November Top Ten

We’re posting up our favourite tracks from November a little earlier than usual because it’s almost time for us to start our Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar, where from December 1st we’ll be posting up a different band every day that we’ve enjoyed this year, culminating in our musical highlight on Christmas Day (to give you something to read while your parents are watching the Queens speech). Before then though, here’s what we loved this month:

1) IYES – ‘Til Infinity

IYES debut single proper is a corker. From the opening drums and hand claps (How long before live performances string out the intro and get the audience to the claps like Queen’s We Will Rock You?) through to Melis “Mmm-Hmm” at 2.10 it doesn’t put a foot wrong.

2) Black Rooster Black Shag – Run Baby

Run Baby is the kind of catchy, effortless rock’n’roll that’s as cool as ice. The black & white video for the track makes us love it even more

3) Nordic Giants – Dark Clouds Mean War

 Dark Clouds Mean War is the closing track from Nordic Giants recent Dismantle Suns EP. It’s brooding and cinematic and packs in more emotion into one track than you’re likely to hear this year

4) The Beautiful Word – Coconut Hair

In a complete change mood, Coconut Hair, from The Beautiful Word’s new release Particles is silly and nonsensical and will put a smile on your face.

5) A Lily – The Sparrow In The Lemon Tree

 The Sparrow In the Lemon Tree, taken from A Lily’s new EP Lupa, is a thing of fragile beauty – lush strings and gentle electronica combine for this lovely take on modern folk

6) Kins – Aimless

Kins new single starts off sounding almost jazzy, but soon settles into beautiful abstract guitar pop which feels familiar yet unlike anything you can put your finger on.

7) Plasticine – Dreamers Of The Day

We haven’t heard much from Plasticine since we first crossed paths with them back at Sea Monsters back in January. After nearly a year they’re back on the blog with a fantastic pop single.

8) Faux Flux – Week Long War

Faux Flux follow up this year’s earlier Come Alive release with new single Week Long War, which we like even more. We’ve posted the video here, but you can download the track and it’s b-side for free over on their bandcamp site.

9) bentcousin – Sunglasses In Winter

Bentcousin’s first proper release since their Everbody’s Got One EP is a track quietly tucked away on a compilation album. While it starts off with gentle guitar lines that echo I Think I Like You Girlfriend More Than You from their debut, the subject matter is much more hard hitting. Bentcousin are playing an unplugged gig at Revenge on Sunday afternoon at 4pm for World Aids Day.

10) Jipsy Magic – So Serious

Genre busting Jipsy Magic describe themselves as a disco / funk / pop band. There’s a fair bit of indie in there too as you see in their new single So Serious:

New Music – Faux Flux, Flash Bang Band, Tigercub, Plasticine, Bentcousin, A Lily, Heliopause

Here’s another post of new music that has come to our attention. We literally can’t keep up – we started writing this about a week ago, but every day there’s been new things to add to it. Good work Brighton!

Faux Flux – Week Long War EP

Thew new two track Faux Flux EP is out now on Donut Records. The EP features two new tracks, the poppy Week Long War and the more ethereal As Kids. Grab the EP as a free download over on Bandcamp now.

Flash Bang Band – Thinking above my Station

Flah Bang Band are continuing with their effort to put out a video for every track on their Bite Your Tongue album, this time filmed in an ex-DIY store.

Tigercub – Mother

Mother is the third video from the debut EP by Tigercub, which got released on iTunes last week on Club The Mammoth records. Videos for the other two tracks – Little Rope and Centrefold – have been online for a while, but Mother has just popped up to coincide with the release.

Plasticine – Dreamers of the Day

Dreamers of the Day is the debut single from Plasticine, who we first caught back at Sea Monsters earlier this year. You can grab it as a free download over on Soundcloud.

Bentcousin – Sunglasses in Winter

Pat and Amelia from Bentcousin are only in their early twenties, so it’s more than impressive for them to be tackling a subject like domestic violence. Sunglasses in Winter appears on Creechers, a new compilation on Creech Records. You can download it for free here. The compilation also includes Fire In The Sky by Dog in the Snow, which we featured a few weeks back.

A Lily – Lupa

A Lily is the musical project from James Vella, one of the guys responsible for Fatcat Records. Lupa is lovely stuff – lush strings, twinkling electronica and melodic vocals. As well as the bandcamp links, you can also pick it up on 12″ from Resident in town.

Heliopause – Eden

Eden is the fourth of a set of EPs put out by Heliopause as the band goes through a bit of a transition period. Each of the tracks on the release are just vocal and guitar, gentle almost-folk, but Richard Davis – the constant member in the group – is in the process of putting together a full band for the new material he’s working on.

Sea Monsters Day Three – One Inch Badge vs Love Thy Neighbour

After yesterday’s snow debacle, I had no trouble getting to the Prince Albert for tonight’s One Inch Badge vs Love Thy Neighbour Sea Monsters night. It was the night I’ve been most looking to based on the bands who were playing, but that’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to the other nights to introduce me to new bands.

First up was Jacko Hooper, a singer songwriter type, one man and his guitar. He had a great voice and at times, his guitar playing was stunning. His blurb cited Jeff Buckley as an influence but I was hearing more Jose Gonzales – a great voice with nice acoustic flourishes. My only concern was the his hoody was worn in the same way as Rylan from X-factor.

Jacko Hooper

Jacko Hooper

The second band on the bill were Plasticine. When they were setting up, I saw four boys in skinny jeans preparing their instruments, which is a bit of a pet hate of mine. Thankfully Plasticine were much better than my first impressions, and were very enjoyable to watch. However, their mini-biog says that they are carrying the Britpop baton, but my memories of Britpop have more singalong choruses.



Holy Vessels were up next and played a great set of breezy country-folk, which drew heavily from last year’s Last Orders at the Marshall Arms album. It was their bassist’s last gig with the band, and a big chunk of the audience had come specifically to see Holy Vessels (including a number of people who stood right at the front and spent most of the gig taking photos on tablet phones). In a parallel universe, there’s a twin sibling of Holy Vessels where the lead singer hams up the “holy” part of their name and dresses as a gospel preacher and exalts the audience to join them in their journey. In our universe however, the lead singer keeps his eyes closed while singing and is more than polite between songs.

Holy Vessels

Holy Vessels

The big draw tonight was Abi Wade, who’s come a long way since we first saw her playing the acoustic slot at a Source New Music Night back in 2011. Easily the most obvious choice for the headline slot (despite her modesty), Abi engaged with the audience, who were awestruck by her talent, not just in her original cello-as-percussion-and-instrument setup, but also in her new set ups, introducing samples and programmed drums into the mix, or switching to piano. I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, Abi Wade really is one of the most engaging performers Brighton has, and you really should go and see her live.

Abi Wade

Abi Wade