Dog in the Snow Africa single launch at Green Door Store

Dog in the Snow‘s new single was launched at the Green Door Store on Wednesday this week. Africa came out this week on Tidal Wave records, and you can listen to it on Soundcloud. Our pics from the gig, including shots of support Momotaro, are below.

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Dog in the Snow / Factory

IMG_8503esMarch the 3rd sees the debut single from Brighton Music Blog Favourite Dog in the Snow. Factory will be the second release on London’s Tidal Wave records, and has been produced by Dubstar’s Steve Hillier. Factory follows in the vein of Dog in the Snow’s previous art pop offerings, this time around offering a more synth led sound. If you’ve been to see Dog in the snow live, this is the song they play where Helen Ganya Brown swaps her guitar for a hand held sampler. A video and more information on pre ordering the single are due soon, but until then you can hear the track on Tidal Wave’s Soundcloud page: