Ellie Ford and EZ Stone supporting Lily & Madeleine

Lily & Madeleine are two sisters from Indiana with an excellent album under their belt and a musical presence that belies their teenage years. Suffice to say, they put on an excellent performance at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last night in the final gig of their UK tour.

This being Brighton Music Blog we will say no more, and instead focus on the two local acts who supported them.

Ellie Ford kicked off proceedings and had the healthy early crowd absolutely mesmerised, turning the busy cellar room to silence. I’ve seen Ellie a few times over the last year, and this was probably her most confident and accomplished performance. Songs from her recent debut EP ‘Show Night In‘ such as the beautiful ‘Too Late’ and ‘Low’ were interspersed with new songs, and the occasional harp cover of a Joanna Newsome number. All in all a gorgeous performance, and definitely an artist to watch.

EZ Stone is also a good songwriter and performer, signed to local Loft Sessions recordings and currently promoting his recent, excellent ‘Moroccan Whiskey‘ EP. Tonight he was accompanied by Bella Spinks on vocals and violin. Bella is responsible for one of our favourite tracks of recent years (Regenerate) so it’s always good to have her on board, and this was another strong set with tracks like ‘Old Man Soul’ particularly standing out.

All words and photos by Jon SouthcoastingEllie Ford Ellie Ford EZ Stone EZ Stone with Bella Spinks Lily & Madeleine in Brighton (UK).

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