ubu

David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

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