Gallery : Noise Night #4 – Milk & Biscuits

Our friends over at Brighton Noise have been putting on nights at the Green Door Store for a few months now, but shame on us – this is the first one we’ve made it along to. The big draw for us was Milk and Biscuits whose new single Hairstyles comes out next month, and whose set was made up entirely from their upcoming album Spirit Nap.

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Milk & Biscuits – Hairstyles

It’s not out for another six and a half weeks, but Milk and Biscuits today released the video for their new single Hairstyles. The video is filmed around the streets, shops and parks of Brighton, so chances are you’ll spot somewhere you know.

Hairstyles isn’t a million miles away from last year’s epic single White Noise, although it’s a bit more radio friendly clocking in around three and a half minutes. It’s a very British pop song, not dissimilar to Belle & Sebastian, breezy, carefree and homespun. The single precedes the upcoming album Spirit Nap.

Had the video been up at the weekend, I could have told you about the band’s support slots on tour with British Sea Power this week, but they’re playing their last joint date tonight in Norwich. Tomorrow night Rachel and Eleanor play the Brunswick with their own band Do You Feel What I Feel Deer? supporting Crayola Lectern who’s launching his album.