Two EPs – Tim Boat and Nik Barrell

Two new EPs have come our way and they are both well worth your time and money.


First up is ‘Get Yours’ by Tim Boat, an excellent four track EP which mixes strong indie-songwriting with a prog sensibility that feels more Radiohead than Genesis. Made with friends Steve Ward and Simone Odaranile, but confusingly listed as being by the Tim Boat Two, this is a solo work with some high production values.

‘Get Yours’  is a solid finger-picked tune with breathy vocals reminiscent of John Martyn. The beat then picks up with the songs ‘Killing Floor’ (featured below) and ‘Meteor’, and finally our favourite track ‘Runaway Dog’. The songs are full of revenge, escape, mystery and you won’t regret exploring their depths.



Next up is the bluesy, soulful EP ‘Blues Come Home To You’ by Nik Barrell.

This is a charming collection of five beautiful songs recorded amongst friends, with gorgeous harmonies and some exquisite playing. The songs range from opening jazz ballad ‘Thank You’, through the beautiful love song ‘Her and I’, the Louisiana-soul of the title track and upbeat fiddle-driven down-home philosophy of ‘A Heart of Money is a Heart of Stone’, with its echoing sweet sing-along chorus. Finally here’s the delicate and mournful closer ‘Things we do not know’ with a lovely accompanying vocal and piano from Sharon Lewis.

Check out ‘Things we do not know’ below, from whence you can find a link to the EP’s bandcamp page,