Graham Coxon Tour Support

As you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter recently, there’s a lot of buzz around the upcoming Graham Coxon tour, where he’s offering local bands the opportunity to be the support act. The Brighton gig is on 23rd April at the Concorde 2. If you click through to here, you can see the bands who have been nominated so far. I say that – all you get is how many “suggestions” (which I guess is how may times it’s been tweeted of facebook’ed about) a band has had so far. You don’t get any of the important information, like, say, the band name unless you start a video, then click into the video to bring up the information about it, which is a bit poor in my opinion. It looks like a few bands have got strong campaigns going already, but if your favourite band doesn’t have the most votes, don’t worry, because the final decision is down to Graham Coxon.