New Music – Martin Rossiter, Us Baby Bear Bones, Gnarwolves, Octopuses

Here’s a few bits and pieces that we’ve come across this week. Gnarwolves and Octopuses have the launches for their releases this weekend (see our previous post), so if you like what you hear, make sure you catch them live.

First up is the new single from Martin Rossiter. No One Left To Blame, one of the standout tracks from last year’s The Defenestration of St Martin, will be released on September 16th, but the rather chilly video is up now:

Moving from chiller to thriller, the next video is for Sun by Us Baby Bear Bones, which features on their What Starts With a U Ends With An I EP, which is available to buy via the band’s website.

Funemployed is the new EP from Gnarwolves. The band have their launch party at the Green Door Store on saturday night, and the EP sounds like this:

Octopuses launch their new single Sarcastic at the Prince Albert tonight. The track’s up on Soundcloud, and you can listen here:

Weekend Gig Picks

We’re out of town for the weekend, but that’s not going to stop us telling you about the great music that’s on. In fact, we’re going to bring our normal timings a day earlier and start the post off from bands playing Wednesday night, since there’s some great gigs going on then that we’re gutted we’re going to miss out on.

OctopusesOctopuses, Becky Becky and Do You Feel What I Feel Deer? are all on the bill at the Prince Albert on Wednesday night for the launch of Octopuses new single Sarcastic. At the Blind Tiger you can see Faux Flux, Luo and Spacenoid, and you can see The Beautiful Word at Northern Lights.

Skipping to Friday Night, Eliza Jaye holds her album launch at the Ranelagh, and at the Blind Tiger there’s this month’s Les Enfants Terribles, featuring Bad for Lazarus, Fox in the City and The Frenzied Anaesthetist. Unfortunately Fear of Men supporting Youth Lagoon has been rescheduled so if you were hoping to see them you’ll have to wait until October.

sourceWe’ve already mentioned Saturday night RSPB Fundraiser at Saint Luke’s Church with Mary Hampton and Do You Feel What I Feel Deer? Saturday is also this month’s Source New Music at the Dome Studio Theatre – Flash Bang Band headline, with support from 900 Spaces, Hundredth Anniversary and The Victory Dolls. Meanwhile, at the Green Door Store Gnarwolves host the launch party for their new EP Funemployed.

Sea Monsters Day Four – Punk vs Hardcore

I need to preface the review of tonight with a bit of an admission – I’m not really a fan of really heavy music. I’m not an angry man, and when push comes to shove I haven’t had life too bad. I don’t really identify with all that – it’s another world. In my write up of last year’s Sea Monsters, I dodged this issue and put up a gallery instead. Maybe this year I should write things up through this prism.

If Heroes Should Fail

If Heroes Should Fail

I missed Loose Lips – it’s still a bit snowy in the back streets behind Coombe Road, and I was digging a car out of the snow. I arrived in time for If Heroes Should Fail, who were very angry. I’m not quite sure what they were very angry about, because I couldn’t make out a word of what was being said. The vocals reminded me of a toddler having a tantrum, where you couldn’t work out what they were upset about because they were incomprehensible through the crying. Solid rhythm section though.



Next up were Broker. They were angry too, but they went to the trouble of explaining what their songs were about. They were less cliched too – less about vests and tattoos, and the note I made midway through the gig said “Bassist moustache envy”.



The last band of the night were Gnarwolves, who were less hardcore punk, and more punk pop. They came on stage and the audience  surged forward. Their tunes were far more melodic and accessible, but they still rocked hard. So hard in fact that they managed to break a guitar. A loan from one of the other bands saw them swiftly resume their set. The crowd were getting kind of crazy, so I made a quick exit while my camera was in one piece.