New Brighton Music

With two Brighton Rocks posts and one live gallery last week, we didn’t get around to making a new music post, so once again we find ourselves in a position where we’re playing catch up a bit. Top of the pile are another reworking from Blood Red Shoes, and a track from the band new Penelope Isles album:

Artist: Blood Red Shoes
Track Name: Elijah (rework)
Release Date: out now
Next Gig: 14th November at the Haunt

Artist: Penelope Isles
Track Name: Cut Your Hair
Taken From: Until The Tide Creeps album
Release Date: 12/07/2019
Next Gig: Resident Instore 16/7

Artist: Hatter x Saffa Ghorishi
Track Name: Check In
Release Date: out now

Artist: Frank
Track Name: Her Bricks, Her House
Release Date: out now

Artist: Hayley Ross
Track Name: Tumbledown
Release Date: out now

Artist: Jay Rico
Track Name: Dappah
Release Date: 15/07/2019

Artist: Preston Outatime
Album Name: Coplanar
Release Date: 12/07/2019

Artist: M Butterfly
Album Name: Live @ The Evening Star
Release Date: out now

Artist: IAmWarface
Track Name: Say My Name
Release Date: out now
Next Gig: 3rd August at Green Door Store

Artist: Van Coeur
Album Name: Crosshairs
Release Date: 05/07/2019

Artist: Jetstream Pony
Track Name: Mitte (demo)
Release Date: out now
Next Gig: 19th July at the Prince Albert


Van Coeur

Tonight was a charity gig in the tiny but packed Komedia Studio Bar.

Animal Magic Tricks aka Fran Donnelly is responsible for the best cover on that album of covers by Willkommen and associates, commperre Birdengine’s Heads off Dogs. She was ably abetted tonight by Jason Williams and kicked off the evening with some far out experimental sounds with a mix of strange electronic oscillations, keyboards, bleating saxophone and her lovely vocals, ending with a version of Love Hurts sounding like it had been sucked out of a David Lynch movie soundtrack. It was all kind of entrancing.

Animal Magic Tricks 20130209 Komedia Studio Bar 01

Headliners Van Coeur are a band built out of members of a number of really excellent local acts (Good Morning Captain, -A +M, 21 Crows) and play mood-enhancing drone-laden doom-folk-rock. When it was quiet it was loud, when it was soft it felt hard. The songs sounded strong with good lyrics, and musically this was a really impressive set – although I felt they could have done with co-opting Fran from Animal Magic Tricks to sing and let the guys concentrate on their twin-guitar attack.

Van Coeur (below) can be found on bandcamp Van Coeur