new single : Shrag / Show Us Your Canines

Slightly late to the party on this, the new Shrag single Show Us Your Canines came out last week. The single is the lead track from their forthcoming album Canines and shows the band in fine form, typical lo fi indie with boy/girl vocals. We can’t wait for the LP to come out, but  in the meantime, the 7″ is in the shops now, and the video is on youtube:

Shrag at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Last night, Shrag kicked off the first date of their tour to promote their new album Canines (due for release in May). It’s a double headliner tour with Tunabunny and to celebrate there’s a split single with each band taking on a side of the 7″. Shrag’s track is Tendons in the Night, which you can watch the video for here:


None of the supports were from Brighton, so I’ll rattle through them quickly – Dogtooth are the new project from Shrag’s original Canadian drummer Leigh Anne Walter, who’s teamed up with singer-songwriter Kate Gerrard, and the Metatrons were like a day-glo version of Shrag. If you didn’t know that co-Headliners Tunabunny were from Athens, Georgia you could have guessed from the opening song which sounded an awful lot like one of their hometown’s most famous bands (and I’m not talking about the B52s here). Over the course of their set though they ended up sounding a lot more like the Breeders, and that was no bad thing at all.

Dogtooth, The Metatrons and Tunabunny

Shrag arrived onstage later than advertised, which is kind of inevitable with four bands on the bill, and wasted no time in treating the audience to a set which was mainly made up of tracks from the upcoming album, with only a handful of tracks from 2010s Life! Death! Prizes! Last month, Shrag posted up a new track called Chasing Consummations which hinted that the band might be maturing a little – while they might be developing on their recorded output, live they were still just as full of energy, and the banter inbetween songs was anything but mature. After forty five minutes which had me sold on the new album, the band were off, without an encore.


The split single is being sold on the tour, but can be bought from the usual places (Well, Resident have it on their website)

Media Roundup

There’s been quite a flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks where a lot of bands have obviously been waiting for the new year to unleash themselves onto the world. Here’s a couple of bits and pieces that have come to my attention, some by new artists, some by more established acts.

Fistly some videos, first of which is Moya, covering the Primal Scream track which got remixed to become Loaded. She’s playing at the Juice New Music Showcase next week if you like the sound of that. Then there’s Sebastian Blake, who’s currently working on recording his debut EP, but has put out this taster. There’s also a new track by Chris T-T, who put on last sunday’s Midwinter Picnic. Lastly, there’s a brand new solo release from Matthew from Fujiya & Miyagi, who is recording his own stuff as Ampersand (being neither Fujiya or Miyagi, obviously).

Moya – I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have


Sebastian Blake – Red Underwear


Chris T-T – Binker


Ampersand – 20 Seas 4 Oceans


There’s also some audio too – there’s the latest demo release from Munich, and a taster of Shrag‘s new material:

Munich – Hidden House


Shrag – Chasing Consummations

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Brighton Music Blog! It’s that time of year when pretty much the whole media is looking back at the past year and forward at the year ahead. We only started the blog back in October, so let’s just look ahead. Already it’s looking like a good year for Brighton Music – The Maccabees new album Given To The Wild is out next Monday, with Foxes! eponymous debut album out the following week, and Brakes have posted on Facebook to say that they’ll have an album out later this year too (although they have since tweeted to tell us not to get our hopes up!).

Maccabees - Given To The Wild

There’s also a lot of great Brighton-based gigs around town over the next few months. Here’s a few that caught my eye:

6th January : British Sea Power at The Haunt
23rd – 28th January : Sea Monsters 2 gigs at Prince Albert
31st January : Juice New Music Night (Bobby McGees headlining) at The Haunt
4th February : Electric Soft Parade (10th anniversary of Holes in the Wall) at The Haunt
16th February : Source New Music Night (headliners tbc) at Pavilion Theatre
23rd February : Shrag at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
9th March : Maccabees at Dome
13th / 14th March : Rizzle Kicks at Concorde 2

I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have reviews and photos from some of those gigs in the coming weeks.

And as if that’s not enough, Brighton Music Blog contributor Jon Southcoasting is DJing his All Time Top 100 at the Coopers Cask this saturday. Jon knows a thing or two about music, so it’s bound to be a good night.

Riots Not Diets Christmas Party / Shrag live at the Green Door Store 17/12/11

Shrag first came to my attention (musically at least) last year when I saw them supporting Pains of Being Pure at Heart at the Concorde. I fell in love with them immediately – they reminded me of loads of the bands I loved in the mid nineties – Prolapse, The Delgados, Bis and Heavenly. Funny then, that support at the gig was Tender Trap – fronted by Amelia Fletcher, who also fronted Heavenly all those years ago. For most of Tender Trap’s set, Shrag lead singer Helen King stood at the front transfixed. It must be quite an honour to have one of your heroes supporting you at a gig in your hometown. Since this is the Brighton Music Blog, not the Oxford Music Blog, so I’ll skip over Tender Trap’s support and head straight onto Shrag’s set. They played a roughly equal mix of tracks from 2010’s Life! Death! Parties!, earlier tunes and songs written for their upcoming album due to be released next year on Fortuna Pop. The band don’t really aim for professional – the start was delayed by a couple of minutes while the bassist was fetched from the bar, and when a string broke on Bob Brown’s guitar, he didn’t have another spare guitar to swap with, instead having to use keyboard player Steph Goodman’s, which was “impossible to tune”. But it doesn’t matter one jot – I’d rather see a band who are funny, and intense, and who I can relate to instead. Their set was over far too quickly – one of the downsides of fast paced punky indie pop. Let’s hope they play again soon when their album comes out in the spring.