Speak Galactic / Precautionary Measures

Back in February at Sea Monsters, Speak Galactic were one of the bands that really stood out for us – the intensity and the amount of ideas all fighting to be heard in their music are what all bands should strive for.

Nearly six months after they first caught our attention, Cupboard Music are releasing a new single and album by the band. The single, Precautionary Measures, is out on download right now, available to buy through Cupboard Music’s bandcamp page.

Things start off with woozy space age pop, but before long this is joined by arpeggiated keyboards, clattering drums, thick bass and multi tracked vocals. After a rather frenetic first half, things calm down for a bit before everything comes together again for the rather intense last minute.

Precautionary Measures demands to be listened on headphones or a stereo with decent separation: the tracks in each channel are just slightly different, as though they’re different takes of the same recording and background sounds bounce around from left to right. This doesn’t detract from the track though, and if anything makes it more engaging, making you listen to it closer to work out just what it is that’s drawing you in.

Precautionary Measures precedes the album Severed, which comes out on 24th September, on limited frosted 180gm heavyweight vinyl and slighly less limited download. The band are having a launch party at Fitzherberts on 15th September, supported by Us Baby Bear Bones and Plurals.